Monday, June 10, 2019

Goal Attainment & Social Responsibility Critique Essay

Goal Attainment & Social Responsibility Critique - Essay Example legion(predicate) people assume that they know how to set goals for a better life. However, very few people understand the importance of setting goals and put it in practice. It is exclusively about 20 part of people who set effective goals and pursue them. This group mostly involves those people who are involved in business or other entrepreneurial activities that promotes goal setting.More worse is that, though these people set small and easily attainable goals only about 30 percent of them do achieve their goals. This makes unmatchable wonder how anyone can achieve anything remarkable in business or in life. Goals can be categorized as be goals or do goals. Be goals are about what one wants to be while do goals are about what one wants to do. In to each one category there are four areas of goals wealthiness, health, relationship and self-fulfillment. Any goal go forth fall into one of these categories.When busi ness professionals set goals, they are either wealth or relationship goals. Achievement however will involve the four areas there should be a balance in the four areas. In tack together to be successful in life one needs to have both be and do goals. However, when setting any goal it is advisable for one to identify the traps to avoid as he will be pursuing the goal. There are a number of reasons that hinder people from achieving their goals as they will be discussed in this essay (Tracy, 2004) few people fail to achieve their goals because of fear of failure or even fear of success. Those who fear to fail chance that if they set goals and then fail to achieve people will think negatively about them. This makes them to fear to take even the first action towards the goal. Some also fear that if they succeed people will be jealous and think negatively about them. So this creates lose-lose situation, no matter how much essay they put. Achieving the goal has a

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