Monday, August 12, 2019

Ethics In Disability Sports Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Ethics In Disability Sports - Essay Example Disability sport can be defined as recreational, competitive, and Paralympics sport for individuals with disabilities or a body of knowledge that guides philosophy and practices. The relationship among disability, sport, and knowledge is multifaceted. Such concepts are created by social groups and reflect the affordances and constraints of specific times and cultures.Disabilities have been conceptualized as limitations in physical, mental, or sensory functional ability and activity that prevent or compromise equitable participation in able-bodied sport. Disability sport has been associated mainly with disability sport organizations (DSOs) or the International Paralympics Committee (IPC). However, people with disabilities can now choose to participate in a wide variety of sport contexts (Sherrill & Williams 1996). Thus, the meaning of disability sport has been widened to include any combination of sport and disability. DePauw defined disability sport as a term that gives equal weight to concepts of disability and sport (1986).4. Theories and Conceptualizations of Sport DisabilitySome of the studies and researchers have defined theories of sports disability that might fit into a disability sport conceptual framework.5. Sport Performance TheorySport performance theory includes all of the inconstant, excluding classification, that facilitate explaining or foreseeing phenomenon such as attaining an individual best, winning and losing, managing injury, burnout, stress, anxiety.

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