Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Should the Candidate Write a Writing Exercise Before Writing?

Should the Candidate Write a Writing Exercise Before Writing?Prevention is better than cure for IELTS essay samples. However, with the responsibility of the country at stake, every word should be carefully examined.As IELTS test preparation documents, word processing and software, or any other word processing program used to compose the IELTS essay sample, is necessary to avoid the most common errors of the test. Like any other type of writing, spelling errors, punctuation and sentence construction can affect how a writer presents their thoughts. However, the candidate will be questioned by an English teacher, the owner of the writing test and by members of the IELTS staff to proofread the test before it is submitted to the test provider for verification. For that reason, it is very important that the candidate's candidate knows how to read and write to be allowed to start the process of writing and evaluation.Proper grammar and sentence structure are one of the key ingredients for I ELTS test preparation. Reading carefully will help in writing and spelling and will ensure that the audience feels as if they can understand the writer. However, it is also important to avoid any usage of unnecessary and distracting keywords that will get your name mentioned in the middle of the essay. Finally, proper punctuation and sentence construction will make the English students feel as if the writer understands what the student is trying to say.The candidate is encouraged to improve their language skills to improve their grade level. During the process of testing, the language proficiency will determine the candidate's accuracy and comprehension of the test. Since the language proficiency can not be taught or improved, the IELTS test provider has developed a test which is mostly taken by students in third grade. The IELTS test administrator also gives verbal feedback to the candidate on their grammar and spelling from a written curriculum.The IELTS test provider will also be in the position to intervene in the performance of the students. For instance, the student who fails the writing test may be asked to rewrite or re-write the sample essay. As a result, the candidate may have to answer questions that will surely come up again during the test. The main aim of the writing sample is to help the student know the format and style to use in English essays in future essays. The essay should be able to stand on its own in the case of fact or logic and also make an average.Some of the grammatical errors and careless statements in English may also need to be addressed. When a particular sentence has a reference to a word that is not used, a sentence would appear that looks as if it was drafted in the third person. On the other hand, when using verbs that do not exist, a sentence would appear that does not make sense. Writing should be completed in a manner that can benefit the students and the test taker. If the spelling is not correct, the test taker will no t pass the test.With all the requirements of IELTS writing sample, the potential candidate should consider the ideas above and be sure that their grammar and spelling are corrected before submitting the document. Finally, it is not advised that the candidate do a writing exercise that will be the basis of the test before writing. However, just like any other type of writing, the candidate should be aware of the possible risks that may come along with writing.

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