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Thermodynamics Speech or Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Thermodynamics - Speech or Presentation Example For instance, a rotating flywheel in motion possesses a ‘rotational energy’ which may also be treated a kinetic energy. Once a brake is applied to stop it, then the flywheel comes to rest the moment its kinetic energy is converted to potential energy which the device stores from the previous state of motion. First of all, an internal energy of a thermodynamic system pertains to the sum of all the microscopic energy forms. So, even if the fluid is at rest in a tank, it may possess an internal energy such as with respect to its position in the tank (i.e. altitude/height from the ground), its mass, and the effect of gravity ‘g’ which altogether makes a potential energy for the fluid. Q1.4c A m3 of air at B bar is expanded in a cylinder until the volume is C m3. Calculate the final pressure and the work done if the expansion is polytropic and n = 1.4. If the temperature before expansion is DÂ ° C and Cv = 245 J/kg-K, Find the heat energy transferred during this process. Use R = 810 J/kg-K and draw a P/V diagram for the process. Use your individual values for the above calculations. Fuels of low quality may contribute to rough engine operation. When considering upgrade in the fuel standard to improve engine performance, one must take into account the fuel characteristics which should be reduced or rid of excessive high or low volatility, contaminants, formation of gum, and inadequate octane. Basically, thermal efficiency refers to the difference between the energy content of the fuel consumed and the useful power extracted from the engine. A good thermal efficiency is one with high compression ratio and where fuels used are greatly calorific or at energy much larger than engine power under extraction so that this difference is equivalent to the energy of combustion that is converted to mechanical work which

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