Saturday, August 10, 2019

PS Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

PS - Personal Statement Example I have observed good intentions in nearly every person, and have come to conclude that the world is not as complicated and evil as most people believe. It is our role to beautify the world. We can all achieve this by cherishing each other as we do our friends and family. I am passionate about by career and personal life because I have faith in my academic, professional and social efforts. Academically, I lean more on scientific facts that religious speculations. This is because I have a preference for mathematics and design. I might not be proficiently skilled at reading, but I share different perspectives about the significance of reading. It is essential not to disregard literacy, but the skill of reading is not as important to me as understanding methodical researches. I appreciate communication with other people because teamwork is an important aspect of design and research. I spend my leisure time engaging in a variety of activities. I have always loved to dance since I was six, and still do as a hobby. I also intend to become a professional dancer in traditional Chinese dance, as well as ballet and hip-hop. I believe Information Systems and Technology is an excellent field. I am eager to enter information systems and technology placement. I want to find a program that provides the prospects to train in a well-organized and well-managed surrounding with IT specialists who will empower me to realize my upmost

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