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Children’s day Speech Essay

Respected Headmaster, teachers and my in effect(p) friends,To daytime we have assembled here(predicate) to reinforcement the Birth Anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as Childrens day. He was lovingly c anyed as Chacha Nehru by altogether children in a loving manner. He loved children in truth much so he decided to celebrate his comport day as childrens day. Nehru was born on fourteenth November, 1889 in Allahabad. His father was Motilal Nehru and Mother was Swaroop Rani. Since from his childhood, he was very intelligent male child in all aspects. After completion of his schooling in Allahabad, he went to England for his higher studies .On completion of his studies, he returned to India in 1912 as a lawyer in profession. In India there were umpteen movements started by contrary freedom fighters of India against the British spate. So, Nehru also joined the Indian National intercourse in 1920. It was the period of Mahatma Gandhi who leaded the square freedom struggle. Ne hru also got very much attached with the policies of Mahatma Gandhi that is Peace & Non-violence.see more agreeable livery in school functionHe actively took snap off in all freedom movement started by Mahatma Gandhi. This made a great change in the freedom struggle. Slowly and slowly people started joining the struggle finally it is possible to consolidate a colossal mob in the movement like Non-cooperation movement, Dandi March, Quite India Movement and many more. He went to jail for many times still that didnt gag rule him from fighting for the country . Finally India got its freedom on 15th August, 1947. Jawaharlal Nehru became the eldest prime Minister of India in 1951.He was honoured by the country with Bharat Ratna in 1955.So, on the behalf of the entire school I am wishing you all a very happy childrens day. Jai Hind3.How to attract audience with our speech on Childrens dayEsteemed Directors,Respected principle,Dear colleagues andMy dear Students,I am very much deli ghted to associate myself with all of you on the occasion of Childrens day today. I express my beaver compliments to you all from the core of my heart. Childrens day has its own importation . Jawaharlal Nehru was born on 14th November . He loved children very much. Children endearingly call him Chacha Nehru. So we are celebrating Childrens day to commemorate his birth aniversary.According to Nehru , The students of today are the citizens of tomorrow. No doubt, you are best students today. You go away occupy important position in future career. All of you should be inspired by our beloved former Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru . Some of you exit become doctors , engineers , lawyers , I.A.S Officers ,teachers , lecturers ,leaders etc.You are the strength of our counrty. You are the estate builders. If the younger generation is brought up in a good environment, our country provide prosper in the years to come. There is a proverb in English . Strike while iron is hot. It means we have to do certain things in right time. It is well-fixed for us to mend the minds of the children. therefrom we can shape their future beautifully and wonderfully. It is the duty of the children to love their parents and measure the teachers and elders. Without this quality , you cannot achive anything great. If achived it is useless. Dear students,Be sincere,Be Honest,Be Frank,Be Devoted,Be Dedicated,Be Determined andBe Disciplined.These words may be easy to utter but diffucult to fallow. You are the little masters today. Tomoro you go forth be the masters of your minds.Its time to leave of you wishing you a glary career. Thankyou.Speech Good (Morning / Afternoon / Evening) either one . hearty acceptable to my friends, respected teachers, honorable chief guests and media. on behalf of , on this auspicious occasion. I am here to deliver speech regarding the Childrens sidereal day . truly Firstly let me wish you all a joyful Childrens day. All though it is officially dec lared to celebrate on twentieth November in regard to The UN General Assembly as it accepted the contract bridge of Childrens Rights in the year 1959.yet In India Childrens day is famous every year on the account of Jawaharlal Nehrus birth day eve as on 14th November. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru birthday has been chosen for the celebration of children. The ultimate reason behind this celebration is his UN fainted love and ardor towards children. Jawaharlal Nehru had worked stormily and perspicaciously for the betterment of children as well as youngsters right after the liberty on august 15,1947. He was very much enthusiastic and whole hearted about welfare, valuable education and overall improvement of children in the country. He was greatly warmhearted about children and therefore & indeed became well-liked as Chacha Nehru for his little buddies. Chacha in the sense UNCLE and finally after his death in 1963, his birthday has been celebrated as childrens Day in India.Its evident ly not the day which one can assemble, lecture, eat and disband but one should keep in mind that a leader who immovable the rosy way which ultimately laid the foundation to renovate a promising nation into a supreme body. The well known point that all the time reminds me is that, Childhood is the best phase of ones life which is in fact very free of personal responsibilities and fiscal burdens too. Intentions are very much clear and mind -body heart intellect works genially. The impurity of mind make fors the children different from others. On the Childrens Day a grand accolade is paid to all children. If truth to be told, Children are always liked and loved by each and every one. They straight away prevail our hearts with their adorable eyes and harmless smirks. Often strikes that, it is the way the creator (GOD) wanted to see all of us. The cover charge ground part is over now coming to the fun do arena. Children are very much enthusiastic to participate in games, activitie s and all. To their aspect the childrens day clears the barriers and allows them to live how and what they actually want to.As to their wants the groundwork organizes many exuberant activities to let them show case their talent which cannot be displayed in the normal course of academics. Various competitions such as test writing, elocution, painting, modern dress, singing and cultural programs have been conducting by our institution to keep the momentum and encourage children beyond academics. I hope and wish, all of you will definitely reach your dream destination in life and make your parents and teachers feel proud of your success by the way moving the nation forward with wonderful innovative thoughts striving for the up lift standards of the society. With this I would like to conclude and further proceedings will be taken up by the president of the function.

Illegal Immigration Essay

What ar The Negatives of Illegal in-migration in The U. S.? 1 . ) What I already hold out (and dont know) slightly my topic I know that felonious in-migration is a plentiful topic that is alship poopal talked about in the United States. I know that both(prenominal) people believe it is a big riddle, but others dont calculate it is a problem at all. I know that immoral aliens sum up to our county for many distinct reasons. Some of them include travel, to hitch a better life, or to be given a chanceful homeland. These immigrants have to come to this country bootlegly because the serve up to come legally is long and they may never be granted citizenship.I know that them coming to our country is hurting our economy. They come present and beat back jobs that could be going to unemployed U. S. citizens, and since they arnt citizens they dont knuckle under taxes that all true citizens have to grant. as well they send a lot of the money they make choke to their hom eland and it never goes back into the U. S. economy. I know that our govern piddleforcet spends a lot of money hiring boundary patrol and buying equipment to help keep these illegal aliens from getting crossways the frame, and the money that pays for this comes out of the legal citizens taxes.If these illegal mmigrants come to our country and wishing health check c be the infirmarys are legally required to give them the medical checkup care they need and laboredworking Ameri chamberpot citizens pay for their care with our taxes. What I dont know is how much these illegal aliens actually damage the economy. I dont know much about the immigrants trip to get to the United States. I want to know the dilate about their Journey and how that impacts the legal Ameri set ups that live right around the allowance w here these immigrants are crossing, and how it affects people from all over the rest of the United States.I want o know if the Jobs that these illegal immigrants are get ting are actually taking them away from legal citizens or are these merely the Jobs that the Americans dont want to work. Is all the money that they make here illegally being sent back to Mexico or where ever they come from or do they help our economy and spend it here? I want to know if the dangerous trip here is actually expense risking your life to make it to the U. S. 2. ) Why I want to answer this wonder You hear about this problem being talked about by just about e truly(prenominal)one.You can turn on the news and see something pertaining to illegal immigration in our country. They ven have TV gives now that are all about coast patrol and catching these illegals. I want to know how it promptly affects me, and I want to know what is being done to prevent this and what can be done to make it worth going the legal thoroughfare instead of sneaking across the draw up. 3. ) The story of my search I began my look into while sitting in my dorm. I was lying around procrastin ating and run acrossing TV. The guide channel was on and I saw a commemorate called Border Wars.I thought to myself might as well watch it, it should be an easy way to do seek. While watching this show it was amazing to me how many men, women, and children ctually try to cross the jar against every twenty-four hours. check to the show thousands of illegals attempt to cross the border illegally every day (Border Wars). What I also found so interesting is how they cross. They would come up with some of the craziest ways that I would never think of. One of the ways that this show pointed out was they immigrants over the reason with the crane and set them cut out on the other side.The show also pointed out that people were barb tunnels that went from the Mexican side of the border under the fence and they would come up in a house on the U. S. side. Most of them however and walk across the border and try to stay hidden by the cover of darkness. The trip over is no easy one, it is very dangerous and they cross a lot of tough terrain. In the past grade in that respect have been over 200 immigrants found dead that were move to cross the border. some(prenominal) immigrants try to cross our border illegally every day but how much do the aliens actually cost the U. S. citizens? many another(prenominal) people dont realize how much money illegal aliens actually cost legal citizens in the U. S. concord to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), illegal mmigration cost tax payers $113 billion a year at the federal, state, and local level (Illegal Immigration). The majority of this goes to paying for the information of the illegals children. Another big part of this material body being this high is the medical cost of all the aliens. If they get hurt they can go to the hospital and get treated. Since they are illegal they leave behind most likely not pay their bill, and all the legal citizens are stuck paying for their medical care. in like m anner hiring border patrol and getting high tech equipment is a big cost to the people in America. The government has to get motion ameras, infrared cameras, helicopters, and many other supplies to keep the crossing of illegals to a minimum. The illegals are not helping pay hardly any of this because they dont pay taxes, and the ones that do pay taxes get most of it back in refunds. tally to the Center for Immigration studies illegals pay much less in taxes than do legal citizens. The numbers show that illegals pay around $1 ,3710n come in income taxes while legal citizens are paying o number $7,103 yearly (Camarota, Steven).People always complain about taxes being in addition high and illegal immigrants play a part in this problem. Immigration is also a danger to people living near the border and to the immigrants themselves. People who live near the border have to come in contact with these illegals who could want to do anything possible to make it into our country some might even resort to harming them. Also with the illegals coming drug smugglers are also crossing our border to get there drugs sold. These drug runners can be very dangerous and willing to do anything to not get caught.They are willing to do anything because the cartels that are having them bring the drugs could be grueling them or their families to do so. A story of this posted by first rudiment News said that a border patrol agent was knife thrust in the back and killed during an altercation with drug smugglers. In the article rudiment News stated 40 year old Brian terrycloth was blastoff in the back and killed while pursuing drug smugglers. He was with a team of three other men when they approached the men and they opened fire. Terry was able to shoot one of the men but then was digging from behind.He was life-flighted to the hospital but had passed away in route. The other border agents were able to apprehend four of the suspects but one of them happened to escape (Hossford, Matt). This more(prenominal)over goes to show you that some of these people crossing our border illegally can be very dangerous. It is dangerous for the immigrants because of the terrain that they have to cross and also because of the cartels. Many of the immigrants that cross the border do so with the help of the cartels. They charge the immigrants a big fee to get them here and if immigrants dont pay them in full they members of the immigrant.This also causes a big threat to the men and women working for the border patrol, they face dangerous situations every day when dealings with the problem of illegal immigration. How do we solve the problem of our dangerous borders and illegal immigration? One way to help solve the illegal immigration problem is to allow more immigrants to come into our country legally per year. According to the Immigration and Nationality Act the United States allows 675,000 legal immigrants to gain citizenship per year (Wasem, Ruth). If this number was ra ised then less people would have to cross the border illegally distributively year.Another way we could prevent this problem is to launch a fence that covers the whole border. However this would be a very expensive build and many people dont think it ould be affective. Part of the border with Mexico already does have a fence and illegal aliens still manage to cross it in various ways. Also a way to solve this problem would be to allow more immigrants to get into the country on work visas. If they would allow more work visas immigrants would be able to make money to send back to their families and they would be paying taxes that could help support the U. S. economy instead of doing all their work under the table. . ) What I larn After completing all my research on the topic of illegal immigration from Mexico I ave learned a lot of valuable information. One of the most valuable pieces of info I learned about was how the immigrants will take any measures necessary to get into our c ountry even if it means risking their own lives. Another thing that I learned while doing my research is the actual number of immigrants that cross the border every year. I believe that this number is so high because there is no real punishment if you get caught crossing the border. All that will happen to you is you will be sent back to your homeland.I learned that the number of legal immigrants allow into the country s kind of a low number so a lot of these immigrants dont have the chance to be allowed legal citizenship. I also learned that the immigrants that make this effort to cross have a very hard and dangerous Journey. It was surprising to me how many of them died on their trip to the United States. I think this number is probably higher than what we know there are probably many illegals that die on their Journey and are never found. It was also interesting to me how little illegal immigrants pay in taxes each year compared to legal U. S. citizens.

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The Wizard Who Flew Through Biology

___24. In which macrocosm is the frequence of the allelomorph for chocolate-brown feathers highest? a. A b. B c. C d. D e. E ____25. In which state would it be least likely that an accident would significantly alter the frequency of the brown allelomorph? a. A b. B c. C d. D e. E ____26. The probability of a re spick-and-spanal at a detail ingredient locus is ____, and the probability of a mutation in the genome of a particular individual is ____. a. high first-class honours degree b. low high c. low low d. high high e. moderate moderate ____27.Which factor is the most of the essence(predicate) in producing the variability that occurs in all(prenominal) divisorration of humans? a. mutation b. informal recombination c. genetic bobble d. nonrandom mating e. natural endurance ____28. In a large, internally reproducing population, the frequency of an allelomorph changes from 0. 6 to 0. 2. From this change, unmatchable can most logically assume that, in this environment , a. the allele is neutral. b. the allele mutates readily. c. random processes start changed allelic frequencies. d. there is no sexual pickaxe. e. the allele reduces fitness. ____29.You are maintaining a small population of fruit fly in the laboratory by transferring the travel to a new culture bottleful after each generation. After several generations, you nonice that the viability of the flies has diminish greatly. Recognizing that small population size is likely to be associate to decreased viability, the best way to reverse this trend is to a. cross your flies with flies from a nonher lab. b. reduce the number of flies that you transfer at each generation. c. transfer only the largest flies. d. change the temperature at which you rear the flies. e. hock the flies with a brief treatment of heat or cold to serve them more hardy. ____30. If the frequency of a particular allele that is present in a small, isolated population of alpine plants should change due to a greasesl ide that leaves an even smaller remnant of surviving plants, then what has occurred? a. a bottleneck b. genetic drift c. microevolution d. A and B only e. A, B, and C ____31. Through time, the movement of people on Earth has steadily increased. This has neutered the course of human evolution by increasing a. nonrandom reproduction. b. geographical isolation. c. enetic drift. d. mutations. e. gene flow. ____32. Gene flow is a concept best use to describe an exchange between a. species. b. manlikes and females. c. populations. d. individuals. e. chromosomes. Use the information below to response the following questions. In the year 2500, atomic number 23 male space colonists and five female space colonists (all unrelated to each other) settle on an depopulated Earthlike planet in the Andromeda galaxy. The colonists and their offspring randomly companion for generations. All ten of the original colonists had free earlobes, and two were heterozygous for that trait.The allele for free earlobes is dominant to the allele for attached earlobes. ____33. If four of the original colonists died originally they produced offspring, the ratios of genotypes could be quite different in the subsequent generations. This is an example of a. diploidy. b. gene flow. c. genetic drift. d. disruptive extract. e. stabilizing pickaxe. ____34. The higher the proportion of loci that are stiff in a population, the lower is that populations a. nucleotide variability. b. genetic polymorphism. c. average heterozygosity. d. A, B, and C e. A and B onlyChoose among these options to answer the following questions. apiece option may be used once, more than once, or not at all. A. random weft B. directional plectron C. stabilizing selection D. disruptive selection E. sexual selection ____35. A certain species of land snail exists as either a cream color or a solid brown color. Intermediate individuals are relatively rare. a. A b. B c. C d. D e. E ____36. Pathogenic bacteria arrange i n many hospitals are antibiotic resistant. a. A b. B c. C d. D e. E ____37. Heterozygote advantage should be most closely linked to which of the following? . sexual selection b. stabilizing selection c. random selection d. directional selection e. disruptive selection In a in truth large population, a quantitative trait has the following distribution variant ____38. If the curve shifts to the left or to the right, there is no gene flow, and the population size consequently increases over successive generations, then which of these is (are) probably occurring? 1. in-migration or emigration 2. directional selection 3. adaptation 4. genetic drift 5. disruptive selection a. 1 only b. 4 only c. 2 and 3 d. 4 and 5 e. 1, 2, and 3 ____39.Male satin bowerbirds adorn structures that they build, called bowers, with repeat feathers, flowers, and other bizarre ornaments in order to attract females. Females inspect the bowers and, if fittingly impressed, allow males to mate with them, after wh ich they go off to nest by themselves. The evolution of this behavior is best described as due to a. excerption of the fittest. b. artificial selection. c. sexual selection. d. natural selection. e. disruptive selection. ____40. In many tool species, mature males are much larger than mature females. This size deflection can be attributed to a. ale hormones having a more positive effect on body size than female hormones do. b. the operation of intrasexual selection. c. females preferentially selecting larger males as mates. d. A and B only e. A, B, and C ____41. Adult male vervet monkey monkeys have red penises and blue scrotums. Males use their colorful genitalia in dominance displays wherein they compete with each other for access to females. The coloration of the male genitalia is best explained as the result of ____, and specifically of ____. a. natural selection stabilizing selection b. disruptive selection intrasexual selection . sexual selection intrasexual selection d. na tural selection intersexual selection e. sexual selection disruptive selection ____42. When imbalances occur in the sex ratio of sexual species that have two sexes (i. e. , other than a 5050 ratio), the members of the minority sex often receive a greater proportion of carry on and resources from parents than do the offspring of the majority sex. This is most clearly an example of a. sexual selection. b. disruptive selection. c. balancing selection. d. stabilizing selection. e. frequency-dependent selection. ____43.Which of the following statements about species, as be by the biological species concept, is (are) subdue? I. Biological species are defined by reproductive isolation. II. Biological species are the model used for grouping nonextant forms of life. common chord. The biological species is the largest unit of population in which successful reproduction is possible. a. I only b. II only c. I and III d. II and III e. I, II, and III ____44. Which of the following is not co nsidered an intrinsic isolating mechanism? a. sterile offspring b. ecological isolation c. geographic isolation . gametic incompatibility e. time of courtship display ____45. Dog breeders maintain the purity of breeds by keeping dogs of different breeds apart when they are fertile. This kind of isolation is most analogous to which of the following reproductive isolating mechanisms? a. reduced crossbred fertility b. mark breakdown c. mechanical isolation d. habitat isolation e. gametic isolation ____46. deuce species of frogs belonging to the same genus occasionally mate, but the offspring do not complete development. What is the mechanism for keeping the two frog species separate? a. he postzygotic barrier called hybrid inviability b. the postzygotic barrier called hybrid breakdown c. the prezygotic barrier called hybrid sterility d. gametic isolation e. adaptation ____47. A defining characteristic of allopatric speciation is a. the appearance of new species in the midst of old ones. b. asexually reproducing populations. c. geographic isolation. d. artificial selection. e. large populations. ____48. According to the concept of punctuated equilibrium, the sudden appearance of a new species in the fossil record means that a. the species is now extinct. b. peciation occurred instantaneously. c. speciation occurred in one generation. d. speciation occurred rapidly in geologic time. e. the species will consequently have a relatively short existence, compared with other species. ____49. Which of the following would be a position held by an adherent of the punctuated equilibrium theory? a. A new species forms most of its unique features as it comes into existence and then changes little for the eon of its existence. b. One should expect to find many transitional fossils left by organisms in the process of forming new species. . Given enough time, most be species will gradually evolve into new species. d. Natural selection is nugatory as a mechanism of evoluti on. e. Most speciation is anagenetic. ____50. Which of the following statements about speciation is correct? a. The goal of natural selection is speciation. b. When reunited, two allopatric populations will not interbreed. c. Natural selection chooses the reproductive barriers for populations. d. Prezygotic reproductive barriers usually evolve before postzygotic barriers. e. Speciation is included within the concept of macroevolution.

Civil Rights

How far Is It accurate to describe inkiness Americans as moment class citizens the years 1945-55? Plan The BAD part After WWW, correct though scurrilous soldiers were recognized by European countries as calamitous Heroes, separatism in the Armed Forces still existed. Jim Crow Laws were very strict, it promoted segregation in Southern states between 1876 and 1965, and this was a very long cessation of time with very, very little De facto change. dget(p) concourse were segregated in restaurants, state-supported transport and even toilet facilities. Separate but equal Black mountain had to live in areas known as ghettos. White command racist belief that white hoi polloi are far gilt-edged to other airstreams. Voting Rights under the 15th Amendment black tribe had the good right to vote In America. However, especially in Southern states, the presidential term found loop holes In the 1 5th Amendment to create laws that would deprive the local black population.Some states Introduced laws such as the Grandfather Claw (black people could only vote if their grandfathers had the right to vote), Literacy Tests, which were made harder on purpose (white people were not obligated to do this test) and the introduction to the Poll Tax (black people had to pay a high amount of money for them to be equal to(p) to vote). Economical situation in the Southern states there were still black Americans who received poorly paid salaries. dismantle in the North, black industrial workers were unconvincing to be paid the same as their white colleagues (50% less on average). This happened especially because black people had no education or whatsoever. In 1945, only 1% of the black population went to school. Social Conditions with the end of the WWW, segregation still remained in Southern States Black people were still exclude from restaurants, cinemas and hotels. 40% of lodgment available for black people In the uppercase D. C. As found to be sub- standard, whereas on ly 12% of white housing fell into this category The fact that African Americans were poorer than white Americans meant that they were often oblige to live in worse accommodation and in the undesirable split of the city. How did Truman help? In 1947, President Truman set the committee To Secure These Rights which verbalize every single way in which black Americans were beingness discriminated against. Even Hough this document had m any(prenominal) recommendations about how to change their situation, many of these recommendations did not go through because of the congress.Truman was committed to advancing courteous rights. He used his powers to mingle the armed forces. To Secure These Rights was a turning point In race relations as It showed that the Federal Government had recognized Its responsibility to salute racism in America. decision maker regularize 9980 in 1948 Fair betrothal Board opportunities in giving medication organizations. Executive Order 10308 withheld defe rence contracts from firms that practiced discrimination.Government Contract Compliance (CGI) 1951 it monitored the awarding of government contracts to make sure that government contracts did not go to racist employers. Truman appointed a number of black Americans to high profile Jobs in the government. E. G. Ralph Bunch Ambassador to the USA. Executive Order 9981 in 1948 racial equality in the armed forces and ended segregation in the army. The Fair underwrite Programmer committed the government to structure a number of new homes, especially in inner-city ghettos. He desegregated the canteen at uppercase Airport in 1949. How did Truman NOT help? Executive Order 998()-The Fair Employment Deal was underfeed, therefore did not consume enough money to function properly. 2. Executive Order 9981 only benefited people who worked in the armed forces, therefore many people were still being segregated and suffering from racism in Jobs. 3. Truman desegregated the canteen at Washington Airport, but it can be argued that Truman only did this on favor of his own image as not many African Americans would actually stumble by plane. 4. Truman failed to pass many of the recommendations in To Secure These Rights Committee.For example Anti-Lynching laws were not approved by the Congress he did not address any of his executive orders to health and education, which would have a bigger impact on the civil rights movement. 5. Some of his changes failed to achieve great change, for example the Fair Deal Housing Programmer demolished more houses than it actually built. 6. Towards the end, he got deflect by the Korean War and did not give the attention that civil rights deserved. 7. Government Contract Compliance could not force companies to adopt jolly employment practices.

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Reform Movement in the United States Essay

The protestant revival movement that began in the 1790s in New England caused re puzzle outs in America. Between 1825 and 1850, the United States government do reforms that greatly addd the influence of antiauthoritarian ideals universal suffrage and case-by-case rights. Such reforms included prisons, churches, women suffrage, temperance, and education.Prison reforms expand egalitarian ideals by means of the tack in policies and mission statements. Debtor prisons were abolished, the number of capitol crimes was reduced, and prison became a lieu of reform as well as punishment. As shown in register A, the Fourth Annual Report, Society for the Reformation of Juvenile Delinquents in the metropolis of New York, 1829, stated, To confine these youthful criminals . . . where little can be leaned and the ways of the wicked. It is saying that the prisons reliablely were bad and that reforming people would be visionary and thereof the reform of the prisons would fix this problem and therefore be sufficient to save individual rights and become clean.Church reforms also expanded democratic ideals through allowing freedom of religion and expansion of different sects. As Charles G. Finney in 1834 said, When the churches are . . . awakened and reformed . . . the reformation and salvation of sinners will follow. He is saying that because the church reformed, the people will reform in the said(prenominal) way. Therefore, by using this information, one can say that because the churchs rights were more readily expressed, the people would also have more individual rights.Woman suffrage was the most dominate traits that greatly increased the democratic ideals of United States. As woman rights began to increase, women showed that they were more independent as shown through the cult of domesticity. Women were original similar to the status of slaves because they had no voice. This is shown in the inscribe by Patrick Reason in 1835 where a woman is in shackles. It sho ws the original status of women which lurchs slightly to more universal suffrage in America. sombreness also expanded democratic ideals in that it gave people more rights to form what they felt was correct. Because it was lead by women, a group of society ordinarily suppressed, it was unique in that women started to voice their opinions. In the painting The Drunkards Progress, From the First scrap to the Grave in 1846, it shows that women were most affected by it and that they were motivated to change it. Women were able to speak out and affect the world and that shows individual rights. learning also played a role in expanding democratic ideals. pedagogics was improved through new textbooks, publicized, and improved teaching training facilities increase the average education of the masses. This created a more knowledgeable mass and therefore universal male suffrage was more possible.Through the reforms of prisons, churches, women suffrage, temperance, and education, democra tic ideals were expanded. antiauthoritarian ideals of universal suffrage and individual rights were spread throughout America. The reforms between 1825 and 1850 expanded democratic ideals.

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Memorandum Mandatory Use of Turkish Language Essay

This memo aims to provide brief information on (i) provisions and restrictions imposed by the jurisprudence on Mandatory Use of Turkish Language by Economic Enterprises numbered 805 and dated 10 April 1926 (the Law nary(prenominal) 805) on Turkish and outside(prenominal) enterprises (ii) consequences of non-compliance with the Law no. 805 and (iii) application of the ethical faith dogma in the light of the precedents of the Turkish Supreme approach of Appeals (the coquette of Appeals).A. scene OF THE LAW NO. 805The Law n adept 805 is applicable to all Turkish and unconnected enterprises with respect to transactions listed in cla usages 1 and 2 of the Law No. 805 however, application of the Law No. 805 differs depending on the nationality of the enterprise.1. Turksh EnterprsesIn concord with phrase 1 of the Law No. 805, Any type of companies and enterprises which fall in Turkish nationality shall use Turkish spoken language in all miscellaneas of transactions, agreem ents, correspondences, accounts and books within Turkey. consort to expression 1 of the Law No.805, each confederation and enterprise a the Turkish nationality is obliged to keep each kind of transaction, records and books and execute all agreements and make all communication theory with each other in Turkish language within the territory of Turkey. Accordingly, the only elision for the obligation of the use of Turkish language in transactions and communications of Turkish companies and enterprises is the case where such transactions and communications argon penalize/performed outside the territory of Turkey.In that respect, it is clear that an agreement to be penalize amid two or more Turkish companies should be prep atomic number 18d and signed in Turkish language, or if it is preferred to be penalize in a foreign language, to be accompanied with a Turkish version which shall prevail in the event of discrepancy. There are several(prenominal) court lasts in this respe ct. In one of its judgments, the Court of Appeals has upheld that the parties, in the textual matter of the agreement whitethorn refer to non-Turkish (international) price and/ or clauses, only if (i) these terms can non be replaced by a counterpart in Turkish and (ii) the parties are obliged to hold such terms in the agreement.However, it has also lowlined by the Court of Appeals that this rule is valid only for terms and expressions either with no counterpart in Turkish or which cannot be written in Turkish. Similarly, in a later decision, the Court of Appeals has ruled that if the parties are both(prenominal) Turkish then all agreements must be executed in Turkish although international terms and expressions may be incorporated into a Turkish agreement as a special condition. In this decision, the Court of Appeals has not accepted the usage of a maturity clause which was drafted in English language in an agreement executed in Turkish language since such maturity clause could easily be drafted in Turkish language as well.2. Foregn enterprsesIn accordance with Article 2 of the Law No. 805, This obligation applies to foreign companies and enterprises only in their communications, transactions and relations with the Turkish institutions and persons and for the documents, books and records which must be submitted to organizational offices and government officers.Pursuant to Turkish legislation, a foreign enterprise is a punctually incorporated legal entity that has its registered office outside of Turkey. For foreign enterprises, as give tongue to above, the requirement of Turkish language usage is limited only to (i) transactions, correspondences and communications with persons and legal entities subject to Turkish laws and (ii) documents, books and records which will be presented to Turkish authorities.In contrast with Article 1 of Law No. 805, Article 2 of the Law No. 805 has a narrower a scope of obligation to use Turkish language. The wording agreem ent is willingly not stated in Article 2 on purpose. In other words, the Law No. 805 does not specifically refer to agreements beneath the provision concerning foreign entities. This indifference indicates that the Law No. 805 allows the execution of an agreement between a foreign entity and a Turkish entity in a foreign language.There are several court decisions with respect to Article 2 of the Law No. 805. In a decision by the 11th Circuit of the Court of Appeals, the Court of Appeals has upheld that all accounts and books have to be in Turkish language, when submitted to the relevant Turkish authorities. Otherwise, they do not have any validity forward Turkish courts. The Court of Appeals has come to a similar conclusion summarizing that Turkish enterprises may enter into agreements with foreign enterprises in any language since Article 2 of the Law No. 805 specifically lists instances where foreign enterprises are forbid from using a foreign language and this list does not i nclude agreements.Accordingly, the Court of Appeals has concluded that agreements may be executed in any foreign language, where one of the parties is a foreign enterprise and the other is Turkish. According to this decision, an agreement executed in a foreign language between a foreign company and a Turkish company is valid and binding on the parties pursuant to and under Turkish laws. However, under Article 4 of the Law No.805, the parties are compelled to use Turkish language in all correspondences with respect to the agreement, although the agreement is allowed to be drafted in a foreign language.B. CONSEQUENCES OF NON-COMPLIANCE WITH THE LAW NO. 805Pursuant to Article 7 of the Law No. 805, any party violating the related provisions is imposed to a legal handsome of at least 100 days. The Turkish Penal principle numbered 5237 has regulated the judicial fine provisions and accordingly the judicial fine for one day shall be determined between TL 20 TL 100 depending on (i) seve rity of infringement (ii) specific and stinting conditions of persons and (iii) discretion of judges.C. GOOD FAITH PRINCIPLEPursuant to Article 2 of the Turkish civilized Code, raising a good faith aver is possible regarding the conflicts in an agreement. While deciding on the validity of the good faith exacts, the determination shall be made on a case-to-case basis. In terms of disputes regarding non-compliance with the Law No. 805, there is not a clear provision for the application of the good faith principle and we have not come across any judgment of the Court of Appeals regarding the good faith claims has raised with respect to the application of the Law No. 805. However, with respect to the customary provisions regarding the good faith claims, by analogy, the following solution may apply to conflicts on the mandatory use of Turkish language in agreements.In the event that the parties have carried out their performances to the fullest extent, considering that the agreemen t is valid, the agreement, itself, should be considered valid, as well. The Court of Appeals, in one of its judgments, has stated that if parties have carried out their obligations under a contract for a long time, it would be a violation of the good faith principles to claim that the related contract is invalid. Similarly, the Assembly of Civil Chambers of the Court of Appeals has ruled in a former decision that the right to raise a good faith claim is qualified when the party raising the claim is acting against the good faith principle.Although the said(prenominal) judgment does not directly refer to a dispute under the Law No. 805, the following conclusion could be drawn when one or both of the parties is awaring (or shall be aware) of the mandatory use of Turkish language requirement and the aware party (or parties) disregards this rule on purpose, they should not be able to rely on a good faith claim regarding the language of the agreement.

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A Single Needle; Single Handily Changing the Game Essay

Americas Pas while has been the true root of sports in the United States of America. Baseb solely blew up in the late 19th ascorbic acid towards the end of the Ameri jakes Civil War. Before in that location were TVs, internet, or DVDs, baseb completely is what kids did for fun. It became the subject to do if you were a white anthropoid going into the 20th century, and that was vertical the beginning of a long woody nightshade road of the naughty of baseb all in all(prenominal). Up until the 1990s many capaciouss had walked in amidst the lines showing arrive at their pure paragon given talent, wherefore an time came along that makes e real baseball fan cringe, the sex hormones Era. steroid hormones started to splay d sensation let on the compact like wildfire, and sadly no one was doing anything ab by it.The however thing administration, takeers, authorities, and fans had were suspicion no one knew for sure if these record submiting seasons were very or all jus t a fluke. The greats like Hank Aaron, child Ruth, Willie Mays, Lou Gehrig, and Ted Williams all hurl been being surpassed in the record books by Jose Canseco, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Alex Rodriguez, Mark McGuire, and destiny to a greater extent shams due to the theatrical role of murder Enhancing Drugs. The practice session of hot Steroids in baseball has single handily degraded and disgraced the great hazard that once was professional personud to be feeln as Americas Pastime.The man who started it all and really brought Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) to the baseball scene in the late 1980s was Oakland Athletics outfielder, Jose Canseco. erstwhile Canseco starting showing his teammates how influential these drugs were to their performance through his deliver personalised achievements it wasnt long in advance a large amount of courseers were victimization PEDs. Canseco states in his book, Juiced Wild Times, rampant Roids, Smash Hits, and How baseball Got Big that, About 85% of study group discussionrs afford utilize it (Canseco). The MLB rargonly, if at all time- tried for steroid hormones during this time of the Steroids Era and if they did on that point was no penalty for examen controlling. At the time it was virtually a win win for the players, they could juice up, exceed the stats they could only when dream about, and never subscribe in trouble during the process. Performance Enhancing Drugs became an epidemic in the ground of baseball, further non only was it enhancing players performance, it was enhancing every aspect of revenue a ball club could ever imagine. The Record books were once again leave and ready for business.Athletes much(prenominal) as Barry Bonds, Jose Canseco, Mark McGuire, and so forth were smashing homeruns and going up on the graphs little by little for the all time homerun record holder, Hank Aaron. This excitement on the field attracted more fans through these steroid course of instructions than baseball had ever seen, and when there are fans there is money, and when there is money there is no concern. The Major League of baseball had been unmindful(predicate) to the irregular ingestion of Steroids over the years. Until 2002 there were no penalties for test substantiating for PEDs. The new rules stated, A first time offense would only result in treatment for the player (Baseball-Almanac). Not one player was sentenced to any faultings for this crime, until the Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative (BALCO) steroid outrage came to light, and brought out many of the All-Stars of the MLB to the top of the list. Victor Cante the founder of BALCO was a god to the sports dry land. He was the guy that non only supplied athletes with their steroids, but also had shipway to cheat the tests so they could come up clean.Testing companies such as the k outrightledge base Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the U.S Anti Doping-Agency (USADA) are always trying to purify the efficiency of the tests to make cheating near impossible if not tout ensemble full proof, but as those agencies are working to blockade the cheaters workers at BALCO labs are finding ways once again come up with a new way to slide by the new and amend tests on the market (Quinn). So in 2005 The MLB created a new exam policy that was accepted by the players and owners that said, The first confirmative test entrust result in a abeyance of up to ten days. The jiffy constructive test for farm result in a suspension of thirty days. The 3rd controlling test willing result in a suspension of sixty days. The fourth positive test will result in a suspension of one full year.Finally, the twenty share positive test will result in a penalty at the discretion of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball. Players will be tested at least once per year, with a chance that several players can be tested numerous times per year (Baseball-Almanac). That wasnt the start adjustment bud Selig, the C ommissioner of the Major League of Baseball, was going to make to the steroid testing policy. On December 13, 2007, Greg Mitchell, an investigator who was ap bear witnessed by Bud Selig in 2006 to investigate the engage of Performance Enhancing Drugs in the MLB, presented a 409 paginate report to Selig showing his investigation and revealing 89 alleged players who mapd steroids during their career (Healey). one time Bud Selig had been shown the report, his 3rd written drug testing policy came in to play which was k flatn as the Three strikes and youre out approach (Verhaeghe). This final policy stated that, The first positive test would result in a fifty game suspension. The sanction positive test would result in a one-hundred game suspension. Finally, the third positive test would result in a lifetime suspension from Major League Baseball (Baseball Almanac). Bud Selig and the rest of the administration privileged of the Major League of Baseball had finally seen the light, and properly readyn natural process on how to cut down the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs passim the MLB.Once the Mitchell bailiwick was released many super stars and role models for fans all around the world were printed in black under the category of the felonious use of steroids throughout their career. The most popular player named in the Mitchell Report due to his motor lodge of justice and exam issues would establish to be 7 time Cy Young achiever, Roger Clemens. Once he saw that his name had been brought to light in the report he went to Capitol Hill to clear his name off the list that he felt he didnt need to be on. Little did he know that when made the statement,I appreciate the opportunity to tell this Committee and the public-under oath-what I open been express all along I bring forth never used steroids, merciful growth hormone HGH, or any other(a) type of illegal performance enhancing drugs. I think these types of drugs should play no role in athletics at any level, and I in full support Senator Mitchells conclusions that steroids ask no place in baseball. However, I take great issue with the reports allegation that I used these substances. permit me be clear again I did not. (Healey)That he was entering a world of charges when committing perjury in a court of law. Many of the players claimed their innocence like Clemens did, but in the end they all served the types of charges.The original group of all time Baseball greats like Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Cy young, etc. coif a high standard for the Players later(prenominal) them to progress to for and gave them somewhatthing to achieve. Never in their minds would they of thought that the game of baseball would have off out the way it is today. These modern day All-stars who cheated and used Performance Enhancing Drugs for a shortcut just to go ahead of someones concentrated work and love for the game as soundly to achieve their personal and selfish desires should be punished an d have their awards and accolades stripped from them and taken out of the record books as if they were never there to begin with.The use of Performance Enhancing Drugs has coif a permanent stain on the name of Baseball and what it is truly about. Bud Selig and the Major confederation of Baseball has come a long way regarding minimizing the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs by enforcing harsher penalties and consequences for testing positive for steroids. As the years have gone by thanks to the leagues stricter policies on testing positive for PEDs the amount of players getting suspended for steroid use has decreased on a year to year basis. The Major League of Baseball will never be able to completely take Performance Enhancing Drugs out of the game, but with the right consequences, and appropriate policies they will be able continue to keep the use of Steroids at a very low rate and never re-enter the once dreaded time known as the Steroids Era ever again.Works CitedHealey, Dani el. FALL OF THE projectile STEROIDS IN BASEBALL AND THECASE AGAINEST ROGER CLEMENS. Marquette Sports Law Review 19.1 (September 2008) SPORTDiscus. Web. 8 November 2011.Roger The arugula Clemens is known to be one of the best of all-time to step on the rubber in the game of Major League Baseball. The Seven-time Cy Young winner was ultimately un forgopable in the last half of his career. He was just other great phenom in the baseball world until December 13, 2007 when the Mitchell Report was released, revealing a 409-page report that was sent to the commissioner of baseball (Bud Selig) that investigated the illegal use of steroids and Performance Enhancing Drugs used by players in Major League Baseball. there were over 80 players target on this report, but the one who stood out the most was Roger Clemens himself. On February 13th 2008 he went to Capitol Hill to argue the allegations against him saying,I appreciate the opportunity to tell this Committee and the public-under oath-w hat I have been saying all along I have never used steroids, human growth hormone HGH, or any other type of illegal performance enhancing drugs. I think these types of drugs should play no role in athletics at any level, and I fully support Senator Mitchells conclusions thatSteroids have no place in baseball. However, I take great issue with the reports allegation that I used these substances. Let me be clear again I did not.Once Clemens had stated that it dress a rather large target on his hindquarters not only by investigators but also the judicial system. They were trying to get him to admit exploitation illegal steroids, but now as well they were going after him on counts of perjury. After 2 years of host enough evidence and testimonies on August 19, 2010 a Federal meretricious Jury Indicted Roger Clemens on six counts, one count of obstruction of congress, leash counts of false statements, and two counts of perjury. On July 13, 2011 Clemens first trial began, but on the s econd day the judge ruled a mistrial due to prosecutorial misconduct. For now Roger Clemens is a free man, but legal sources say that he will be retried.I will be using the Mitchell Report and the Roger Clemens trial to portray that not only is the use of steroids extremely risky and inflamed but also that its against the law and you will get caught one way or another. 1991 to 2002 was known as the Steroid Era in professional baseball. over those years quiticularly in 1995 after the cancellation of the 1994 playoffs and gentlemans gentleman Series the statistics of a majority of the players skyrocketed, which in retrospect played a huge role in filling the empty seats posterior up after the 1994 strike. Ill be explaining that up until to this point in time the MLB did not have strict regulations on testing for the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs)Kuenster, John. Major League Player Records Dishonored by Steroid Users. BaseballDigest. 62.2 (March 2008) SPORTDiscus. Web. 8 November 2011.John Kuenster touches on a very precious subject when it comes to records, and honors given in the MLB. Back in early in mid 1900s the greats of the game like, Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Hank Aaron, Joe DiMaggio, Bob Feller, and Ernie Banks. They all set legitimate records that should never be shadowed by the players who last broke them. These few players all had something in common. That was hard work and love for the game. They didnt use PEDs to up there stats or to get to a higher(prenominal) turning in a certain category. These historic greats earned their records off pure talent that was god given and worked hard to mature.The greats of our time such as, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Alex Rodriguez, or Mark McGwire also hold records like men mentioned earlier. The only difference between the past greats and the current greats is that these new all-stars were accused of using Steroids to achieve their records. Not only are the players the ones to blame for the w hole Steroid Era. Stricter steps should have been taken from the get go through the league to enforce steroid testing to ensure the safety and fair play in professional play of baseball before the use of steroids spread like wildfire through the MLB. Will records and awards be stripped from players whove been tested positive for performing enhancing drugs? We wear thint know for now, but who knows what the future holds.This denomination about dishonoring the awards given to players who have achieved them unfairly will allow me to interpretive program my opinion on the topic of record work shifters involving steroids. I in person am against the use of steroids solely because all it does it degrade the great game of baseball. Even though these cheaters didnt use PEDs their whole career and achieved some of their record off pure talent doesnt change the concomitant they broke the rules that is stated in the contract thats signed by every professional player. Its not fair that hist orys greatest baseball players prior to the steroid era should be passed up in the record books by players that made themselves better by an illegal drug. Not only is it a disgrace to the violators name, but more significantly its a disgrace to the game of baseball.Rutecki, Jared. A Study of Media equal on Public tone Regarding PerformanceEnhancement in Major League Baseball. Open Sports Sciences Journal 3 (2010) SPORTSDiscus. Web. 8 November 2011.A chart in the word, A study of Media invasion on Public Opinion Regarding Performance Enhancement in Major League Baseball shows the percent of the coverage on specific sports and PEDs through 1968 to 2006 in Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, and Time. Baseball ranks subjugate one in all 3 magazines with 43 percent, 39 percent, and 39 percent. Coming in second was football with a significant dishonor percent of 19, 14, and 15. Over the years magazine holds about PEDs have increased by a huge amount due to the popularity in steroid use among professional athletes.With the widespread use of steroids in sports particularly baseball, its apparent that the talk of it in magazines and media in general has cerebrovascular accident up too. When something isnt a public issue the media obviously isnt interested in it which is why steroids in the earlier years werent written and talked about much. When the Steroid Era came into play thats when the number of articles in magazines skyrocketed year by year and it all of sudden became a huge topic in our society. I will also be touching on the fact that even when people knew that steroids were an issue media didnt start writing about it like crazy until the 104 MLB players tested positive for PEDs in 2003. From that year on the number of articles per year were above 49. The media writes what sells and in this day and age breeding and insider news about the world of baseball and steroids will always sell.Solberg, Joe. Performance-Enhancing Drug Use in Baseball The Impact of C ulture.Ethics and Behavior 21 (April 2011) 91-102. Philosophers Index. Web. 8 November 2011.Joe Solberg explains that once the steroid era of baseball blew up and became steady that it wasnt out of the norm anymore, it became part of the culture. Once everyone was doing it the person below them had to use PEDs in vagabond to get to the next level. The use of Steroids is a ladder that started in the pros and worked its way down to the minors.Major League Contracts are more than less based off offensive performance rather than justificatory performance. To be more specific on offensive performance homeruns are what really can land you a greathearted money contract. Over the years the biggest category that PEDs have helped is homeruns. Of course players want a portion of money, and in swan to get that money is to hit homeruns, and in order to increase the amount of homeruns is to take performance enhancing drugs. Players will do what they have to do in order to make the money tha t they are cheerful with, and as a result for most players it is to partake in using steroids to increase their status as an all-star.The information I gathered in this article will help me explain the players demands for scatty to use PEDs. Its not only used just to break records and be known as an all-star even though that is a prescribed that comes with it, but its the fact that if the person above you is using these substances then in order for you to excel above him and potentially take his cytologic smear you almost feel obligated to take PEDs as well. It was once a bad thing to be associated with the group known to take steroids back when it was a rare thing to do. Now days its such a common thing to partake in its part of the culture, its fairly normal in the MLB now to use PEDs.Sommers, Paul. The Changing impinging Performance Profile in Major League Baseball,1966-2006. Journal of Sports economic science 9.4 (August 2008) SPORTSDiscus. Web. 8 November 2011.Paul Somme rs showed charts over the decades of average years played by an average starter in the pros. It went from 5.2 years in the 60s to 6 in a half years in 2006. That shows that the use of steroids in the MLB increased a players career by almost 2 years. He also explains that the use of PEDs in baseball lets you peak at a higher level of skill. A persons overall skill level will increase by a big number while using steroids. Someone hitting .267 without the use of steroids could climb anywhere from a .324 to .378 average depending on the person. With all the statistics shown throughout the article its proven that Performance enhancing drugs increase a players batting average, peak, years played, MPH, and overall skill level.Before the 1960s after a players peak their batting average tended to surrender steadily due to falling off from their prime, but after the 1960s a large amount of players started to excel past their peak year and raise their batting averages past their prime which was unusual. As we know now the reason for that was the use of PEDs.After 2004 the statistics seemed to start trending again like the 1960s due to the random and mandatory drug tests which disabled the players to partake in using Anabolic Steroids of HGH. I will be using this information to show how all PEDs have been proven in many to not only better athletes, but make them more durable and lay out on redundant years of successful productivity past their prime. PEDs arent physically making them younger, but they sure are making them relieve oneself younger hoary stats in a past prime aged body.Stone, Brad. Another Poison Pill Newsweek 146.7 (August 15 2005) AcademicSearch Complete. Web. 8 November 2011.The MLB is by far the top sport when it comes to the abuse of Performance Enhancing Drugs, but yet it holds the weakest punishment in the sports world for testing positive. Rafael Palmeiro in 2008 tested positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs in early August of 2008 just month s after he testified before a U.S congressional committee stating that he had never used PEDs in his life. Not only did he test positive for steroids, he failed the test after manufacture under oath in a court of law, and all he was punished with through the MLB was a 10-day suspension and a $164,000 fine. Due to the particular steroid Palmeiro took, Stanozonol, which travels through your digestive system within 2 weeks, makes it hard for the court to prove that Palmeiro was lying when he testified.Baseball wants to stop the abuse of Steroids, but at the equivalent time it seems like all these players that test positive these substances just get slaps on the wrist and are told not to do it again. If you want a problem to come to a halt you have to go the extra distance in order to get the results youre looking for. PEDs have been persistent in the MLB for decades now telling a player to stop will ultimately not stop them. There needs to be an ultimatum put into action to make the abusers consider that these PEDs arent worth the release of their career.Every other sport that has extremely harsh penalties if tested positive for PEDs dont have a very high percent of positive tests because the players dont want to take the risk to put their career on the line. In the MLBs case they arent putting a severe enough consequence for the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs. My main point Ill be using from this article is that if you want the use of PEDs to debase then you have to put consequences that the players dont want to contest with out there in order to produce more interdict resulting drug tests.Quinn, Tom BASEBALLS STEROID ERA. Mens Fitness 23.(August 2007) SPORTSDiscus. Web. 8 November 2011Throughout the history of baseball testing for both steroids or street drugs really hasnt been a big part of the games policy. Players played the game and what they did off the field was their own business. Once the early 80s hit, and PEDs came on the scene the use of t hem among players got out of hand. It became an almost regular regime for a majority of the MLB. Tests were eventually being given, but that didnt stop the players. When theres motive to do illegal substances theres always the backup send off to keep these athletes out of trouble.There were plenty of ways to come up clean on a test, and when the testers would find a way to stop it, Victor Cante and his crew at BALCO labs would just simply find another way to cheat. Even when the few unlucky players get caught all they have to do is admit it and simply explain they were told it was something else. For Example, Barry Bonds, when he spoke in front of the BALCO grand jury he came clean about all the PEDs he had taken, but the catch was he stated that he was oblivious to what he was actually using. People of this stature will make their illegal decisions, but dont think they dont have all the answers for when the going gets tough.Ill be using Quinns article BASEBALL STEROIDS ERA to info rm how little baseball can really do to not only catch these users, but to actually put a stop to the Performance Enhancing Drugs. If not cheating tests to save their own ass these professional athletes will just find a ameliorate window of time to where they know they wont be tested in the offseason to fit in a couple cycles here and there to maintain the gains through using PEDs.Testing companies such as the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the U.S Anti Doping-Agency (USADA) will never stop trying to alter the efficiency of the tests to make cheating near impossible if not completely full proof, but as those agencies are working to stop the cheaters dont think the cheaters at BALCO labs arent finding ways to break through and find loop holes in their tests.Verhaeghe, Dan. Bud Selig Lays Down the beetle on Performance Enhancing Drugs. Bleacher Report. (January 2008) Web. 30 November 2011

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African-American Lynch Mob Essay

reference David Horowitz has written an word called Afro-American Lynch Mob. In the article Mr. Horowitz is expressing his foiling with the way African American civil rights leaders, namely Reverend Jesse capital of Mississippi and Al Sharpton are inciting a lynch tamp down mentality in regards to the death of Trayvon Martin. Trayvon Martin, who was a 17 year old African-American male, was injectant to death by George Zimmerman who happens to be Hispanic.Mr. Horowitz believes that the lynch mob racist, Reverend Jesse capital of Mississippi and Al Sharpton are leading the way for the African-American community to mention that George Zimmerman is a racist without any facts. First I take exhaust with Mr. Horowitz fallacy calling Reverend Jesse capital of Mississippi and Al Sharpton racist. Is it racist for an case-by-case or group to stand up and fight against inequality and injustices? For many an(prenominal) decades Reverend Jackson and Reverend Sharpton have helped those Af rican-Americans who could non help themselves when the betting odds were stacked against them providing a strong voice for the law and lawmakers to listen to, when the voices of the African-American citizens were non heard. Doing this does not make one a racist.As mentioned previously, Mr. Horowitz states that Mr. Zimmerman is be labeled a racist without any facts this is a fallacy and not exactly true. Recently audio has been discovered that has Mr. Zimmermans making racial slurs, along with eyewitnesses stating that they personally heard him making racial slurs. The impending investigation will prove whether Mr. Zimmerman is a racist or not even so even in this early stage, investigator will have liberal reasons to not rule out the cause of death by pelt along crime.Mr. Horowitz belief that the licence is irrelevant to the so call lynch mob is unfounded. The African-American jibers are only protesting because they believe there is enough evidence to warrant an arrest of Mr . Zimmerman. However, instead of being arrest Mr. Zimmerman is walking free.Mr. Horowitz calls the boast of racial outrage over this case a national disgrace, and I disagree with that statement. The display of racial outrage over this case is not a national disgrace the fact that African-Americans still have to protest because of injustice is a national disgrace.As I concluded the article it was pretty evident that Mr. Horowitz view point was a bit slighted. It seems to me that the views he has taken are based on his dislike for Reverend Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and their way of obtaining justice for those who they lead and represent. Mr. Horowitz dislike for both of the reverends in all likelihood goes a long way back, and because of this, any point that he makes in regards to these two reverends should be taken with a grain of salt.

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American Aid Policy

The fall in States is the leading naughtyly- unquestionable nation in abroad tutelage that considers both the interest of its hold citizens and industries and those of benefactive role countries. Billions of people all oer the world have benefited and appreciated the role of United States in both foreign and f atomic number 18 fear. This enquiry paper looks deeply into the overall military capability of US foreign attend to form _or_ system of government, the need to effect any changes in insurance policy framework or continue to handle affairs in their current form and eventually examine the need to increase or decrease the amount in foreign financial advocate. assist and Millennium Development Goals The achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in third world countries and specifically the African continent cannot be complete when foreign maintenance to these nations is not fully availed. Human development has been snub by international donor community no tably the World coin bank and the internationalist Monetary Fund, instead putting more focus on biased economic parameters. Poverty levels in these nations thus cannot be eradicated. Africa yet needs a total of 72 billion dollars in foreign aid per year to achieve its Millennium Development Goals by 2015.This is miserable fraction in comparison to the $ 362 billion in subsidiaries developed countries remunerative to its home based agricultural sectors in 2006. Commitment by developed countries to increase amounts in foreign aid to 0. 7% of their national income has not been realized (Marr, Gunatilaka & group A Killick, 1998). United States has faired poorly in its rating with only 0. 16% and appears at the bottom of the list. Eradicating beggary and improving human flavor demand increase in foreign aid to developing nations and hardship to honor these commitments means that the present status in terms of poverty levels will re important for a great conviction.Effectiveness of alien Aid The sozzled relationship that exists between foreign aid strong point and conditions attached to it has forever been a thorny issue. Important development agendas much(prenominal) as the equilibrise of existing relationship between liquidator and donor, considering first bet on to priorities sectors by the government, deter cases of aid course of instructions duplications and providing means for undertaking transpargonncy assessment on aid performance are factors that essentialiness be put into musing to ensure aid strongness.Furthermore, donor support harmonization in aid programmes that undertake development projects in more than one country demands vernacular accountability. Direct budget subsidy contributed by donor countries which still stands at 5% of aid given to developing nations should be viewed by the recipient countries as domestic hence, implemented vividly on development agendas kinda than being accountable to the donors.Though this may be the best federal agency of implementing aid as it create an opportunity for strong economic principles and political willingness to sub ascribable bureaucracy, donors do not yet willing to adopt this model because of their send channel of aid flow which do onto conform with the developing countries political structures. In essence, increased direct budget support by donors and legal government structure of the recipient countries will increase aid effectiveness (Guillaumont & Chauvet, 2001)Need For Change in Aid Policy Critics have invariably advocated for foreign aid policy reforms. While United States foreign programme has noted high levels of advantage, it cannot be without a list of problems. The original take aim of American aid policy was to generate and improve its economic sub-sectors much(prenominal) as the shipping industry, dump surpluses and promote trade. A clear exercise is the feed aid policy in which forage aid is no longer about providing a meal for th e hungry but takes mission of a multitude of objectives.A half of e very(prenominal) dollar spent on food aid goes into the related exists such as bear upon and shipping. This reveals that policy changes must be put in place to denounce food aid perform to its fullest. This is because the current food aid policy strives to accomplish very many objectives, most of which are obsolete. It takes a very long time to transport food from a farmer to its concluding destination and at times this period takes up to five months. such(prenominal) delay in delivery leads to added costs such as redress and crew wages.Furthermore delay is the delivery in food aid cost lives in disaster situations. Money should be used to purchase food circumferent to their destination and reduce costs of transportation. A drastic permutation must be made towards of food aid procuring, with purchase in the beneficiary nation and in the United States. Purchasing goods in countries secretiver to the benefici ary nations would strengthen agricultural market in these nations (Hansen & Tarp, 2000). The main objective here is local procurement of goods, not aid with conditions.America must move away from tied aid to make its foreign aid policy effective. The global economic crisis has led to questions about the general effectiveness of foreign aid. Questions as to how aid can be sustained interminably in times of economic recessions must be answered to achieve high performance. At the moment, American legislation demands that 50% of aid commodities must be processed and packed at home before shipment. Furthermore, 75% of food aid is managed by the USAID and 50% is under the management of US division of agriculture (Guillaumont & Chauvet, 2001).These commodities must be shipped in vessels flying US flags. Such conditions must be constantly reviewed to do away with long procedures of aid handling and delivery. While there are efforts to reform the aid policy, it is expected to take ti me before full effectiveness is achieved. The 1961 Foreign Assistance Act and the Farm Bill under President George chaparral are some efforts to restructure United States foreign aid policy. An examination into different types of foreign aid reveals a complex scenario on how effective its overall objectives are.The reconstruction of countries reeling from effects of war such as Iraq and Afghanistan are always controversial in nature. Given the overlap in time due to security related issues, it is almost impossible to accurately influence how much and to what level of effectiveness these aid key (Dalgaard & Hansen, 2007). an different(prenominal) area that requires total change is the technical cooperation. This is poorly defined due to its ambiguity and thus hard to measure. They are always under reproval due to the huge amounts involved but often not the right way accounted for.Technical cooperation always means transfer of skills and knowledge from the donor country to the beneficiary country but always become controversial when they involve military aid assistance such as generous packages to Israel and Egypt. The so-called aid for national interest always attracts huge aid packages than moral areas such as poverty and disease alleviation. Pakistan is a major recipient of United States aid due to its influence and geographical location with Afghanistan and receives this foreign aid to maintain stability and peace in the region. America must do away with some aid conditionality.The imbalance in aid contracts creates conditions which supply into donor demands for change in social, political and economic affairs (Burns, 1984). angiotensin converting enzyme of the most absurd conditions from the western donors is the system of state chasten over all sectors of the economy. The demand for democratic states and good governance, free and fair elections, constitute to some of these conditions. Considering achievement of these conditions a yardstick to re ceiving foreign aid undermines its role and objects and thus makes it a political tool to control affairs of other countries.Reforms must be made on how aid is channeled to the beneficiary countries. many-lobed aid is always channeled through World Bank and other regional development banks while bilateral aid is paid direct to the beneficiary countries (Miyashita, 2003). Multilateral aid has so far recorded greater success than bilateral aid since it is not selective and undertakes its programmes on neutral basis. These back up are in the form of grants that ensure maximum utilization for the desexualise objectives. Reforming policies in these sectors to ensure maximum transparency and reduce levels of political check would definitely improve its performance.Conclusion Bilateral aid must not be used to hood-wink political leaders. It is obvious that some developing countries whose economic performances are poor depend mainly on foreign aid to support their programmes. Applicatio n of selective strategies and tough conditions driven by greed to control the smaller nations will eventually render the foreign aid ineffective. The way to go in improving the performance is forging a close alliance with the beneficiaries and improving levels of transparency (Toye, Harrigan & Mosley, 1995).The handling of foreign food must take into consideration the overall improvement of agriculture and readiness of close markets for agricultural markets to regions close to the beneficiary country. Foreign aid must therefore seek to improve the level of human development. References Burns, W. J. , (1984), Economic Aid and American Policy towards Egypt. Sunny Press Dalgaard, C. J. & Hansen, H. , (2007), On Aid, ingathering and Good Policies, The Journal of Development Studies, Taylor and Francis Journals, vol. 37(6), 17-41. Guillaumont, P. & Chauvet, L., (2001), Aid and Performance A Reassessment, The Journal of Development Studies, Taylor and Francis Journals, vol. 37( 6), pages 66-92 Hansen, H. & Tarp, F. , (2000), Aid effectiveness disputed, Journal of International Development, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. , vol. 12(3), pages 375-398. Marr, A. , Gunatilaka, R. & Killick, T. , (1998), Aid and the Political Economy of policy change, Routledge. Miyashita, A. (2003), Limits to Power Asymmetric dependence and Japanese foreign aid policy, Lexington Books. Toye, J. F. Y, Harrigan, J. J. & Mosley, P. (1995), Aid and power The World Bank and PolicyBased Lending, Routledge.

Do miracles still happen and how do they compare with those of the Acts of the Apostles? Essay

When studying the subject of miracles they moldiness be approached with design reason and when head word of honoring the existence of miracles we must first fully purpose a line what the tidings miracle means.According to the Oxford English Dictionary a miracle is described as an extraordinary and welcome event attri just nowed to a divine agency, a incompar up to(p) and very welcome occurrence or as an step upstanding achievement. The word miracle originates from the Latin word miraculum meaning object of wonder. A miracle is a unreal event that consists of divine intervention into the natural order as a demonstration of paragons federal agency and mercy, tot all(prenominal)y of these properties are seen in the Acts of the Apostles as perfection does intervene in homo events and they contribute be seen as responses and as a recompense for trust.The Acts of the Apostles contains many miracles however all of these miracles are non the healing of those with demons but the spread of Christianity with the un measurely perform in twain Paul and shafts missionary journeys. St. Paul rouse be seen by approximately as a fake apostle because he was not one of the chosen twelve and at that placefore had not experienced a close relationship with saviour, this is turn whitethorn extradite threatened the apostles at first. However St Paul managed to become one of the apostles greatest assets as he went on to teach to not solitary(prenominal) Jews but to pagans also. Because this man is my chosen instrument to bring my bid before pagans and pagan kings and before the hatful of Israel. Acts 915. This leave aloneed the Christian church to put up as more gestaters were joining thus the Christian churchs assurance began to grow.Two of the best known descriptions of a miracle are that of St. doubting Thomas Aquinas who believed in miracles and that antic Stuart Mill who did not.St. Thomass definition of a miracle is thisA miracle is someth ing beyond the order of created reputation. Therefore since divinity fudge solely is not a created being, He also is the only One who mass pee-pee miracles by His own office. In this the word nature pot be used in three senses, it may mean all that exists, all created things, or all material things.John Stuart Mills definition of a miracle isA phenomenon not preceded by any preexistent phenomenal conditions sufficient again to reproduce it.This definition implies that there is nil but the material world in existence. It takes no account of the human allow, subdued less of the will of paragon.The purpose of miracles in the new testament itself comes in two parts the first part is that they were used for stop as they confirmed who deliveryman was and that deliverer and his apostles message was that of theologys, the foster part is that they were carried out in order to cause belief in the listeners in Jesus.In the New Testament we see confirmation that Jesus is in fa ct who he is verbalize to be when we see the miracle in Acts 36 where Peter and John are going to the tabernacle and mend the lame man who is sitting as the beautiful gate, Peter says to the lame man I impart neither silver nor gold, but I will give you what I have in the name of Jesus Christ, walk This incident brings us face to face with the question of miracles in apostolic durations and shows us that Jesus had the power to dress miracles through his apostles.We also see within the New Testament that the miracles were carried out to cause belief in Jesus as in Acts 84-8 were those who escaped one of which was Philip from the arrest of Saul to Samaria proclaiming the Christ. The populate united in welcoming the message Phillip preached, either because they had heard of the miracles he worked or because they see them for themselves. Acts 86. This helps us fancy that miracles or even the stories of miracles help us to believe in Jesus as the son of theology.However mass wh o believe that miracles do not occur in right aways society may argue about the existence of miracles that miraculous power was passed on by the laying on of the apostles hands and as no-one today could perchance qualify as an apostle of Jesus then no-one today could possibly have the power to perform miracles. Those who believe this refer to Acts 121-22 where it states that the apostles must therefore choose someone who has been with us the whole time that the shaper Jesus was travelling round with us right from the time when John was baptising until the day when he was taken up from us and he can act as a witness to his resurrection. These three conditions therefore dispute with any hope of miracles happening today.It is commonly agreed that miracles are the reward and result of faith however faith in God should not be based on miracles. They should be seen as the work of God rather than the essence of God. Moreover some people believe that if Jesus had not performed these m iracles then their faith in him may not be as strong.In order to be able to perform a miracle the individual wanting the miracle must have faith in God and those performing the miracle must have a strong relationship with God, in order to have much(prenominal) a good relationship with God a person must pray in order to lace their relationship. Many people may say that in society today, there are those who have a aptitudeened relationship with God such(prenominal) as Priests, Nuns and Monks. This may mean that they have the power to perform miracles however the person wanting the miracle may not have enough faith in God in order to have a bun in the oven the miracle.Another argument that could be used in order to found that miracles do not occur today is that God confirmed his word through miracles, signs and wonders during Jesus life on earth therefore he does not need to reconfirm his existence to this generation as we have enough proof in biblical readings in order to be hi s existence.Although miracles benefited the individual, their true purpose was for confirmation, even though they were often motivated by compassion and belief of those observing.Today some people may believe that miracles still do happen but not in such a magnificent way as they did back in the time of Jesus. People do neertheless believe that in order to win a miracle you must have a strengthened relationship with God through prayer and acting on spirit.Some people may argue with the second circumstance in the sense that they cannot strengthen their faith in God because there are no miracles today that allow them to expand their belief.On the other hand some would say that miracles still do happen today through the work that Doctors, surgeons etc. can do which in apostolic times would have been regarded as miracles.A novel miracle story would be that of an atheist pair and their little misfire, the couple never told their daughter anything about the Lord. One night when the l ittle girl was 5 years old, the parents fought with each other and the dad shot the Mother, in front of the minor. Then, the dad shot himself. The little girl watched it all. She then was direct to a foster home. The foster mother was a Christian and similarlyk the child to church. On the first day of Sunday school, the foster mother told the teacher that the girl had never heard of Jesus, and to have patience with her. The teacher held up a picture of Jesus and said, Does anyone know who this is? The little girl said, I do, thats the man who was holding me the night my parents died.In my eyes this pillow slip can be seen as a groundbreaking day miracle as it shows Jesus helping a little girl through a time of mourning and grief.A miracle found in Acts that can be seen to furrow to this modern day story would be that of the shipwreck in Acts 28. In this Paul, the centurion and his men all rely on God for strength through his intervention to Paul in Acts 2824 an nonsuch come out of the closeted to Paul and told him Do not be afraid, Paul. You are destined to appear before Caesar, and for this reason God grants you the safety of all who are travel with you.This contrasts with the modern day story of the little girl as they both show God giving strength to those in need.Another modern day miracle is this of Rowena Angell.Since 1982 Rowena was only able to walk short distances. By 1986 Rowena was utilize two walking sticks and to go any distance she had to use a wheelchair. The pain never went away.Life continued in this way until 1991 when Rowena was diagnosed as having Lupus. Just after Christmas in 1998 God told Rowena that she was going to be improve from the awful pain and a few weeks later Pastor Revd. Alan Clarredge told her that when she was baptised she would be healed. Rowena had told no one what God had told her so she knew Alan was confirming what God had already told her.On Sunday the 20th January 2002, she with others went up to the front for prayer. The curate was directed by God to pray for healing for her. It was tremendous, amazing, the Holy inwardness was so strongAfter the meeting ended her Husband henry went to get the car and as she walked to meet him, a division said to Rowena why are you using your stick. She thought about that voice all the way home, was it real? Did she imagine it? When she talked it over with Henry, his reaction was to go in faith he said.Rowena went in faith and the pain has at peace(p) away for the first time in 27 years, the joy of vigilant in the morning with no pain. A few months later a test showed that there was no trace of Lupus in Rowenas ashes She was totally healedShe will never forget the pain she had and she will serve God with whatever he leads her to do, with joy in my nerve she dedicates her life to Him to do, as He wills. Praise the Lord for He is merciful.These modern day miracles are very different from those at the time of Jesus and shortly after. They can be thought of as a persons vocation or saving, this can impact highly on a persons life especially if they were not brought up with Christianity.In Acts 932-35 Peter heals Aeneas at Lydda. This miracle proves to Aeneas and all those who lived in Lydda and Sharon who were watching that Peter had a close relationship with Jesus and also shows how much power he had inherited from the Holy reputation as instead of Peter construction I cure you Peter said to Aeneas Aeneas, Jesus Christ heals you get up and fold up your sleeping mat.In this such miracle people today may believe that Peter was taking the glory of the work that Jesus Christ has performed through him as he says I cure you. Also in the modern day miracle the shape of Jesus suffering for all of mankind on the cross can be seen to some as the sign that it was Jesus who performed this miracle.On the other hand in the miracle which Peter performed on Tabitha in Acts 926-43 the women is not healed in by Peter however it was in t he name of Jesus which helps people understand that the miracles that are happening both today and in the time of the New Testament are performed through the power of Jesus.William Barclay argued that miracles can happen apart from we think too much of what we can do and too little about what Jesus Christ can do through us.Miracles altogether play a huge role on the church today as they are an great part of individuals religion as it gives them something to believe in that only Christ is able to do. I personally believe that these modern day miracles allow peoples faith in God to be strengthened as it allows us to understand that if we need it even if we do not want it God will be there for us.Both of these miracles found in Acts are important to Christians today as they are a sign of Gods power, they also show that Jesus lives and has power through the Holy Spirit and the invocation of his name.David Hume however is the arch-enemy of miracles who said that A miracle is a violatio n of the laws of nature he also said that It is no miracle that a man, seemingly in good health, should die suddenly because such a kind of death, though more unusual than any other, has yet been frequently observed to happen. solely it is a miracle that a dead man should come to life because that has never been observed in any age or country. There must, therefore, be a uniform experience against every miraculous event other the event would not merit that appellation.However I do not agree with Davids Humes views and myself I believe that a miracle is a God-powered supernatural event.Overall I believe miracles today and miracles in Acts of the Apostles contrast well with each other as they are both God centred and can be directed at both believers and non-believers.Bibliographywww.oxfordonline.comhttp// Barclay the new periodic study bible Acts of the apostlesThe Jerusalem bible new testamenthttp//www.katap

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Macbeth Eulogy Essay

Today, I stand before a nation in mourning, sorrow the passing of its King, Macbeth. He shall surely be remembered in history as a noble and courageous soldier and leader who fought with a unruly loyalty and belief in Scotland. Although his reign was not trouble-free or lengthy, Macbeth inspired a unique and individual pride in his unpolished and made e rattling decision with careful estimation, holding firmly to his ideals and principles to the very end. Scotland has lost a distinctive and unrivalled leader and those of us who knew him in person are now without a friend whose character shall always be remembered. If there is one word worthy of Macbeth, it is courage. He was a shining light on the affairfield, seizing opportunities in the bleakest of times and vista an admirable example to his troops. The monarch before him, Duncan, recognised Macbeths skills and honoured him as a valiant cousin (Macbeth, Act 1, scene 2) and worthy gentleman, deserve look upon and reward.Macbe th regularly led his nation into battle in Duncans stead, and it would be hard for any present to forget his daring and undaunted attitude, particularly not on the day he defeated Swenos Norwegian invasion and Macdonald, the rebellious Thane of Cawdor. I termed him Bellonas bridegroom for his uncultivated and splendid skill, and when Duncan was informed of Cawdors treachery, he saw Macbeth as merit a higher status, proclaiming that what the former Thane of Cawdor hath lost, noble Macbeth hath won. All will love he deserved such a status, for he fought with a bolshy determination that would neer surrender, and no matter how many invaders flooded our shores, he neer ceased to meet them with unforgiving steel. He was a hero to the frugal nation and his example shall be followed by thousands of soldiers to come.Macbeth carried over his admirable battle qualities to his personal life story, but brought none of the violence. Indeed, Duncan observed that his castle hath a lovely seat, and Lady Macbeth remarked to me on several occasions that although her husband was seen by about as a warrior, he was nonetheless full o the draw of human kindness. I can attest to the truth in this disceptation as could many differents seated here today, though it is with profound  repent that we can all see evidence of how this kind nature was abused. few are aware of the significant influence his now deceased wife had upon him, and in his devotion, he would seek her confidence and advice when contemplating options and making decisions. Though this may have led to fault, it also meant the Macbeths shared a strong sting based upon communication, a quality both of them treasured.Together, they were gracious hosts, renowned amongst other noble families for their much-anticipated banquets. If ever there was an enjoyable social event, Macbeth was sure to be the unparalleled host. His personality was much sibyllineer than dinner parties, however. Macbeth was a man who thought about decisions seriously and deeply, rarely acting upon a thought he had not fully considered. On numerous occasions as a guest of Macbeth, I would encounter him pacing through his castle, lost in solemn contemplation, attempting to comprehend life and philosophical concepts. This led him to recognise that life is fragile and fleeting, labelling it a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his time of day upon the stage and then is heard no more. Despite this bleak outlook, he would always consider the consequences that lay before him, giving due respect to the Lord who had blessed him with his position.Although this virtue did not always lead him to the blessedness he desired, Macbeth would always contemplate his actions, even in the most fearful of circumstances. In his life, he faced many such situations, and once he made a decision, he stubbornly held to it. Despite criticism or hardship, he believed in himself and his information, and he sought to keep h is dignity and vividness regardless of what calamity he faced. At his death, he stood alone against an regular army of English who had moved Birnam Wood, choosing not to meekly surrender but or else to bravely fight to the end. With a call of blow, wind come, wrack At least well die with harness on our back, he took up weapons and fought as boldly as he ever had. He announced that bear-like he would fight the course, and as was his manner, he made his word true, dying as a soldier and gallant fighter.One thing is certain, and it is that Macbeth will never be forgotten by any assembled here or by the Scottish nation as a whole. His courageous deeds as a hero of the nations military shone with brilliance and glory, never to dull with the passage of time, and none could honestly say that his time as national monarch was a bland or typical reign. Although illustrious for his skills as both a warrior and a host, his personality ran much deeper his deep thought and loyal devotion to his wife did not always go away in prosperity or universal delight, but he save made much philosophical contemplation and was capable of recognising his own failings. god gave Scotland a king unlike any other, of a standard never to be seen again, and may he rest eternally in a peace he forsook in his earthly life. While we mourn Macbeths passing, we should take due time to consider his life and the actions and characteristics that typified it. Everyone, from fellow nobles to peasants eking a living from distant land, could surely learn valuable lessons.

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Canova’s “Perseus with Head of Medusa” Essay

This piece, made to replicate the classic classical style, stands tall supra entrance to the Metropolitan M characterum of Art. This sculpture, created by Antonio Canova in marble, was done in the proterozoic 19th century. Historically, the tale of Perseus and how he killed the beast-woman, Medusa, is from eons before, however, the artist chose to recreate this scene from Greek mythology. In addition, Canova uses many techniques that were used by Greek sculptors, he use of detailed anatomy, a combination of stoicism and portrayals of anguish, stiff posture, contrapposto and the draping of the fabric approximately Perseus arms.Perseus stands rigidly, looking at the head of Medusa. His expression is unchanged. One leg caisson disease toward her head, but it does so in a rigid, uncomfortable manner. He holds his brand out on his right, and her head on his left. Fabric is draped by artificial means off his left arm and it falls to the floor behind him. He has the ideal body, with pe rfectly sculpted and toned muscles. Perseus is naked, save a mates of very decorative and ornate sandals. His body is in a curve, with his spine. He bets to be a warrior, and he is triumphant in his defeat of Medusa. A feeling of pride overwhelms one when they look at him, however, it is hard to resuscitate to him, because he does not feel real. He is humanized, but does not appear natural or normal.Medusa, or rather her head, is held by its hair in Perseus left hand. He holds it out from him, in disgust. Her face up is writhing in pain, as she has been decapitated. Her snake-hair is very representational, and doesnt look like real snakes. Still, however, her face does not illustrate the true anguish or pain that she must have felt. It is not naturalistic. She actually appears to be somewhat idealized.This piece evokes feelings of strength, bureau and pride, however, I do not feel it evokes emotion or munificence towards either character. Neither feels very real or natural, a nd thus it is herculean to relate to the sculpture.