Thursday, April 18, 2019

Evaluating benefits of networks and performing network management Essay

Evaluating benefits of profits and performing earnings management responsibilities - Essay ExampleLocal Area Networks (LAN) crowd out be described in various configurations and layouts referred to as Network Topology. Network topology determines the connectivity and communications rule of nodes on a vane. Topologies be described as either physical or logical.The most public network topologies areBus topology provides the simplest network connection. A single cable connects all the computers and network peripherals. Each node communicates with any other node by using the physical address of the network card of the destination node. This physical address is called the Media rile Control (MAC) address. The cables are terminated at some(prenominal) ends.All network equipment or nodes are connected by cables to a central connection unit, or hub. The nodes communicate with each other via the hub. The hub could be a Server or a Router. The figure under shows a star network wiring. In a ring topology, all the nodes are linked in a logical circle. Data circulates from node to node via a connection unit known as Multi-station Access Unit (MAU). Note that a closed loop is formed with the cable returning to the first device.Devices are connected with many redundant interconnections between network nodes. In a true mesh topology every node has a connection to every other node in the network. As the tally of nodes increases, so does the complexity and cost. They are not popular with LANs but are often used in WANs.1.1 Advantages & Disadvantages of Networks in an OrganizationThe following advantages follow from installing and managing efficiently, a LAN in an organization.Increased productiveness According to a 20% increase in productivity can be attained since slight time is wasted searching for files or managing files manually. Data loss reduced LANs server software provides facilities for self-acting file backup and easy retrieval in accidental delet ion. Protection of Business Information entire firewall cling toion and secure remote access guards your network. Other security software are available to protect your network from earnings intruders spam, e-mail attachments and spammers. Business Access anytime, anywhere A LAN allows you to connect to your line of descent anytime and from anywhere you have access to the Internet. Improved Team Performance Your workers can work better as a team when they can share information resident on the LAN and collaborate anytime. Resources sacramental manduction and Costs Reduction LANs enable your organization to share resources such as Internet access and caper software equipment such as printers.Some of the disadvantages of LANs include the risk of exposure to the evils of the Internet , namely Internet fraud, identity theft, and loss of useful data that was not backed up before a network fails.1.2 The OSI Reference ModelA discussion on networks and network

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