Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Role of primary care physicians in obesity prevention and management Essay

Role of primary administer physicians in obesity prevention and management in the U.S - Essay ExampleThe principal research design is to examine the gaps that exist in primary care particularly in managing obesity. Further, the research seeks to identify barriers that chock up physicians from helping obese patients manage their weight. The research is, therefore, projected to pave way for better comprehension of healthcare delivery system from a weight and related ailments management perspective. Given the fact that scientific cognition in regard to this healthcare service delivery system is not extensive, the proposed study will kotow together extant information and present research based recommendations on how primary care physicians piece of ass contribute more to obesity management. Given primary care physicians direct connection to obese patients and their health information, they are best placed to aid in weight management and avoidance of obesity comorbidities, as long as, they effectively overcome prevailing impediments. Grant et al.s study focuses on the roles entrusted to bariatric physicians or aesculapian practitioners who specialize in weight management. This study is instrumental to the research, since it provides shrewdness into aspects in which primary physicians can be trained to make them proficient in obesity management. Sebianys research oblige provides important insight into the responsibilities expected of primary physicians in effective management of obesity, as well as, perceived obstacles to this efficacy. The journal article will be invaluable in development of the principal argument of the paper.

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