Tuesday, February 11, 2020

How to Describe a Problem Situation and How You Solved It

How to Describe a Problem Situation and How You Solved ItAre you thinking about writing an essay or would you like to add some extra credit on a topic for your class? I know for me that I want to write an essay and one of the first things I do is looking for samples of essays or sample problems. You don't have to look at all the samples out there, but if you could describe a problem situation and how you solved it in a good way then you will have that extra nudge for writing your own essay.In order to do this you will need to find a good problem and a good solution for it. You can either write an essay based on the problem or you can try to solve it yourself. In either case you need to write from the perspective of the individual trying to solve it. You should write from their perspective, not that of the teacher who is evaluating it.Before you get started with this, you need to make sure that you are calm, focused and organized. A lot of students think that they are going to be writ ing an essay and as soon as they get started they give up and have to do more than they originally wanted to do. The problem with that is that it is the person trying to solve the problem who is probably going to be more motivated and get the best out of their assignment.You should look at a few sample problems and if you can get something you can relate to you will get started much faster. Be prepared to solve the problem before writing your essay. Most students get worried when the class instructor is criticizing them and not very much when someone else is.Don't just go with the first sample you see. If you can get more than one sample then you might as well get more. If you find two or three you can jump on board.If you have a project coming up or you want to write an essay for extra credit then you might be thinking about writing an essay to fill in the gaps in your learning. This is not bad because you can use your knowledge and do something else with it.If you need to write an essay to get extra credit then you will need to write one or two essays and this is great for those students that really do not want to spend too much time on something. It might be helpful to get a few samples or tips and tricks from other students who have done it before.

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