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Case study analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 2

Case study analysis - Essay ExampleBut if one can bugger off an established unit in its elect field the combined entity can take off inside a couple of years after due integration.Adding a new dimension to the issue capital of Minnesota Tiffany, adjunct professor of management at Wharton and senior lecturer at the University of Californias Haas School of Business in Berkeley, says that the global steel consolidation has an unfamiliar ring, he notes Its interesting that the consolidation in the steel manufacture is driven not by market opportunity but by the threat of theThe most prominent change in Indian business in the past decade has been the surge in ambition. replete Ratan Tata, the Mumbai-based tycoon who won the race to buy Britains Corus Group, beating his Brazilian rival Benjamin Steinbruch in a fiercely contested auction.British Steel and the Dutch group Hoogovens merged in 1999 to die the largest steel makers in Europe because they felt the necessity to out-grow their national geography. With the passage of time the same society felt that they need a global presence. As stated by Corus chief executive Jim Leng that Corus outright felt it was no longer sufficient to be European. This is a global industry, he said. We have got to answer with passion, but with commercial passion. Its not about big companies and slim companies, its a matter of being globally commercial. (KnowledgeWharton). We want to expand into geographies where, as a group, we can have a meaningful presence. First, we have chosen countries where we felt we could make an impact and, secondly, where we are able to participate, as we have in India, in the victimization of that country. When you visit a country or examineGopi 3a particular company, I hypothesize you intuitively know if theres an opportunity, and then you flesh out that opportunity in one form or other. If we get to the stage of justifying assembly or manufacturing operations, we will seek either tocontract them or to ornament in facilities in that country. (Interview with Ratan Tata in India Today Magazine issue dated November 6, 2006). In coup detat parlance big sharks swallow up the small sharks. But in this case a small shark has swallowed a shark almost five times its size. It is the biggest international acquisition so far-off by an Indian company, and it coincided with Tata Steels 100th anniversary. It will also be the Tata Groups 22nd foreign acquisition in two years. The Corus takeover catapults Tata Steel from its 65th place among global steel producers to the No 5 mite in the hierarchy of steel makers with a combined dexterity of 23.5 million tons. Others ahead of it are Arcelor-Mittal (110 million tons), Japans Nippon Steel (32 million tons), South Koreas Posco (30.5 million tons) and JFE of Japan (29.9 million tons). Excluding Corus, Tata Steel has plans to raise its Indian capacity to 30 million tons by 2015 through Greenfield projects. Tata Steel managing director B. Mu thuraman said in a statement after the January 31 deal

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