Thursday, April 25, 2019

Self - evalation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

self-importance - evalation - Essay causaIn the absence of the person and nature of rescuer Christ as God incarnate, the pass on of Jesus would lose the uniqueness, authority and applicability to military man attri hardlyed to it. The message of Jesus Christ in turn clay of crucial importance since liberation theology is centered on the message of Jesus Christ. As a sociopolitical movement which interprets the teachings of Jesus Christ as being relational and key to emancipation from adverse or oppressive economic, political and social conditions. For instance, the Sermon on the Mountain places great emphasis on the woeful and the less privileged, and thereby setting stage for liberation theology, given that liberation theology is deemed by its proponents as an interpretation of Christian teachings and faith through the hope, struggles and suffering of the light. Normally, liberation theology critiques the society perceived to be oppressive, interprets the Christian message, t hrough the worldview of the poor and is done by detractors such as Christianized Marxists. In this light, it becomes clear to me, that Christianity is uttermost much interested in mans liberation. other insight that I gleaned from classroom situation was the liberating power of the message of Christ. This was exemplified in the manner Christianity has been able to break forces, institutions and walls of segregation such as the caste system in India, the color bar in South Africa and racial discrimination and the use of racial discrimination in America, particularly, the slaveholding South. The eradication of these walls of separation is in turn underpinned by the manner in which the Christian article of belief intermarries readily with concepts such as universal brotherhood. The concept of universal brotherhood in the Christian article of belief is rested not only on humanity drawing from Adam as the first parent, but also from Christ, the second Adam bringing humanity into newn ess of spiritual life and oneness in the family of God. Another value that I reach outed from the classroom experience is the anthropocentric nature of Christianity and its teachings. Even Levin points out that so integrally woven into the benefit and wellness of man that the Gospel of Christ and the Christian message rest upon mans welfare. Christ gives out His life in His own volition to secure mans eternal destiny. Secondly, although salvation that Christ secures for mankind is free and a work of Gods grace, unless the anthropocentric nature of the Gospel is to be manifest in man being benevolent towards his brother, as a testimony to his conversion. Mathew 25 34-46 and James 214-26 underscore the importance of dealing benevolently with the poor and the less privileged in the society as assign of true conversation. Charitable foundations such as Henry Dunants Red Cross and Red Crescent, and initiatives such as the ones carried out by St. Francis of Assisi and buzz off Teresa d raw their inspiration from these lines of teaching (Levin, 25). Against this backdrop, I can say confidently that the classroom experience has helped me gain a wider scope of the role Christianity plays in dispensing socioeconomic and political emancipation and empowerment. Part 2 Self -Evaluation about Community Based Learning Using the Reflections Paper Sent 1, 2 3 of Hallmarks (immigration justice) whiz of the values that about community

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