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Systems Development and Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Systems Development and Design - Essay Example al., 2010). Focusing on this aspect, the report analyses the business processes of The report also includes the application of Unified Modelling Language (UML) case diagrams as a part of business investigation of Amazon. About Amazon is considered as one of the renowned e-commerce organisations, which deals in a variety consumer based products. It is one of the most popular online retail stores, which provides beauty products, apparels, jewels, foods and books among other stuffs. The key reason behind enormity of Amazon is its remarkable product range. Amazon makes every possible attempt in order to tailor the experience of customers. Amazon uses multi-level e-commerce tactics and allows everyone to sell different products by using its platform. Business Processes of is capable of delivering orders directly to the consumers as it has a strong relationship with suppliers, publishers, producers and other business associates. Moreove r, a considerable number of third party sellers also enable to provide abundant product selections without enhancing the level of stock beyond optimal level. Customer orders are placed through the website of and customers expect instantaneous delivery of products. The base of sales channel of is front-end which serves as the core of the business process. Customers go through the website of Amazon, search different products and place orders. is liable for maintaining every front-end customer relationships and back-end logistics. After placing an order, agrees to use the best internal distribution centre for shipping the order to the customer. The organisation is liable for coordinating the fulfilment of customers’ order. When the products are obtained from internal distribution centres, Amazon picks up, parcels and distributes the order. When the products are obtained from drop shipper, the supplier parcels the i tem and delivers to the customers. This business process requires to maintain an optimum level of stock for instantaneous selling (Chiles & Dau, 2005). The other aspect of is ‘Syndicated Stores’ program which permits different third party organisations to sell products by using the website of Amazon. In such a system, provides the services with respect to technology, inventory and logistics for maintaining proper customer relationships. In this system, customers go through other websites, browse for the products they prefer to purchase and then place the order. The orders are essentially placed on the inventory of and the organisational system determines the transporter which would deliver the products to the customers on time. The fulfilment of the order process execution follows the similar process as the base business process of (Chiles & Dau, 2005). Since acquires different product lines f rom diverse suppliers and assembles them according to the requirements of customers, its business process comprises strong supply chain activities. depends entirely on just-in-time management approach. It has several

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