Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Civil Right Act of 1964 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Civil Right Act of 1964 - Essay ExampleThe soil has literally shed blood of innocent civilians to fight for few basic rights that are God-given. Racism and hurt are clearly present through Terkels narration of Ellis as he projects his emotional take aim of disadvantage, his self-justification, and his displaced aggression. In order to combat this racism, the Civil Rights act has become a hallmark to combat this unsoundness and to propagate for reform. The Civil War serves as a crucial testament towards the self-proclaimed status of America, a soil in which freedom and liberty can be celebrated. Nonetheless, the nation has struggled to grant the idea of equality throughout history. What was ironic was the fact that the efforts of black soldiers during the World War II is taken for granted. All enlisted men ninety-first partition were Negroes and that became controversial for many factors. First and foremost was the fact that all the men enlisted in this division were brusque b lack individuals, who were illiterate and labor workers. They possessed no official military training and were up against an array which had prior experience. The division possessed around 600 military black officers, most of them which came from the Southern states. The 92nd Division comprised of 12,000 officers, in which 200 of them were white and 600 black officers. A major flaw that plagued this division was the fact that racial and prejudice haunted the infantry. The whole experience for these black men was bitter sweet as no occur of error was given to these men. Any training mistakes would be overblown by the media as the reports went back across the nation initiating a scream of hatred and racism. In essence, there was no respect for these brave warriors who were position their lives in the front lines for their country. Without a doubt, it was unfortunate that these same men were living under the Jim Crow laws. peerless of the main concepts of prejudice and racism that is outlined in Elliss narration is his level of prejudice that is preponderating throughout his life. Vincent Parillo, author of Causes of Prejudices questions the whole essence of social categories of racism, which is then depicted in Terkels work. When large number are nurtured in an environment where they are biased culturally against a group of individuals they naturally buy up that those views are correct. This can be no doubt detrimental as these perspectives are embraced and become the hind end for hatred. Prejudicial attitudes are prevalent amongst many groups and are a key catalyst towards conducing hatred. The Jim Crow laws that plagued the join States of America during the 1890s was the clear illustration of the unfortunate reality that degraded the citizenship rights of African Americans. The racial separationism that was dominant in southern states was due to factual legislation that the state government imposed. The Supreme apostrophize decision in Plessy v. Fe rguson, which clearly gave a mandate of separate but equal facilities added more flatulency to the fire. It undoubtedly hindered growth for adequate economic opportunity and give rise to hatred groups such as the KKK. Without a doubt, legislative achievements

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