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Hamlet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 15

Hamlet - Essay Example In the first soliloquy in Act 1 Scene 2, Hamlet reveals his deep affection for his late father and brings him out as a loving husband and respected father. Hamlet also reveals his anger towards his mother in the fact that she was hasty to get married to Hamlet’s uncle Claudius even before the dead King is buried. Consequently, the queen hastens the burial and doesn’t provide enough time to mourn for a respectable period of time â€Å"would have mourned longer, - married with mine uncle† (Shakespeare, 1601-1603). The loss of his father and the disloyal marriage of his mother to his uncle introduce to him the dilemma of whether or not to commit suicide or the wish to have his physical self cease to exist (Crapanzano, 1992). However, he understands well that he cannot die especially without properly mourning his father (Gorman, 2011). This urge to mourn his father a little takes the dimension of revenge after the encounter with the ghost of his dead father which rev eals to him the real murderer and charges Hamlet with the duty of revenging the dead King’s death. Through this scene, the audience understands the secret carried in Hamlet’s heart and enlightens the reader on why Hamlet is stunned, shocked and in greater grief than everyone else. The revelation by the Ghost enhances the dilemma for Hamlet to let his villain uncle to be or not to be since the ghost expects him to revenge his poison caused death. The pattern of dissatisfaction in self and delay in avenging his father’s murder is evident in Hamlet’s soliloquies. In Act 2 scene 2, Hamlet dilemma of avenging or not avenging his father’s death by killing his uncle is made known to the audience. Hamlet reveals to the audience his dissatisfaction in himself for his continued failure to revenge his father’s murder. He scolds himself â€Å"Dull and muddy-metalled rascal?† for having done nothing to revenge the death of his father. The

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