Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Choose at least 4 classic political theorists to discuss in depth. Are Essay

Choose at least 4 unspotted governmental theorists to discuss in depth. Are their theories still influential today - Essay ExampleAristotles views on politics were based upon the politician as the main player in a political agreement. In this sense, the biggest role for the politician is the creation and putting in place of laws. The laws collectively make up the constitution that governs the people of any given state. The constitution contains the laws, institutions, and customs of the people and shall determine the courses of action that shall be taken in the cases of conflict. The politicians role after the constitution is in place is to accommodate it, introduce reforms when necessary, and to prevent any developments meant to subvert the political system in general. Aristotle calls this the province of legislative lore and holds it in higher regard than politics as it is exercised in the normal sense with the passing of unspotted decrees. Aristotles political theory is very influential and still has influence on todays political landscape. It is evident that todays politicians craft laws besides defending the course of the constitution. Any efforts that may subvert the political system in place are usually dealt with by the politician by bills and debates which involve voting just as Aristotle theorized.Plato was Aristotles teacher and their political theories are similar in many another(prenominal) ways. His major political work was The Republic and it contained his ideas on an effective and efficient political system. His political system was majorly concerned with justice and defined every state in terms of its levels of justice. An efficient Platonian political system comprised of a merchant class that dealt with the economic structure, a military class that handled security and a political structure in the hands of philosopher-kings. Peoples classes should be determined by the educational subroutine in place and available to the specific indi vidual. Those who would have completed the educational process in all in all would become philosopher kings and they

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