Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Business IT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

line of merchandise IT - Essay ExampleThis lowered entry barriers has led a flood of new entrant to assume into this online industry (the latest high profile entrant being Groupon.com). Secondly, the Internet widens the geographic market which implies a wider market but also, considering the low barriers to entry it means more competitors to contend with. With many competitors and the disintermediatory effect of the Internet, dicker power shifts to both buyers and suppliers. Nevertheless, Amazon.com has been able to propel itself to market leadership through the development and adherence to a strong strategic positioning. This is manifested through its customer value proposition, evidentive value chain and continuity of direction. Amazon.com has relentlessly focused on providing its customers a strong value proposition that is characterized by convenience, low prices and an extensive pickaxe of merchandise. This competitive advantage has been achieved through heavy investment in information technology (IT) and a distinct value chain. Amazons IT has empowered it to support its Culture of Metrics which has enabled it to profile its consumers and thus customise their pages and offer suggestions on what to purchase when they go back online via Amazons web portal.

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