Sunday, May 12, 2019

Why does religious extremism produce terror Essay

Why does religious extremism produce terror - Essay ExampleThis is the crusade why terrorism is abhorred across the board and the agreements seem to be aplenty. When terrorism is fueled by religious extremism, there is evidence available to justify why this form of fundamentalism should be kept at a distance, otherwise terrorism bath be ignited with absolute wrath and destruction towards the sanity of this earth. The liaison that essentially comes out too religious about religious extremism is the fanaticism which is found in some all major religions and monotheistic faiths. If this element is removed from these religions and beliefs, there is a definite sign of optimism which can be obtained undoubtedly. Terror has no place within any religion of the world and this has been proven through evidence of study, research and practice. This paper discusses how terrorism is producing some of the biggest horrors in the world of today and how religious extremism is performing its negat ive role all along. An effort has been made to understand the issues plaguing the various religions and how the monotheistic faiths ar combating this hazard within their boundaries. Even though this seems uniform a difficult process, this paper has incorporated the ideologies in a manner which is in line with the discussion at hand. Moving on with what has been presented earlier, it would be fair to estate that religious extremism is a dangerous precedent for the coming generations, more so because all of these birth started in the present times and not more than 20 years ago. It seems to be in an upward burn a fact which is all the more distressing to note. Terrorism has come about because masses have stopped believing in a global good, yet not all people are responsible for the same undertaking. There are individuals who are still doing efforts to make sure this world body a better place than it is at the present. Then again, there are some people who would like to think the very opposite of what has been documented. These individuals believe in fighting for the sake of religion, no matter who gets killed or what form of destruction happens. This is ironic of any society in the world and for this reason, it is rightly adjudged as the crush form of religious extremism. Just because some segment of the society does not quite believe in a philosophy which is making the rounds, stands no chance to bring about the act of religious bigotry which essentially leads to killings, mass slaughtering of human beings and destruction for public property. There needs to be a reason behind this madness and the same should be understood by one and only(a) and all because it is the need of the time. peradventure this is the discussion which is cropping up amongst youngsters, adults and elders whenever they meet at a place and talk about the growing insurgence that the common man has in this day and age. There must be an end to religious extremism and one should be lieve attaching the religion premise is more than half of the problem itself. Even when religion is not the lingo here, the element of spirituality is spoken about which is somewhat convincing enough for extremists to get up and result the arms in their own hands. This is unfortunate yet quite true because it brings with it a sense of dismay for the people, who are busy within their own lives and who have got nothing to do with a subject or matter they know little about. With the advent of time, the terror groups have been formed which is a stark manifestation for present times. This is because these terror bodies have largely addressed the need for getting their point across to the people in a forceful way and they believe that this is the only rightful stance which they can make water at a particular time. Unfortunate

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