Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Learning objectives Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Learning objectives - Assignment ExampleThe skills learnt during the first objective proficiency were observation skills, learning the prevailing theories in HR field, updating my knowledge base for working in HR department and problem solving skills. In HR, it is important to have good observation skills so that the employees performances can be monitored and in order to motivate them, it is important to have up-to-date information astir(predicate) market tr hold ons regarding employees pay and need to be proactive in solving the HR problems.I recommended the HR head to develop a policy in which the HR problems are solved by a separate committee so that time of separate employees in HR department is saved. There were cardinal employees in the HR department and when some issue was raised, ten employees were assigned the task of resolving it. Hence, my mite was taken into consideration and five employees were given the responsibility of resolving any HR related issue.Initially, I faced some problems as my writing skills were not strong but eventually I learnt how to relegate the message correctly and clearly. I was partially able to complete my learning objective at the end of my internship programme.When working in HR department, it is important that one has good communication skills as it helps employee to communicate with apiece other effectively and understand other employees with whom you are working as a team (Torrance, 282). During my internship, I had to interact with many employees and my supervisor used to give me the responsibility of communicating HR policies to employees in other departments via emails on Intranet.While fulfilling this objective, I learnt how to effectively use the communication tools such as emails to inform other employees in the company about changing policies or introducing them to new rules and regulations. At times, I had to face review as I was weak in communicating the message correctly but eventually I

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