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Cleopatra Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Cleopatra - Essay ExampleIn the third year of their reign Ptolemy, subscribe to by his advisers, assumed sole control of the government and drove Cleopatra into exile. She was determined to regain her throne. She promptly gathered an army in Syria but was unable to stir her claim until the arrival at Alexandria of Julius Caesar, who became her lover and espoused her cause. He was for a time hard pressed by the Egyptians but ultimately triumphed, and in 47 bc Ptolemy XIII was killed. And that time, Caesar proclaimed Cleopatra Queen of Egypt.Cleopatra is described as a beautiful, sensuous, intelligent, and desirous of bringing her beloved Egypt into the forefront of world power and politics. She started out as a famous queen of a wealthy nation in time of ancient history and her fame grew from there. During her reign, Cleopatra promoted herself relentlessly, making public displays of her power, her image as pharaoh and goddess, and her links with Julius Caesar and sugar Antony.She is considered extraordinary and most influential woman in the world history. Not all government has been run by men. According to website Cleopatra is a woman who two combines, political wit and foresight, as well as a strong personal will combined with rigorous self-confidence. She has wielded power, revealed her feats during her times. To an imperious will, boldness and boundless ambition, Cleopatra added wide intellectual power and physical seductiveness with which she twice nearly succeeded in becoming queen of the known world. In her both complex relationships with the two most effective men, first is Julius Caesar, and several years after Caesars death Is insure Antony, she see to it that she had join forces with them to assure her place for Egypt in the shaping of the empire. In her relationships with the two owing(p) generals, Cleopatra used her body as well as her mind to achieve political ends. Her standards of conduct differed widely from Roman custom and law. But i t was for her determination, and intelligence that she was feared at Rome, and Cleopatra deserves to be remembered as a nearly successful contender for control of the Hellenistic world.III. CLEOPATRA and JULIUS CAESARJulius Caesar is the Roman general and a good leader who ruled the Roman Republic as a dictator. Cleopatra was restored to the throne by the Roman armies of Julius Caesar. She uses Julius Caesar to exercise his power over Egypt and proclaim her as a queen. Legend has it that Cleopatra had herself delivered to Caesar rolled up in a carpet. Whatever the truth, he fell in love with her, and she had a son, Caesarion, by him. Caesar invited Cleopatra and Caesarion to Rome, where she stayed until 44 BC, when Caesar was assassinated.IV. CLEOPATRA and MARK ANTONYMark Antony is the Roman general went to Cleopatra for her support in his bid for power in Rome. He too fell in love with her. They later married and had three children. Mark Anthony and Cleopatra were ambitious and str ove to eat over the eastern Roman Empire. But their armies were defeated at the Battle of Actium, off Greece, by the forces of Octavian. As Octavian chased Cleopatra and Mark Antony to Alexandria, Cleopatra spread rumours that she was dead. In despair, Mark Antony stabbed himself. He died in her arms. Cleopatra committed suicide also.V. OCTAVIANThe war between Queen Cleopatra (assisted by Mark Antony) and Octavian was last and probably most important of

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