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Health Care Demand Scenario Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Health Care Demand Scenario - Essay ExampleIt leave behind specifically cater for the race who run through attained that age and have bodily disabilities that are permanent. Their offering of these facilities volition help them in improving the health standards even for the people who live below the poverty line. Medi-Insurance exit cover for to the highest degree 80% of the add up cost incurred in getting medical attention. The adjunct plan will be established by a private indemnity health company. This health scheme is designed to be used by only people who are over sixty five years and have been citizens of the nation for a period of more than ten years. The beneficiaries of this scheme must have been paying taxes for a period of not less than ten years. They must also be recipients of disability gains from the boards dealing with privacy or the community security boards. These gets are delivered to patients experiencing terminal diseases that affect the kidney and other vital body organs (Colamery, 2003). The people suffering from physical disabilities will continue receiving the earns of Medi-Insurance even when they stop receiving benefits from their community boards. The customers of this service will find pure tone when they are provided with indemnity covers for their stay in hospitals. They will encounter quality medical cover for the medication they receive from these institutions (Matthews and Berman, 2011). The customers will receive services that are worth more than the total amount they have paid the authorities in taxes. The receivers of the service will also find quality in the clearance of their medical bills and their reception of expert medical attention. 2. Define the Demand The customers of this service will be the people who are aged sixty five years and above. They should be citizens of the nation for a period of at least ten years and must have been paying their dues to the relevant authorities. The beneficiaries of this bro adcast might also be old people who have disabilities in their physical conditions (Matthews and Berman, 2011). The beneficiaries must also be able to pay the nominal monthly premiums for the services they receive in future. The people who benefit from the scheme will be found in hospitals and the homes for the aged. This is because the scheme has a limitation on the minimal age of their beneficiaries. The plan will differ in terms of the medications they offer and the costs they charge. The plan will cover for the homeless people living on the streets even if they do not pay the premiums (Colamery, 2003). These costs will be catered for by well wishers and other sponsors. There are several consumer traits that will figure out the demand for the service. The service will only be dispensed to people who have attained the minimum required age of sixty five years. It will only cover the citizens who have been paying their taxes for the hold water ten years they have been in the cou ntry (Moon, 2006). Citizens who are below this age will not be legible for enrolment in the program and will not receive its benefits. The people who cannot impart to pay the required monthly premiums will also enjoy the benefits of the scheme. Their consumers will not be passing sensitive to the prices they are charged for the services. This is because the scheme will be offering diverse benefits to different groups of people. The benefits one receives will correspond to the amount of his contributions towards the

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Of Emilie Carles' book is The Transformation of a Countrywoman Essay

Of Emilie Carles book is The Transformation of a Countrywoman - Essay ExampleThis melodic theme makes an attempt to show the challenges that Emilie Carles was confronted with as a teacher and a woman. Her contri andions are also discussed. Emilie Carles Emilie Carles was born at a time when women were considered lesser human cosmoss. Her life was full of challenges. When she was six, she fell off a deuce storey building, but fortunately survived (Carles and Robert 5). The village where she lived led a harsh life. When she was just four years, her go passed on while working in a farm after being struck by lightning (Carles and Robert 7). Her siblings also passed on. It was fortunate that death spared her. Furthermore, when she started attending school, fate seemingly sided with her temporarily and she was sponsored to continue her studies to high school. She wanted to become a teacher and later she became one. Emilie Carles was an extraordinary teacher and woman. disrespect going through a troubled childhood, she was able to pick the lessons that needed to be passed on to the next generation. Her wish to be a teacher was more because of her strong desire to teach kids to question what they were told. She believed that children were very vulnerable and needed to be told the truth because what they were told was what would shape their lives. ... She believed that the real change in the society could be realized if teachers helped the youngsters to shatter the barriers they were locked in. The quite a little were made to believe that participation in wars was a show of patriotism when in the real spirit it was only the political leaders and career soldiers who benefited while the common raft heavily suffered. After being married, she lost her child to a military truck. Her pain was intense, nevertheless she even became more formidable to affiliation up for what was right. During World War II, her husband was on top of the list for potential hostages for Ge rman soldiers. Despite all these, she was committed to telling the truth to the youngsters in schools. Her spirit to date against the abuses of the government on its mountain continued even after her retirement from teaching. She went on to fight for her community and encouraged her people to fight for their rights. At one time, she led fellow citizens to stop a freeway being constructed through the vale (her village). This freeway was not going to benefit the local community in any manner but rather destroy it (Carles and Robert 250). The contributions that Emilie Carles made to her community are immeasurable. She was a watchdog for her community all her life. She knew her people were ignorant and that the politicians took advantage of this societal ignorance. She was disgusted by the fact that politicians could repeat the same words since 1789 and the people never seemed to note the monotony (Carles and Robert 252). Definitely, she is an example of a strong willed person who we nt against all odds to standpoint up for what was right. Her strong determination saw her overcome pain and the many challenges she faced. It is worth noting that the challenges were strong condition

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Tuition assistance in the work place and its effects on retention Coursework - 1

Tuition service in the work place and its effects on retention - Coursework Example), just about organizations focus on employees growth that takes diverse forms of education including cookery initiatives other than leadership training cross-functional training management training and development training. However, the survey revealed that three of the least used employee development programs were logical argument sharing, official professional mentoring programs, and job alternations. Tuition assistance programs ar said to wipe out numerous benefits like tuition satisfaction, improvement of working environment, effective recruitment tools, reduced derangement and increased loyalty to the firm one is working.According to Jacobs (2011), employees overturn implies the rate of employees entering and leaving a firm within the time span of one year. In the wake of a recovering economy after the 2008 economic recession, employers are experiencing high employee disturbance rates. These turnover switch offs are beyond what employers could have dealt with in the past when recession forced most of them into downsizing and restructuring. In this regard, turnover rates experienced by most employers currently are way above what most employers consistently deal with. For now, most employers hope that the current employees turnover outburst is a onetime issue that will go away with the turning around of the economy. Based on natural wisdom, no turnover rate is perfect especially since good turnover for one firm could be bad for another. In addition, it is hard to define bad turnover and good turnover since different firms in different industries have their own rates. Turnover could vary within industries and depend on geography. In this case, turnover rates are just an abstract number whose value evaluated relative to other facts and numbers like unemployment rates, and local and field politics amongst other. The crucial aspect that employers need to understand in evaluating turnover is the impact arising from both informal and external factors and develops the best way to

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Employee Retention Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Employee Retention - Essay Examplety of a company to entice their influence force to maintain allegiance and exhibit superior performance legal transfer in order to satisfy the organizations clientele. A compromise on the latter may be equated to increased staff turnover and decreased employee retention which can, thus, rescind the organizations service and customer care (Mohr et al., 2008).Several studies and researches have aimed to analyze the marketing impacts, causes and financial aspects that govern employee retention in order to make an accurate prediction and overall formula to help organizations maximize their human resources capital, asperse the negative feedback from the consumers of their goods or services and continually improve the quality of service that a company offers. However, patronage these efforts, there may be no universal policy that can accurately predict employee turnover. In most cases, it is affected by the individual characteristics, nature and enviro nment unique to a particular cogitation of work and the labor environment it is subject to. Nonetheless, these researches have served as a basis for designing develop programs that can aid any human resources group to come up with a suitable political program to fit their diverse objectives and eventually execute a pioneering human resources program that benefits workers without endangering incomes (Etchings, 2005). This paper aims to consolidate the new results of these studies and, eventually, come up with a general theme that can assess employee retention in work places.One of the major concerns of a company that elicits these kinds of researches on job retention and turnover is the balance in the expenditures incurred while maintaining new and old personnel. The reason being that low employee retention results in increased cost to the company due to the increasing costs of separation pay, job announcements, staff rehiring and employee training and upgrading. Estimated values translate that these costs may be in the range $3000 to

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Career Development through International Mobility Essay

C atomic number 18er Development through International Mobility - Essay ExampleThe LVMH telephoner came into existence as a result of the merger of Moet et Chandon, one of the largest manufacturers of champagne in the world, with a notable manufacturer of cognac, Hennessey. In 1987, this assort further merged with a fashion house, Louis Vuitton. LVMH is a France based group with over 56000 human resources out of which 63% employees work in different locations of the world. There exist 50 prestigious brands under this group, making it recognized as a global giant. It deals with various activities that include personal credit line in fashion goods and leather, spirits and wines, perfumes and cosmetics, watches and jewelry, among others. In this assignment, is going to major in the company of Christian Dior, because it is LVMHs major holding company. It possesses 42.38% of its sh areholding and voting rights of 59.3%. Christian Diors mass shareholder is also the chairman of both com panies. He is LVMHs CEO. By successfully integrating various famous inspirational brands, other companies that cater luxurious products, e.g.Richemont and Gucci, which are now the division of French conglomerate, are doing the same. The assignment also covers Chateau dYquem, which is a part of the oldest variety of the group, the manufacturer of first-class vintage wine. In order to make possible the adjustments of cross-cultures, a challenge to train its expatriates for international projects is being faced by LVMH. Therefore, the process of adjustment, involving the training of the employee along with his/her family, would be accelerated. Currently, the language courses are being developed by both pre-departure and post-arrival training. Intercultural training needs to be end shortly as there exists an international position that needs to be filled without any delay. repayable to this short training, the pressure to perform is not executed on such employees. In few cases, impu dent joiners are helped by subsidiaries and the permission is granted to trainees for preliminary field trips. However, as per rule, before sending a candidate to an international exposure, some former international exposure, for instance, through studies or previous professional exposure, must be possessed by him. The kind of business conducted by LVMH requires its employees to possess the mobility factor. Usually, the employees are not assemble turning down international projects and assignments but it has been observed that the factor that hinders the mobility of an employee is related to the spouse. To tackle this, those young graduates are offered international assignments who are mostly single and who realize the importance of such international assignments as these are likely to help them develop effectively.

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Self - evalation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

self-importance - evalation - Essay causaIn the absence of the person and nature of rescuer Christ as God incarnate, the pass on of Jesus would lose the uniqueness, authority and applicability to military man attri hardlyed to it. The message of Jesus Christ in turn clay of crucial importance since liberation theology is centered on the message of Jesus Christ. As a sociopolitical movement which interprets the teachings of Jesus Christ as being relational and key to emancipation from adverse or oppressive economic, political and social conditions. For instance, the Sermon on the Mountain places great emphasis on the woeful and the less privileged, and thereby setting stage for liberation theology, given that liberation theology is deemed by its proponents as an interpretation of Christian teachings and faith through the hope, struggles and suffering of the light. Normally, liberation theology critiques the society perceived to be oppressive, interprets the Christian message, t hrough the worldview of the poor and is done by detractors such as Christianized Marxists. In this light, it becomes clear to me, that Christianity is uttermost much interested in mans liberation. other insight that I gleaned from classroom situation was the liberating power of the message of Christ. This was exemplified in the manner Christianity has been able to break forces, institutions and walls of segregation such as the caste system in India, the color bar in South Africa and racial discrimination and the use of racial discrimination in America, particularly, the slaveholding South. The eradication of these walls of separation is in turn underpinned by the manner in which the Christian article of belief intermarries readily with concepts such as universal brotherhood. The concept of universal brotherhood in the Christian article of belief is rested not only on humanity drawing from Adam as the first parent, but also from Christ, the second Adam bringing humanity into newn ess of spiritual life and oneness in the family of God. Another value that I reach outed from the classroom experience is the anthropocentric nature of Christianity and its teachings. Even Levin points out that so integrally woven into the benefit and wellness of man that the Gospel of Christ and the Christian message rest upon mans welfare. Christ gives out His life in His own volition to secure mans eternal destiny. Secondly, although salvation that Christ secures for mankind is free and a work of Gods grace, unless the anthropocentric nature of the Gospel is to be manifest in man being benevolent towards his brother, as a testimony to his conversion. Mathew 25 34-46 and James 214-26 underscore the importance of dealing benevolently with the poor and the less privileged in the society as assign of true conversation. Charitable foundations such as Henry Dunants Red Cross and Red Crescent, and initiatives such as the ones carried out by St. Francis of Assisi and buzz off Teresa d raw their inspiration from these lines of teaching (Levin, 25). Against this backdrop, I can say confidently that the classroom experience has helped me gain a wider scope of the role Christianity plays in dispensing socioeconomic and political emancipation and empowerment. Part 2 Self -Evaluation about Community Based Learning Using the Reflections Paper Sent 1, 2 3 of Hallmarks (immigration justice) whiz of the values that about community

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Choose at least 4 classic political theorists to discuss in depth. Are Essay

Choose at least 4 unspotted governmental theorists to discuss in depth. Are their theories still influential today - Essay ExampleAristotles views on politics were based upon the politician as the main player in a political agreement. In this sense, the biggest role for the politician is the creation and putting in place of laws. The laws collectively make up the constitution that governs the people of any given state. The constitution contains the laws, institutions, and customs of the people and shall determine the courses of action that shall be taken in the cases of conflict. The politicians role after the constitution is in place is to accommodate it, introduce reforms when necessary, and to prevent any developments meant to subvert the political system in general. Aristotle calls this the province of legislative lore and holds it in higher regard than politics as it is exercised in the normal sense with the passing of unspotted decrees. Aristotles political theory is very influential and still has influence on todays political landscape. It is evident that todays politicians craft laws besides defending the course of the constitution. Any efforts that may subvert the political system in place are usually dealt with by the politician by bills and debates which involve voting just as Aristotle theorized.Plato was Aristotles teacher and their political theories are similar in many another(prenominal) ways. His major political work was The Republic and it contained his ideas on an effective and efficient political system. His political system was majorly concerned with justice and defined every state in terms of its levels of justice. An efficient Platonian political system comprised of a merchant class that dealt with the economic structure, a military class that handled security and a political structure in the hands of philosopher-kings. Peoples classes should be determined by the educational subroutine in place and available to the specific indi vidual. Those who would have completed the educational process in all in all would become philosopher kings and they

Report of food industry in India Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Report of food industry in India - Essay Exampleits of food, development of the human resources, load-bearing(a) the research and development and the creation of the development of infrastructure and also the promotional measure that is adopted for load-bearing(a) the growth, development and bear on of the food sphere. The food processing has been considered as the large and the important sector for concealment various activities which includes the horticulture, animal husbandry, agriculture, plantation and the fisheries. The government of India and the ministry of food processing has include the following items or the segments that is included in the food processing industry are processing of grain, fisheries, dairy , vegetables and food processing, the consumer foods which mainly comprises of the beverages ,packaged potable water and foods and the processing of meat and poultry. In recent years it has been observed that India has experienced a substantial modification and deve lopment in the consumption, production and trade that is carried out in the Indian agricultural sector. In the year 2000 it has been observed that India has experienced the growth rate in terms of the value that is related to the exportation of marine products, tea, sugar and rice. India is carrying high value of exports of various traditional commodities which includes coffee, tobacco, sugar and rice. The organized food sector of India constitutes to around 30%. The highest proportion or the share in case of the organized food in India is mainly contributed by the poultry and the meat segment. The macroeconomic environment in case of India provides a replete(p) and diverse area and opportunities towards the growth and development in the industry and this contributes towards the development of the national economy.The food processing industry in India accounts for 32% of the food market in India. The food processing industry in India is one of the largest and is ranked fifth in ter ms of production, consumption and export. The total estimated value of

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Child Pschology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Child Pschology - Essay ExampleHowever, for the ethics to be considered in that location are some(prenominal) dimensions that need to be considered. Each of these are based on the types of interactions which occur, respectable considerations associated with this and the unequaled situations that are associated with children in a given environment. Ethical Issues of Researchers The problems that arise with researchers are based on ethical considerations which occur as individuals are collecting data within a given field. As the data is collected, it becomes easy to change the perspectives of those that are studying while allowing the impact to manipulate with the study that is done. This raises ethical concerns for several reasons. The first is based on the impact that occurs when a researcher is on the scene. This can change the scenario of what is occurring. If the data is being collected by observation or interaction, then it may not be tenacious with the expected results of those that are in the scene regularly. The ethical question then is concerned with how much a researcher can affect the outcomes of a given study and what the interest leads to. Personal changes, building relationships with others and interacting with the anticipation to change things for the better while changing the data and the outcome of the research which is involved (Dennis, 2009, pg. 131). The concept of interference as an ethical issue is one which can alter the data being collected on a variety of directs. This is dependent on the type of study conducted as well as the level of influence which occurs. The first is with interpersonal interventions, which is inclusive of creating relationships with other individuals involved in the study, specifically which is done with whatever interactions for the study and which is easily done with the study over a longer period of time. Administrative interventions are also considered, specifically which relates to individuals who have a sense of power over a given grounding and which can begin to change or change the data within a given study. picture and modeling are also considered, both which are dependent on action based participation in the environment, all which specifically can lead to changed results within the environment. This may change the general delegacy in which individuals would interact, may change the results of the study and questions the intention of finding relevant data without trying to alter the data for the research study (Dennis, 2009, pg. 132). The interventions which occur in research are not only master(prenominal) to note from the general changes which occur, but also the extent to which these can alter. When on the job(p) with a general population, in that respect may be the same responses which occur while changing only a few responses. However, when working with vulnerable populations or when seeking out answers or change with interpersonal relationships, it changes th e data which is collected. There is a difference which occurs among the intervention types, specifically which can alter the data. If the population remains more vulnerable, then the consolidation of data can easily be manipulated with the researcher going in to make changes within a given society, as opposed to collecting the necessary data (Fisher, 1993, pg. 17). Ethical Issues with Children and Youth When a

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Compare and contrast Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 9

Compare and contrast - Essay grammatical cased moving through various places during a life, so their understanding of the home were formed without a long belonging to one village or a town. Both of them agree that nowadays it is not something uncommon to change places of living, especially in America. Sanders even considers that the mobility is the particular national characteristic of Americans, whose Promised Land has of all time been over the next ridge or at the end of the trail, never under their feet (173). Ford, explaining his numerous relocations, asserts that he is just an ordinary fish aswim in a confluence of swirling currents (183). Yet, both of them admit that in hatred of all inner and outer voices urging people to seek new territories for life, in spite of the noted American slogan Stand still and you die, the staying put by Sanders (173) or to feel cover by Ford (183) is of a great importance for them.For Sanders the key valuable meaning of home is the fetching solvent in a place, in a specific physical location, rather than in ideas or in memory, as it is suggested by Salman Rushdie regarding to explaining of the migrant sensibility. Sanders argues that the most of the abuses, which has happened in the history of America, were caused by actions of people who root themselves in ideas rather than places (Sanders 173). And, on the contrary, when people become inhabitants, local residents instead of migrants, they are more commit to the place, they want and like to learn and care for their places, to pay enough heed and respect to where we are (Sanders 174). Sanders gives a bright example of such commitment to the place, describing the Millers family, who underwent three tornado, which heavily destroyed the familys house, but distributively time after the tornado, the Millers stayed on the same place and rebuilt their house anew. Sanders supposes such behaviour, staying put (172), can give ear as an evidence of a third human instinct, as a response onto

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Neo-Frankenstein movie analysis-NOT MOVIE REVIEW OR SYNOPSIS OF IT Assignment

Neo-Frankenstein scene analysis-NOT delineation REVIEW OR SYNOPSIS OF IT - Assignment ExampleThis is where the utopia theme comes in handy as the depiction begins with a utopia world setting. It is surprising how fast & furious six franchises evolved from the previous version of the same moving picture that addresses the man-machine problematique and still going strong. This is after twelve years of half dozen speedometer busting adventure and with the important casts in the movie being Vin diesel, Paul walker, Dwayne Johnson, Luke Evans and Michele Rodriguez, the movie more than one basic themes of human personality (Oates,1994). The movie also begins with machine problem as a theme where Rodriguezs lets the long prison term main(prenominal) squeeze of virtuoso thief Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) go without knowing the enemies are after them. Government agents keeping corporation with some very bad dudes have spotted Michele the long time squeeze a police squad of elite stunt dri ving thieves bent on stealing a powerful electronic gadget. Their leader, Shaw (Luke Evans), who duologue a lot about living by a code is a British-accented mastermind, is an excellent foil for Dom. He has a similarly rigorous worldview. Shaw makes the difference as he believes in keeping his associates expendable, period Dom has avuncular attachments to his associates His actor rival Brian OConner (Paul Walker) is his brother-in-law, having long since married Doms sister Mia known as Jordan Brewster and drive off into the Italian sunset. Other themes include love, power, compassion, social justice and desire. Throughout the movie, there is pictural presentation of individualism where a character like Dom wants to remain the mighty when it comes to being the savior and male monarch of the road. This movie provides a good platform of borrowing bits of stunt car parlance made noteworthy by the one and only Quentin Tarantino. This makes me reckon that the brand is death proof b ecause having all those memories about degraded and Furious six shows the attachment to the life people led before civilization Quoted from the movie. The director of the movie makes the characters talk many things about their country, America, and fellow girls as well as criminals in America and they wished time would run back and enjoy the man-machine problematique. For Example, did I consider myself a good driver, I might say my sufferings were great but when I compare my lot with that of most of my competitors, I regard myself as a Particular favorite of Heaven (James, 2013). In the movie, Fast and Furious 6, Dom makes sure he identifies himself with his former fellow race men when attacking the heavy lorries that they steal merchandize from although they tend to give him extra interposition and care when it comes to gender roles which itself is individualism. Michele Rodriguez does not like the idea of getting extra treatment and care from the difference as she considers her self as one of them. Regarding the white man, there is presentation of the theme if social justice. Luke Evans does not free at all for adopting his bad character because it is through the white man that he makes others better drivers and man-machine problematique handlers means he is a role model to many drivers. This is all based on the theme of news report because without history the movie could not have had content (Collins, 2001). Throughout the movie both Dom and Michele Rodriguez should have had a different approach to love and call for the same to the rest of the world. they say one of the calls is romance and merriment do

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Anthrax Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Anthrax - Essay ExampleThey are of three typesSymptoms The causal agent does not sheath the infection immediately nevertheless requires incubation period from 7 to 60 days. The initial symptoms are alike(p) to flu with a very high temperature 100 F followed by coolness or sweat. It whitethorn throw away chest distress, difficulty in breathing, muscular fatigue. The symptoms also include non-productive cough, aching throat, headache and nausea, going of appetite, abdominal distress, vomiting or diarrhea (Mikesell,).1. Cutaneous anthrax (skin) The causal organism gains entry in the body through a cut or an abrasion especially when a person encounters every contaminated animal products or diseased animal. The organism establishes the infection with a raised bump standardised to an insect or mosquito bite, followed by itching. After 1-2 days it develops into a vesicle which takes the work of a easy ulcer. This ulcer after 7-10 days becomes black necrotic in the centre called as eschar. The body responds to this by swelling in the adjacent lymph glands. Fever, headache and distress occur. It could be fatal if antimicrobial treatment is not given.2. Inhalation anthrax The incubation period varies from 2 to 60 days. The symptoms are similar to common glacial or sore throat with a mild fever and muscular pain and malaise. It is not contagious but if untreated the condition results in serious breathing pique, shock, symptoms like pneumonia or may give rise to meningitis. It may become fatal in 24 to 36 hrs.3. Gastrointestinal anthrax It is more than severe form of anthrax than cutaneous form, caused by the consumption of contaminated animal product. This is featured by an acute inflammation of the intestinal tract. The condition onset with nausea, vomiting with blood, followed by loss of appetite, fever and severe abdominal pain and severe diarrhea with blood. It may be fatal in 25-60% of the cases as ascites fills the abdomen, followed by shock an death w ithin the span of 2-5 days. 4. Oropharyngeal anthrax It is not a popular form of anthrax. This encompasses fever, swelling in the lymph nodes especially in the cervical region and severe throat pain and discomfort in swallowing. Sometimes ulcer may appear at the basal region of tongue. If condition is not cured then breathing distress occurs (http//www.bt.cdc.gov).Treatment and PreventionThe disease is not contagious but the fomites of the patients may be contaminated with the spores of the causal organism. Decontamination of people and belongings is crucial with an antimicrobial agent or with bleach especially formaldehyde as chlorine is ineffective to kill vegetative cells and also the spores. Articles sack be decontaminated by boiling them in water for at least 30 mins.Timely sustentation and antibiotic therapy can enhance the chances of survival of the victims. Therapy can be started with the oral course of antibiotics followed by endovenous doses (IV).Fluoroquinolones like ci profloxacin (cipro), doxycycline, erythromycin, vancomycin or penicillin. Early antibiotic prophylaxis can prevent the disease pickings the fatal form.Quarantine

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University of California Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

University of California - Personal Statement ExampleI am part of a learning group that serves as foundation of out of class education.Before knocking at the doors of educational institutions, I ensure that the schools I am interested to enroll fetch the outflank standards. Given my skills and disceptation to learn further, I pay off to be in University that embodies credibility and excellence. Moreover, the school needs to emanate its determine and disseminate to the students. Among the schools, University of California (UC) satisfies all the criteria. Indeed, UC has the reputation of producing great leaders and difference makers in the society. I imagine that the school will serve as the most viable avenue for me to show my capabilities and skills beyond my expertise.It is my raise at the Long Beach Polytechnic High School is the most noticeable. The high school that I have attended is one of the best in the area offering top notch education. despite of the challenging envi ronment, I have responded well and delivered in several occasion. The learning schemes offered by the school have given me the opportunity to enhance my potentials and skills. The school also developed a personality in me that is waxy to changes.Undeniably, my possible enrollment in the University will provide several positive outcomes. Academically, I can carry through with the best and continue to improve. I have a strong background in engineering and have participated in events related to the course. My experience as a learner has been observed are my previous stints as captain and member of aggroups playing in contests. In particular, I have participated in events that search for the best team in creating robots and other related innovations. Basically, my superior scholastic record will catapult me to victory. Also, my achievements educe that I am part of the top echelon of freshmen entering to college. Beca hold learning is part of my system, I have been encourage to joi n nightspots that propagate education. Previously, I have been part of volunteering individuals who serve as facilitators of learning. This experience will be vital for the university as I bring a mentality of learning. Most important, I can be a part of clubs in the University that primarily functions learning organizations. The contributions I can partake to the students and the University are all important(p) as the school aims to build a reputation of superb learning. Indeed, learning is a collaborative wreak that demands quality institutions and willing individuals.2nd promptI have recognized the need to transfer the success I have experienced the University. Among the accomplishment that I have made, I think that being the prexy of the Engineering club is one of the most important. Aside from the learning, I have honed my leadership skills guiding the club towards stability and cohesiveness. As the club President, I have represented the organization is competitions and I h ad my share of victories. Also, I have instilled and learning mentality among my peers and encouraged continuous propagation of teaching programs. I can use this experience to lead an organization in the University that will promote higher causes.Learning embraces different perspectives and fields. asunder from my academic exploits, I have been involved in sports activities. I have been leading the Poly Solar boat Team in regional and national competitions. Because of this, I can be part of the University boat team and participate in other sports. Aside from academic contributions, I

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Evaluating benefits of networks and performing network management Essay

Evaluating benefits of profits and performing earnings management responsibilities - Essay ExampleLocal Area Networks (LAN) crowd out be described in various configurations and layouts referred to as Network Topology. Network topology determines the connectivity and communications rule of nodes on a vane. Topologies be described as either physical or logical.The most public network topologies areBus topology provides the simplest network connection. A single cable connects all the computers and network peripherals. Each node communicates with any other node by using the physical address of the network card of the destination node. This physical address is called the Media rile Control (MAC) address. The cables are terminated at some(prenominal) ends.All network equipment or nodes are connected by cables to a central connection unit, or hub. The nodes communicate with each other via the hub. The hub could be a Server or a Router. The figure under shows a star network wiring. In a ring topology, all the nodes are linked in a logical circle. Data circulates from node to node via a connection unit known as Multi-station Access Unit (MAU). Note that a closed loop is formed with the cable returning to the first device.Devices are connected with many redundant interconnections between network nodes. In a true mesh topology every node has a connection to every other node in the network. As the tally of nodes increases, so does the complexity and cost. They are not popular with LANs but are often used in WANs.1.1 Advantages & Disadvantages of Networks in an OrganizationThe following advantages follow from installing and managing efficiently, a LAN in an organization.Increased productiveness According to Forbes.com a 20% increase in productivity can be attained since slight time is wasted searching for files or managing files manually. Data loss reduced LANs server software provides facilities for self-acting file backup and easy retrieval in accidental delet ion. Protection of Business Information entire firewall cling toion and secure remote access guards your network. Other security software are available to protect your network from earnings intruders spam, e-mail attachments and spammers. Business Access anytime, anywhere A LAN allows you to connect to your line of descent anytime and from anywhere you have access to the Internet. Improved Team Performance Your workers can work better as a team when they can share information resident on the LAN and collaborate anytime. Resources sacramental manduction and Costs Reduction LANs enable your organization to share resources such as Internet access and caper software equipment such as printers.Some of the disadvantages of LANs include the risk of exposure to the evils of the Internet , namely Internet fraud, identity theft, and loss of useful data that was not backed up before a network fails.1.2 The OSI Reference ModelA discussion on networks and network

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DRED SCOTT WAS NOT A CITIZEN OF MISSOURI Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

DRED SCOTT WAS NOT A CITIZEN OF moment - Essay ExampleThus, presently, the Supreme Court is the Court which intimately closely carries out the intentions set in the Constitution. Both the Constitution and the Supreme Court are national institutions, and as such are eventually respected by the citizens, the public officials and the law-makers of this country, within States, and by the people as a whole. primeval in the development of the United States, though, this was not always the case, and a particular case, Scott v. Sandford, gave rise to a series of legal events which called into question both the US Constitution and the power and validity of the US Supreme Court. In fact, this case may even have primary importance in explaining the reasons for the Civil War. Perhaps the most significant social factor at work in the US in the late 1700s, and passim the 1800s was bondage. This economic and social fact at work within society was considered, though, to be a policy-making i ssue. Legal debates and decisions were largely made to enforce the Constitutional acknowledgement of thralldom, not to make rulings about thrall being right or wrong. Political solutions were sought to the question of slavery, rather than legal solutions. By 1787, slavery was recognized in the Constitution (Author, year p. ... ervice or Labor The Constitution went further, not to regulate slavery within States through Congress until 1808, but only to tax the movement of slaves into States, or between States up to that date (Art. I Sec. 9 Para.1). bondage was, then, accepted as a fact which existed within States, and the federal Government restricted its involvement in the affairs of individual States. States made their own decisions about whether they were isolated States, or whether they would allow slavery, and Congress respected those decisions. But the implication was that 1808 would be the year in which Slavery would be abolished. In 1819, Missouri good luck charmed to be included in the Confederation as a slave-owning State. This appeal was met by much resistance from the Northern States in which Abolitionism was dominant and the Midwestern States where economies without slave labor would vie against the slave-owning State economies. But Missouri entered the Confederation as a slave-owning State in 1819 Texas and Florida did likewise in 1845. By 1854, though, a Bill was passed to enable the building of a railroad system to cross the continent, and it convey overtly that regions, and the people themselves, could decide on slavery issues, rather than the Federal Government. This trend continued and by 1856-7, Abolitionism in the Northern States was becoming more powerful as a political force. Still, though, the Courts tried to bar the issue of Slavery. Nonetheless, some decisions were made in the Courts, related to this question. In 1824, for example, a case was heard relating to an 1803 human action of Congress preventing States from admittin g persons of color. Arguments in the Gibbons v. Ogden case claimed that the rights of States to regulate slave traffic the

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Civil Right Act of 1964 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Civil Right Act of 1964 - Essay ExampleThe soil has literally shed blood of innocent civilians to fight for few basic rights that are God-given. Racism and hurt are clearly present through Terkels narration of Ellis as he projects his emotional take aim of disadvantage, his self-justification, and his displaced aggression. In order to combat this racism, the Civil Rights act has become a hallmark to combat this unsoundness and to propagate for reform. The Civil War serves as a crucial testament towards the self-proclaimed status of America, a soil in which freedom and liberty can be celebrated. Nonetheless, the nation has struggled to grant the idea of equality throughout history. What was ironic was the fact that the efforts of black soldiers during the World War II is taken for granted. All enlisted men ninety-first partition were Negroes and that became controversial for many factors. First and foremost was the fact that all the men enlisted in this division were brusque b lack individuals, who were illiterate and labor workers. They possessed no official military training and were up against an array which had prior experience. The division possessed around 600 military black officers, most of them which came from the Southern states. The 92nd Division comprised of 12,000 officers, in which 200 of them were white and 600 black officers. A major flaw that plagued this division was the fact that racial and prejudice haunted the infantry. The whole experience for these black men was bitter sweet as no occur of error was given to these men. Any training mistakes would be overblown by the media as the reports went back across the nation initiating a scream of hatred and racism. In essence, there was no respect for these brave warriors who were position their lives in the front lines for their country. Without a doubt, it was unfortunate that these same men were living under the Jim Crow laws. peerless of the main concepts of prejudice and racism that is outlined in Elliss narration is his level of prejudice that is preponderating throughout his life. Vincent Parillo, author of Causes of Prejudices questions the whole essence of social categories of racism, which is then depicted in Terkels work. When large number are nurtured in an environment where they are biased culturally against a group of individuals they naturally buy up that those views are correct. This can be no doubt detrimental as these perspectives are embraced and become the hind end for hatred. Prejudicial attitudes are prevalent amongst many groups and are a key catalyst towards conducing hatred. The Jim Crow laws that plagued the join States of America during the 1890s was the clear illustration of the unfortunate reality that degraded the citizenship rights of African Americans. The racial separationism that was dominant in southern states was due to factual legislation that the state government imposed. The Supreme apostrophize decision in Plessy v. Fe rguson, which clearly gave a mandate of separate but equal facilities added more flatulency to the fire. It undoubtedly hindered growth for adequate economic opportunity and give rise to hatred groups such as the KKK. Without a doubt, legislative achievements

Pacifist Philosophy in Response to the Idea of War Essay Example for Free

Pacifist doctrine in Response to the Idea of contend Essay in that location ar a variety of polar philosophical interpretations of the idea of contend, unconstipated what it means to be at war. Engaging in war is in the main described as being the resort to psychenel in order to attain political ends. War is described by some as being a tyrannical crime, in that power hungry(p) individuals lose sight of their goods and resort to unethical force committed against others (Walzer, 2006). From this perspective, maven notes the impudence that in that location is n forever a good primer coat to strike in such barbarous behavior as to harm another(prenominal) individual. However, there are hypothetical potential weaknesses in this theory, due to the fact that passive resistance at every last(predicate) costs can be viewed as a complete lack of egotism defense (White, 2008). In any regard, the pacifist philosophy holds that there is never a good reason to engage in com bat with other population, that true solutions are found solely through undisturbed means. In light of the pacifist ideology, the idea of war has no place, steady in the face impending and actual violence, and the best route in the face of danger is to resist participating in the cruelty.It is not al slipway easy to attempt to manage a trigger-happy situation in quiet ways, non-harmful ways, nevertheless there are a myriad of creative ways to address the bother of violent passel, ways which do not support aggressive cerebrations and feats. In order to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the pacifist position, it is essential to engage in comprehensive research and thought about the meaning of peace at all costs. passivismThe principle ideas which serve as the conceptual framework of the pacifist movement center on the assertion that war is dictatorial cruelty derived from evil thoughts and actions and that halcyon behaviors are the solo way in which to efficaci ously diffuse this brutality. Practical pacifism affirms that resorting to violence is not the answer to the problem of violence in the world, that violence should be absolutely avoided and peaceful means of solution oriented action should be taken (Fiala, 2004).In other words, there is the example of the country who supports the death penalty as a means of supposed just punishment for people accused of the crime of murder. From a pacifist perspective, the idea of using violence as a means to eradicate violence is simply unreason commensurate and points to an illogical frame of thought and action. The pacifist would be likely to cond wholeness a means of trip up and rehabilitation rather than arrest and kill. The idea of peaceful interventions is paramount and supercedes all options deemed to be harmful to people.On a more private level, one can take the interaction between and husband and wife or mother and child. When a person becomes angry enough to yell or hit, then the answer is not to yell or hit back in response, further rather to be calm and communicate with the other person in figuring out a solution. This kind of civilized action and communication can go a long way in ensuring that the violence does not continue, and this kind of civilized communication and action is able to be successfully translated to the public and political sphere as well.Strengths There are umpteen strengths of the pacifist movement, in that the people who support peace at all costs are able to devise a great many solutions to violence which are centered on ensuring the absolute sanctuary and wellbeing of all people. It is important to consider the ideas generated by pacifists, as they directly speak to the absolute moral concept of non-harm.Jesus Christ himself is quoted as saying, You have heard that it was said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, but I say to you, Do not resist one who is evil but if anyone strikes you on the well(p) fount, turn to him the ot her also, described as one of the most revolutionary sermons he ever gave (Ellens, 2007). This powerful commentary demands that people utilize the supremacy of restraint when faced with violence, even at a time, like today, when major religions condone the use of brutality.There is not one major religion in the world which absolutely forbids the use of violence, to the detriment of all people in the world. There is not one country which expressly forbids the act of war and supports the command for love, the command to offer ones cheek to ones aggressor. With all of the available options for peace, including communication, protest, boycotting, arrest, and rehabilitation, there is a known and certain positive matter which can be produced through the use of more gentle modes of action than violence.The media today is full of hot artists who tout violence as a masculine or commanding way of settling a score. However, when a person resorts to violence in an attempt to eradicate violenc e, the end result is simply another person who is drawn into the problem itself. The only way to end the violence in the world is by commitment to faith in the inherent goodness of humanity, to staunchly support the idea that solutions can be found which do not cause harm to other people. Criminality is basically defined as causing harm, and it makes no sense to become a criminal in the desire to ensure justice.Weaknesses There are those people who claim that there are weaknesses in the pacifist philosophy, that absolute peace defies the indigence to halt oneself from harm. People who do not support absolute pacifism claim that one of the only ways to address the problem of rogue states is to resort to war (Jacobson, 2007). Engaging in the violence of war is supposedly justified as an unfortunate effect of having no other option but to defend oneself and ones country from the violent actions of others. To some people, pacifism may seem to be weak.In response to an event such as the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, many people believed that the best solution was to violently enter into the home countries of the terrorists and to take over through the use of brutal force. To some people, there are terrorists, offenders, on one side of the war, and defenders on the other. From this perspective, there are both teams in the war game, certain people who are committing evil and need to be stopped at all costs, even through harm and loss of life, and people who are engaged in just self defense.This philosophical viewpoint stems from a bipolar system, where some people are engaging in violence for pernicious reasons and some people for good reasons. This simple yet convoluted way of persuasion is highly selfish and negative, in that one person, or one team, is the victim, the oppressed, the suffering agent, the other person or team is the tyrant, the oppressor, the harmful agent. In this mode of judgment, there is only one guilty party, and the guilty ar e deserving of cruel punishment.However, the essential problem is always the same, in that there is supposedly never a good reason to cause harm to another person. Although the determination for war may be convenient, in particular when people are actively engaged in the violent activity, there is still the basic problem of violence as a moral problem rather than a solution. Dividing couples, families, societies, countries, and political systems into warring teams of bad versus good does little to solve the core issues of the criminality of causing harm to others.Rebuttal Although some people believe that the pacifist ideology is weak and perhaps even a pathetic mode of political action, a powerful case can be made in support of peaceful closing making, decisions which are strong and influential while also being relatively calm and diplomatic. There is no government which has successfully demilitarized their country, no political system which has shifted to a purely diplomatic str ategy for achieving peaceful end results (Djerejian, 2007).Due to the fact that all countries in the world are suffering from some throw of violence, the case can certainly be made that policies which promote violence simply encourage the violent behaviors of citizens. What a different world this would be if the response to an attack was to demilitarize a region, to offer ones cheek. What an interesting phenomena it would be to witness a region where guns were systematically removed from all persons, homes, and cars, even if it meant being shot in the process.Although an initial, primal, or habitual response to an attack is to harm ones attacker, there is the ever present possibility of changing ones response, to commit to the idea of pacifically reacting in the face of impending danger. When a child is hitting a parent, often the best response is to let a child hit until the child realizes that the parent is not going to hit back, to forego the child to realize that the parent i s totally loving and totally dependable. Conclusion The political solution for all policy making is always going to be a peaceful solution, whether politicians realize it or not.The leading of the world are going to be the ones who quietly offer their cheek, who are committed to helping their neighbors, even when these neighbors are seeking revenge. It takes a smart person to realize that one is participating in an immorally violent society, and it takes an even smarter person to realize that one is responsible for being an agent of change in support of pacifism. There are very few truly innocent people out there, if any, no countries which are politically perfect.From this perspective, people need to humble themselves in the face of their neighbors, to be aware of the abusive past and current atrocities being committed by governments across the globe, and to resolutely stand for the implementation of peaceful solutions. Policies can only be effectively changed by people who are c ommitted activists in the agnomen of peace, and these activists are the leaders of the world, pacifists in the name of the goodness of humanity.References Djerejian, E. (2007). Changing Minds, Winning Peace A crude Strategic Direction for U. S. exoteric Diplomacy in the Arab Muslim World. Lulu. com. Ellens, H. (2007). The destructive power of religion violence in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Greenwood Publishing Group. Fiala, A. (2004). Practical pacifism. Algora Publishing. Jacobson, A. (2007). Nonviolence as a Way of Knowing in the Public School Classroom. In Factis Pax 1(1), 38-54. Walzer, M. (2006). Just and unjust wars a moral argument with historical illustrations. basic Books. White, J. (2008). Contemporary Moral Problems. Cengage Learning.

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Leadership Within the 12 Angry Men Essay Example for Free

Leadership Within the 12 hazardous Men rise passim the film, there is seemingly more than one leader throughout the jury as gibe to Nicks definition of a leader being that there were multiple influences and instances that persuaded the decisions of others. Initi onlyy the point is composed of a biased and opinionated jury that is almost unanimously convinced the defendant is guilty. Throughout the scene, there is a slow but sure change of mind throughout the jury as the protagonist, Juror 8, successfully persuades the other jurors who initially voted the boy guilty of murder to further investigate and try out the fact which stock-stilltually leads to the confirmation and agreement of reasonable disbelieve among the jury. Juror 8s efficient partnership was best represented by his consistent approach and solution to the conflict that initially had nobody even listening.Juror 8 knew what he was standing up for, proper justice, even in the face of blow as he was challenge d by everyone in the room and his willingness and courage to assume the responsibility and challenge the mistaken (198). He is also seen as a leader of the group through the honesty and integrity he displayed by acting in accordance with solid moral principles (41) as well as a drive to reach an honest verdict by convincing the group to look at all the possibilities despite the obvious and assumed. Juror 3 would best be categorize as an alienated follower as his prejudice against the defendant clouds his judgment, placing a bias on why he thinks the boy is guilty.As it turns out, his own son that he hasnt seen for 2 years had grown up challenging his government agency and rejecting his morals providing the basis for the anger that is displayed so stubbornly until the very bitter end. As alienated pursual are capable, they focus exclusively on the shortcomings and have experienced setbacks and obstacles (195) as did Juror 3 when initially, he had convincingly and mindlessly persu aded the others of the defendants guilt feelings as a result of the anger he felt from the bitter relationship he had with his son.Juror 10 could most definitely be classified as conformist follower as his stubborn belief in the defendants guiltiness was supported by a mindless and intolerant argument supported by his racist, bigoted comments. ab initio Juror 10 willingly participated in the heated yet convinced discussion as there was little doubt about the defendants guilt and conflict was at a minimum. As the tables turned and tension rose, Juror 10 found himself concerned with avoiding conflict (195) and became less of a subscriber to the conversation.As with Juror 8, in any situation in which there is an uncertainty or doubt present, especially regarding a decision with such major implications such as the one presented to the Twelve Angry Men, I find it highly necessary to further investigate and take all things into esteem before coming to a decision. The suspicion of shad y, questionable behavior of the CEO is to be examined and reviewed in the akin manner that Juror 8 went about questioning the assumed facts and looked at all the possibilities.

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Fossil Essay Example for Free

fogey EssayKosta had noted the recent success of S befool fashion celebratees and was aw ar that watches and different goods could be imported from the Far East at very execrable cost. On a twaddle to Hong Kong, Tom studied a heel of po tential summations for import including toys and stuffed animals before following Kostas advice and returned to the U. S. to have a watch import task. Enlisting the aid of two friends, Lynne Stafford for her sense of design and Alan Moore who had a stamp downs degree in accounting, he invested his savings of $200,000 to found fossil as a Texas tidy sum in 1984. fogys initial purchase of watches from a Hong Kong manufacturer include some ex post facto and jumbo designs that Macys thought were hot, and significant orders followed. A design staff was authentic that included watch buyers from retail chains. Inspiration came from many sources. , however the strongest was retro themes from the 1940s and 50s. Designers paged through with(p redicate) magazines from this era, including Life, Look, and Time, and visited flea commercializes searching for older watches. Between 1987 and 1989 gross gross gross revenue grew from $2 one million million to $20 million, assisted by liberal credit from the Hong Kong manufacturers of fogey watches.One sector included conservatively styled time pieces including mugs much(prenominal) as Citizen and Seiko. The second sector included harvest-homes knowing to reflect emerging fashion trends and included Swatch, surmise? , Anne Klein and Anne Klein II, and fogey. This segment was fueled by fashion-conscious consumers who considered watches as fashion accessories and often owned multiple watches. chumped fashion watch gross gross sales were estimated to represent virtually $400 million in retail sales in 1990. Major Competitors fogys major competitors were Swatch and Guess?.Although market share information were difficult to obtain, it was generally believed that Foss il and Guess? had nearly tinge market shares and that Swatch had slipped to third in recent months. Numerous other considerably smaller competitors existed including Anne Klein, Anne Klein II, and Gucci. Swatch Although watch glass watch technology had been developed in Switzerland, by the late 1970s the Japanese companies Seiko, Citizen, and Casio and the United States firm Texas Instruments put-upon growthion improvements and economies of scale to drive equipment casualtys down.Strategic use of the manufacturing experience curve led to an oversupply of quartz watch movements and a severe price war. Many competitors were driven out of business with Casio, Hong Kong producers, and a a few(prenominal) other firms surviving in mass market watches, and Seiko and Citizen in the moderately priced segment. The Swiss watch pains was under severe attack at the low and mid price points, and both unemployment and losses on bank loans were increasing. In 1978, the Swiss government agree d to picture up to one-third of the costs or a maximum of Sfr. 5 million for a venture of the leading watch manufacturers to develop a Swiss electronic watch program. Additional financing was supplied by banks, who wrote off existing loans and provided hundreds of millions of francs of new jacket crown, and a group of investors who paid $ speed of light million (Sfr 151 at the time) for a 51 percent share. The consulting firm of Hayek engine room was hired to lead the effort to revive the lower-priced segment. This venture produced a number of new patents and developed both new watch and watch manufacturing technologies, along with the ability to design and manufacture watches efficiently at low cost.The resulting firm, Swiss Corporation for Microelectronics and Watchmaking (SMH) included the existing brands Omega, Longines, Tissot, and Rado in the moderate and fine watch segments. N. Hayek and E. Thomke led efforts in the low priced segments that resulted in the Swatch manufactu red by SMHs ETA division. Development of the Swatch began in 1980, resulting in a crossway launch in 1983. The manufacturing process was higher(prenominal)ly automated using robots and computers in the manufacturing and assembly processes. The watch had been designed with only 51 parts, instead of the usual 90 to 150 parts in other watches, had an ex- factory price of Sfr15.Parts were injected directly into the plastic case which was sealed by ultrasonic welding. This process was highly not bad(p) intensive, leading to direct labor costs of less(prenominal) than ten percent of total costs. The manufacturing process permitted a wide variety of dials, cases, and straps however, variations in the shape and size of the watch case were quite difficult. One localize could produce up to 35,000 watches a day. Swatch was test marketed in the United States in December 1982 at 100 Sanger Harris segment stores in Dallas, Salt Lake City, and San Diego without any advertising or public rela tions.Although consumer reactions were mixed, Swatch was officially launched in Switzerland in March 1983, followed by a gradual worldwide release. A second U. S. test market in December 1983 through the Zale jewelry chain and Macys was not successful. Swatch made extensive adjustments throughout their trade program, and by 1985, U. S. sales accelerated. In 1986, a worldwide single price of $30 for most models was format and sales accumulated to over 50 million units worldwide by 1988. The 100 millionth Swatch was change in 1993, when the price of a basic Swatch was $40.In 1992, SMH had combined sales for all brands of $2. 1 billion, producing $286 million in profits and a market equity value exceeding $3. 5 billion. Banks had encouraged Nicholas Hayek to fall apart a 20 percent equity ownership in the mid-80s, a successful arrangement for both. xv thousand employees worked in plants in Switzerland and Thailand producing semi-conductors, watches, movements, batteries, and strap s. Guess? In 1983, Philip Mickey Callanen acquired the worldwide license to manufacture and market watches with the Guess? name.Investing $40,000 of his personal depots, he opened business in his garage, sourced watches from Hong Kong, and shipped for the 1983 Christmas season. Growth continued through the 1980s at over 20 percent annually. In 1991, Callanen conjunction was acquired by Timex, expanding statistical distribution to Japan, Australia, France, England, Germany and Canada and providing Callanen an additive source of watch technologies such as Indiglo dial illumination. In 1993 Callanen marketed both Guess? watches for men and women and Mo final watches for women. Guess? represented 85 percent of the $80 million shipments (3 million watches) in 1992.The Guess? product barrier included 250 to 300 styles including classic, fashion, sporty, multi-function, chronograph, novelty, and metal bracelet watches. About 20 percent of the product line was rewrite seasonally four t imes a year. Guess? watches had a suggested retail price between $42 and $115, using department stores as the major retail outlet. Fifteen percent of Guess? sales were in international markets. Additional products included watch bands and snobby label watches for Disney, Hard Rock Cafe, Limited Express, Macys, and others. near all Guess? watches were designed and manufactured at Guess? s partly owned manufacturing induction in Hong Kong. The 270 employees included a design staff of 19. Callanens business offices, warehouse, and watch repair instalment were located in Norwalk, Connecticut, and they had a showroom in new(a) York City. Manufacturing and Sourcing About two million, or 85 percent of fine watches interchange worldwide, were manufactured in Switzerland in 1988, making Switzerland the largest value producer with sales of $4. 9 billion (96 million watches) in 1990.Most other watches were manufactured in the Far East, with the major exception of Swatch, which was manufa ctured in a highly automated factory in Switzerland. The development of the Swatch and its robotic factory was credited with saving the Swiss watch industry. Japan was the worlds largest producer in basis of units, with 325 million units, representing 44 percent of the worlds merchandise in 1990. Hong Kong, relying on assembly by hand, produced 175 million watches in 1990, and was expected to produce 340 million, or one-third of the worlds watches in 1993 (Table 6).Due to Hong Kongs focus on low-priced watches, this represented only nine percent of the total value of watches produced. Fossil chose to assemble watches in Hong Kong, using components from Japan, China, Taiwan, Italy, and Korea. fogy IN 1993 Business Strategy Fossils initial public wisecracking prospectus defined their business strategy as Brand Development. The Company has established the fossil brand name and image to reflect a theme of fun, fashion, and humor, and believes that the FOSSIL brand name has wind gro wing acceptance among fashion-conscious consumers in its target markets.Product Value. The Companys products provide value by go quality components and features at moderate prices. For example, the Companys FOSSIL watches, which offer features such as raised indexes, enamel, textured, shell or semi-precious stone dials, gold electroplating, and fine leather straps, are sold at an average retail price of $63. Likewise, the Companys RELIC watches, which incorporate a number of features offered in FOSSIL watches, are sold at an average retail price of $42. flair Orientation. The Company ifferentiates its products from those of its competitors read/write headly through innovations in fashion details, including variations in the treatment of watch dials, crystals, cases, and straps for the Companys watches and trimming, lining, and straps for its handbags. Expansion of International Business. The Company is seeking to give further growth in its international business through the gov erning body of a joint venture to operate a European distribution center, the establishment of a branch office in Canada, and the recruitment of new distributors in selected international markets.Introduction of New Product Categories. The Company may leverage its design and marketing expertise to expand the scope of its product offerings through the introduction of new categories of fashion accessories that would complement its existing products. Active Management of Retail Sales. The Company manages the retail sales process by carefully monitoring its customers sales and inventories by product menage and style and by assisting in the conception, development, and implementation of their marketing program.As a result, the Company believes it enjoys close relationships with its adept customers, often allowing it to influence the mix, quality, and timing of their purchasing decisions. Close Relationships with Manufacturing Sources. The Company has established and maintains close rel ationships with a number of watch manufacturers located in Hong Kong. The Company believes that these relationships allow it to quickly and efficiently introduce innovative product designs and alter production in response to the retail performance of its products.Coordinated Product packaging. The Company coordinates product design, packaging, and advertising functions in order to communicate in a cohesive manner to its target markets the themes and images it associates with its products. personnel office Development. The Company actively seeks to recruit and train its design, advertising, sales, and marketing personnel to assist it in achieving further growth in its existing businesses and in expanding the scope of its product offerings. Cost Advantages.Because the Company does not pay royalties on products sold under the FOSSIL and RELIC brand names and because of cost savings associated with the location of its home and warehousing and distribution center in Dallas, Texas, the Company believes that it enjoys certain cost advantages which enhance its ability to achieve attractive profit margins. Centralized statistical distribution. Substantially all of the Companys products are distributed from its warehousing and distribution center located in Dallas.The Company believes that its distribution capabilities enable it to reduce inventory risk and increase its flexibility in meeting the delivery requirement of its customers. (Fossil, 1993, 23-24) Manufacturing Fossil East, a 35 employee subsidiary of Fossil (owning 20 percent interest), acted as Fossils exclusive agent, buying all of Fossils watches from approximately 20 factories located in Hong Kong. In 1992, about 21 percent of these watches were purchased from Pulse Time, a Hong Kong corporation in which Fossil held a minority interest. Three other factories each accounted for more than 10 percent of Fossils watches.The company felt up that developing long-term relations with suppliers was essential t o its success. plot of land the loss of any single manufacturer could disrupt shipments of certain watch styles, it would not impact their boilers suit marketing program. Leather goods were manufactured in 12 factories located in Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and Uruguay. Fossil believed that its policy of outsourcing products allows it to achieve increased production flexibility while avoiding significant capital expenditures, build-ups of work-in-process inventory, and the costs of managing a substantial production work force (Fossil, 1993, 27). ProductsFossils flagship products were the Fossil watches introduced as a brand in 1986. Handbags were introduced in 1991 as the first entry into the leather goods market. Watch Products Watches represented 98. 1, 96. 4, and 92. 5 percent of sales in the years 1990, 1991, and 1992 respectively. Following the Fossil brand, Fossil introduced the Relic brand, Fossil watch straps, and private label products. FOSSIL Watches Fossil states its watches are targeted at middle and upper income consumers between the ages of 16 and 40 and are sold at retail prices generally ranging from $45 to $110, with an average price of $63 (Fossil, 1993, 25).RELIC Watches The Relic brand shared many of the features found in Fossil watches but in a format fitting for lower priced fashion watches. Relic watches are targeted at lower and middle income consumers and are sold at retail prices generally ranging from $40 to $50, with an average price of $42. Fossil Watch Straps Watch straps were targeted at customers who bought Fossil watches however, they could be used with a wide variety of watches. They were priced from $13 to $15. Private Label Products Fossil provided private label watches for retailers and other customers.Leather Goods Following the introduction of Fossil handbags in 1991, small leather goods such as coin purses, key chains, personal organizers, wallets, and belts for women were introduced in 1992, accounting for about five percent of sales in 1992. The handbags emphasized classic styles and creative designs, including a tan and black binocular bag, a reverse lightning and tan drawstring sac, and a natural color military ammunition pouch retailing from $48 to $130, with an average price of $87.Fossil felt that since womens leather goods tended to be located near womens watches in department and specialty stores, purchase of one Fossil product might lead to another. They withal felt that they were price competitive. Design and Development The design staff sought to differentiate its products from those of its competition mainly by incorporating innovations in fashion details into its product designs. These included variations in the treatment of dials, crystals, cases, and straps for the companys watches and trimming, lining, and straps for handbags (Fossil 1993, 26).Fossils watch lines included Airmaster, Casual, Chronograph, Dress, Limited Edition, Pyramid, Crystal, Skeleton, and Vi ntage watches. About 500 different styles were addressable at any given time, with new designs offered five times a year. Over 1,000 models were available in 1992. Design prototypes of watches were created in Hong Kong in as little as a week, and lead-time from committing orders to shipment ranged from two to common chord months. Fossil believed that its close relationships with manufacturers gave it a competitive advantage in quickly introducing innovative product designs.Promotion Fossil made use of an in-house advertising department for design and execution of packaging, advertising, and sales promotions. Company executives felt that extensive use of computer-aided design reduced time and encouraged great creativity in developing these programs. The companys stated advertising themes aim at evoking nostalgia for the simpler values and more optimistic view of the 1950s through the use of images of cars, trains, airliners, and consumer products that reflect the classic American tastes of the period.These images are carefully coordinated in order to convey the flair for fun, fashion, and humor which the Company associates with its products (Fossil, 1993, 28). A sundial watch sold over 250,000 pieces at a retail price of $16. Fossil developed cooperative advertising programs with major retail customers and developed in-store visual support through its packaging, signs, and fixtures. Consumers were offered promotional items, including unique tin boxes as watch packaging, T-shirts, caps, and pens. In ten locations, Fossil opened a shop-in-shop format including a wide variety of Fossil products and promotional materials.With greater emphasis on product design, retailer relations, and promotion, Fossil conducted advertising limited to spot television in local markets since 1989, national spots since 1991, outdoor advertising in four markets, and occasional ads in Elle, Mademoiselle, Vogue, and Seventeen. Distribution and Sales Force The majority of Fossils prod ucts were shipped to its warehouse and distribution center in Dallas. A significant number were bar coded prior to shipment for entry into a computerized inventory control system, which enabled Fossil to track each item from receipt to its ultimate sale.Products were distributed to approximately 12,000 retail locations in the United States including department stores and specialty retail stores. In 1991 and 1992, department stores accounted for about 67 percent of net sales. (Table 8 provides data on watch distribution by price and retail channel. ) Fossils ten largest customers accounted for 40 percent of sales. The largest customers were Dillards and the May Company, each accounting for from ten to thirteen percent of sales. Other principal customers included Carter Hawley Hale Stores, Dayton Hudson, Federated Department Stores, JCPenney, Macys, Nordstrom, and Service Merchandise.Although the industry typically used independent sales representatives, Fossil made use of 25 in-house sales and customer service employees and 12 independent sales representatives. In-house personnel reliable a salary while independent sales reps worked on a commissioning basis and did not represent competing product lines. International sales in 1990, 1991, and 1992 were 5. 6, 7. 2, and 8. 1 percent of net sales, respectively. Sixteen independent distributors operated in Europe, South and Central America, Africa, and Australia. These distributors resold watches to department stores and specialty retail stores.Fossil received payment in U. S. dollars cup of tead on a uniform price schedule. Financial Strategy Fossil had started out as a bootstrap financed firm. Personal income and savings from Tom Kartsotis ticket-brokering business had provided the initial capital for the operation, and the company had further financed operations by the creative use of trade credit and bank loans. With sales growing rapidly, Fossils expansion needs exceeded what it could raise internally. To su stain sales growth, Fossil infallible a substantial increase in working capital.Fossils ability to continue to fund itself with debt capital, given their exposure to volatility in the fashion product market, was questionable. An initial public stock offering (IPO) which would provide access to capital needed to expand Fossils working capital base and fund additional sales growth, was managed by Montgomery Securities of San Francisco. While not uncommon, IPOs of less than $20 MM involved transaction costs that many viewed as being too high to justify the offering. A critical decision that needed to be made was what proportion of the ownership should be issued.

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Theory Comparison Essay Example for Free

Theory Comparison undertakeIt has been a long established fact that man is a unique being. Not only is he several(predicate) in his ethnic background, man also has variations in his behavioral pattern. Thus, man should be viewed and do by as an exclusive being. For a long time, Psychology can be said to have detect this rather distinct attribute of man and have sought to understand man from this perspective.This they have try to do by proposing various theories that seek to tell us ways by which we should view the individualistic in the society. Notable pioneering leaders in the field of psychology, whose works and theories have greatly affected the result of the field of study, argon Sigmund Freud and Alfred Alder. These scholars propounded psychodynamic and Adlerian bettermentes to counselor-at-law respectively.Historically, both scholars lived during the same period and as expected, they were colleagues in the profession. Making a comparison of booth theories propounde d by them, in counseling children, psychodynamic draw close in counseling children and adolescents seeks to know the translation of the behavioral pattern of the child while making an attempt to understand how the growth of children and adolescents can be affected by their experiences and relationship withy their caregivers. Psychodynamic approach also uses the dreams to infer probable disorders and based on this provide a course of treatment.On the other hand, Adlerian approach basis its therapy on the improvement of self-esteem. In counseling children and adolescent, the therapist encourages the patient or client in overcoming his or her inferiority complexes and self-centeredness.In summing up to this, Adlerian approach seeks to help children to gain insight into their goals as well as ways of attaining them. In the counseling process, the counselor attempts to break the fantasies that children and adolescent might have and also identify goals that are far from realize to th e growing child. The counselor then attempts to redirect these goals so that they will not lead to other mental disorders informed by the reality of not being able to achieve these goals.Because these theories are both theories in psychology, there are some aspects of these theories that are relatable. To begin with, both theories are psychoanalytical theories that aim at the same goal which is to provide an answer to thinking or mental disorders. Apart from this, both psychodynamic and adlerain theories recognizes that pack man sometimes have some desires that are higher than him. In the case of psychodynamic approach, counseling seeks to identify some disorders based on fantasies that the patient has built around himself/herself. In the case of Adlerian approach, the scape utilise deals with the identification of goals set that are higher than the patient or client which when not met tends to build frustration.However, Freuds psychodynamic approach is based on the assumption that disorders can be attributed to ones personal developmental experiences which causes unconscious conflicts that are directly responsible for the patients condition. On the other hand, in Adlerian approach, disorders are attributed to frustrations informed by inferiority complex. Apart from this, in diagnosing disorders, the method used in the psychodynamic approach is that of interpretation.Here, the therapist or physician listens to dreams, fantasies etc of the patient and seek to interpret the words of the patient. The physician seeks to link these dreams and fantasies as being the responsible for the present position of the patient. However, the method of diagnosis in Adlerian approach is not as interpretative as the psychodynamic approach. Also, the psychodynamic approach can be said to apply a past flavor method in diagnosis while in the case of Adlerian approach it is a becoming or forward looking way of diagnosing.In addition to this, the techniques used are different. I n the case of psychodynamic approach, different forms of interpretations are used. For instance, it uses transference interpretation, genetic interpretation, and dream interpretation to understand the condition of the patient. On the other hand, the Adlerian approach uses psychotropic medications to ease the overpowering fantasies, encouragement to stay live. It also uses motivation as a tool and seeks to build the patients superiority complex.ReferenceMitchell, S.A., Black, M.J. (1995). Freud and beyond a history of modern psychoanalytic thought. Basic Books, New York

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Pre 1914 Poetry William Blake Essay Example for Free

Pre 1914 Poetry William Blake Es citeThese verse forms set apart atomic number 90 (experience) and Holy atomic number 90 (innocence) are set on Ascension Day in a service in St. Pauls church. This was a special occasion for the orphans who came from capital of the United Kingdom Charity Schools.The Holy atomic number 90 (innocence) poem can be interpreted in both different ways. The impression we get at head start is that the orphans are treated well and they lead happy lives nevertheless afterwards reading Holy Thursday (experience) you start to realise that at that place is a negative way of understanding the same poem. This view shows the orphans to be mistreated and very unhappy.The phrase their innocent faces clean suggests children that are be well looked after sooner a than being abandoned and roaming the streets of London.There is a suggestion that the children have companions, are well behaved and have a sense of order by the line the children walking two b y two This is further added to by the phrase In red, blue and greenish which implies that they were dressed in bright, smart uniforms rather than rags.The children have angelic guardians to nurture and protect them, as implied by the lines Grey-headed beadles walked in front who have wands are described as white as snow which makes us feel that these are enchanted guardians who are pure and magical. another(prenominal) phrase that adds to this is the sentence Wise guardians to the poor. There is further reference to the good work that the guardians are doing when William Blake uses the shape Multitudes of lambs implying the guardians are shepherding and guiding innocent creatures. The conceit of lambs conjures up the image of animals all grouped together devising sure that they are all safe.The orphans are referred to as flowers in the second split up, implying delicate, natural and beautiful. Flowers undertakeify calmness implying that the children are good-natured. Seate d in companies they sit wish good well-behaved pupils in a school, to say their nature is calm and peaceful rather than loud and rowdy.Their god-fearing nature is implied by the words facelift their innocent hands probably referring to prayer as they are hopeful and eager.In the last paragraph William Blake is saying the children en comfort going to church, praying and singing hymns as like a mighty wind they brook to promised land the voice of song.Overall the poem has a lively rhythm with pace to give it a click and fluidity.Now I am going to analyse Holy Thursday (experience) poem. In the first stanza Blake describes England as a republic which is rich and fruitful. This would appear to be his own experience of life in England but this statement can be interpreted in different ways. Blake could have meant that England is rich in that at that place is fruit and food but it is poor because of the amount of orphans. He uses holy to infer that England is a Christian Country an d asks why babies should be reduced to misery and fed and looked after by people who dont upkeep for them Cold and usurious hand?.In the second stanza he asks three rhetorical questions. We know the agitate cry isnt a song and that whatever is crying is probably alone and maybe crying expose for help.Can it be a song of joy?Perhaps it could be a song of joy for the favoured few who live in the rich and fruitful land but for the mevery poor children roaming the streets of London it isnt. It is a land of poverty. In the previous poem Holy Thursday (innocence) he says that the children raise to heaven the voice of song. He obviously believes that songs can lift a spirit and in Holy Thursday (experience) it hurts him, that there are no songs of joy going heavenwards form children who are so pure. usually to see how rich a country a country is you measure the amount of wealth the country but here Blake is measuring the happiness by asking if their singing which is usually a sign of h appiness from children.The third stanza describes their happiness in terms of the climate. Their lives are like a place where the sunniness does never shine.And their fields are bleak and bare.In the third line he contrasts their journey by life with that of Christs crown of thorns. The image that this reflects is of a painful way through life. And the next line is echoed in a later work by C.S Lewis who uses the term eternal winter to mean a place, like Siberia, that is unbearably sad and where happiness does not exist. This metaphor makes us aware that there is never any joy of ferventth in their lives and that emotionally they are completely bereft and emotionally starved of love.In the last paragraph he again refers to the environment and the weather to describe a situation where everything would be all right and Babe cam never hunger there. This completely fails to show the real reason why those children are poor. Rain and sunshine wont get them out of the grinding poverty th at they are in. It is just used as a metaphor to change the childrens situation from eternal winter to dry warm summer in which they would appear to be happy. Throughout the poem there is a lack of distort and description so it is difficult to conjure up any image other than of a grey-haired bleak landscape, where grey people and grey children exist in a society that doesnt value them. In Holy Thursday (innocence) he uses descriptive words such as clean, two by two, red, blue, green and as white as snow to conjure up a picture of London that is quite different. Blake also appears to be attacking the church in other poems for its splendour and wealth but also its lack of humanity and awareness of the multitudes of lambs which could be led to the slaughter and misery of poverty.Reading the Holy Thursday (experience) makes you reconsider the poem Holy Thursday (innocence) and its approach. In a negative this is my interpretation.In the first stanza it is implied that the thousands of orphans are being make to scrub their faces clean so much that it hurts. This cleanliness of the children is only a faade to give a good impression when the phrase their innocent faces clean appears. This implies that the children are disciplined and regimented. This makes a good impression on the carers. This is also show in red and blue and green because it shows that they are being made to wear a uniform. Being forced to wear uniforms means that the orphans also lose their individuality.Grey-headed beadles walked before could show that these carers are bad people who order the children around and make them walk two and two like in the military. This also implies that these bad people are egotistical because they only look after themselves and they might only be looking after the children for extra money. These military officers have canes to beat the children with as it says with wands as white as snow. This idea of the children being part of a military force is okay up by th e quote seated in companies they sit. Because the army is sectioned off into companies, they stand in a certain order and they are very obedient.These flowers of London town implies that the children are innocent and pure but like flowers they will eventually die. Flowers are also vulnerable and easily ruined. The comparison betwixt the groups of children and the multitudes of lambs implies that the orphans like the lamps, group together like pure innocent creatures. The image of the lamb also stands for the idea of vulnerability and sacrifice. Like the lambs the orphans are forced to do what the carers tell them to do, and may face an early end as victims of a cruel world. Thousands of little boys and girls suggests that there are any poor orphans who are homeless. This shows that there is a large scale of poverty. The orphans plead for help by raising their innocent hands.Like a mighty windvoice of song implies that the wind is like a destructive hurricane ready to sweep their l ives away. Ironically the intoxicating guardians of the poor are there to look after the orphans for the money and are not concerned slightly the orphans at all.The rhythm of the poem in this negative view is a like a morose military march.

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Italian and German Unification Essay Example for Free

Italian and German colligation EssayDuring the years from 1858 to 1871 Italy and afterward Ger many another(prenominal) emerged as unified countries with unity constitution and changed the path of history in Europe and consequently the whole world by shifting and changing or in many cases simply disturbing the balance of power not only in Europe notwithstanding in the world. Both incidents were the direct results of various nationalist movements in both countries which share similarities and have differences in the rudimentary ideologies behind them and the methods downstairstaken by their governmental attracters who made the combinations possible. In Italy the unification movement was lead by Conte di Camillo Benso Cavour (1810-61), who was the prime minister of the government of Piedmont-Sardinia, a constitutional monarchy. Cavour was a nobleman with liberal ideas while the leader of the German unification Prince Otto Edward Leopold von Bismarck, (1815-1898), the cha ncellor of Prussia, a conservative and absolutist monarchy was a Junker (German noble landowners) and a rabid conservative. (Merriman Ch. 17)Yet, not only the difference in situations surrounding the kindly and political life both in Italian and German lands in internal and international stages at the time of unifications, but the differences between the social and political background of these two leaders and their very own way of thinking and ideologies made their methods and the paths of unifications of their homelands polar from one another. This paper will discuss the similarities and differences in the methods to a lower placetaken by both leaders to achieve unification and to some extent the results of the two incidents.Further it will weigh the promises for democratization against the potential strengths or shortcomings of national unification in these countries. The very first characteristic of both movements that attracts ones attention is the concomitant that both goals were achieved by the means of armament and political manipulations and maneuvers, although ironically enough, the early attempts made to unite the states under a same flag both in German and Italian lands were made by liberals and in many cases even republicans who in incident gave birth to the modern idea of unified Germany and unified Italy. hardly all the attempts made by liberals and republicans in the way of Italian and German causes either by political and peaceful means or through revolts and revolutions were total failures and almost all of them ended up in disasters for their leaders and in many cases for every-day average person. As Germany, Italy was characterized by the slow and late public issuance of the bourgeois politics and by an accentuated localism both in the collective expectations and social relationships. (Caglioti) As an sheath of political and peaceful attempts made by more moderate liberals one can point to the sevens of Frankfurt which desperat ely but unsuccessfully tried to force the rulers of the abrupt German states to come unneurotic and unify under the rule of Hohenzolern dynasty during the revolutions of 1848-49, and as an example of more radical turn of the unification movements one can look at the revolution of 1848-49 in Italy in which nationalist radical currents along with republican followers of Mazzini conducted revolts against the Habsburg rule and their forces presence as well as conservative local rulers of fragmented so called Italian states throughout the peninsula and northern states which ended up in defeat for revolutionaries in the give of Austrian armies and local conservative forces. (Smith Ch. II)These defeats however, were inspirations for both Bismarck and Cavour to implement the idea of a unified Germany and a unified Italy by means other than peaceful and pure political activities, which had been proven impracticable and ill-chosen in earlier stages. In other words, although both Bismarck and Cavour were politicians and set the stage for their goals by genus political maneuvers, the final fate of unification both in Italian and German cases were in hands of military and both leaders used military and warfare extensively to settle their word with their opponents.The use of military and warfare not only came to help to prevent the outside opposition to unification cause from destroying it, but it provided both leaders with a very powerful and practical means to strangle any interior opposition conducted either by their political and ideological opponents or the petty rulers of the fragmented states both in Italian and German lands who were the natural claimants and/or opponents to the unification cause.(Merriman Ch. 17) And another ironic fact about the unification attempts made by Cavour and Bismarck is the fact that, although they were trying to unify Germany and Italy under the rule of monarchies with conservative themes, and in the form of very centralized powers and autocratic states.And in case of the government of Prussia even absolutist and totalitarianist, at that place were very few oppositions and objections to the path of unifications taken by Bismarck and Cavour by liberals and even republicans who in fact opposed and challenged the very existence of the conservative state of Piedmont- Sardinia and the kingdom of Prussia and that in turn had its roots in the fact that liberals and their more radical republican and democrat colleagues were disillusioned by the results of the 1848-49 revolutions and previous attempts made to unify Germany and Italy. (Merriman Ch. 17)The belief of Revolution from the bottom, referred to by radical liberals and republicans were being replaced by the theory of Reform from the vertex mainly celebrated by moderate conservatives and of course the fact that all those liberals and republicans who were potential opponents to the unification under a conservative rule, were true patriots and all of them wer e greatly affected by the ideologies of nationalism, if they were not categorized nowadays as nationalists and that stopped them from opposing to Bismarck and Cavour since in a sense they were all moving towards a same goal when it came to unifying their homelands.