Saturday, October 5, 2019


LEGAL IMPLICATIONS IN HUMAN RESOURCES CASE ASSIGNMENT 1 EMPLOYMENT LAW - Essay Example There have been a number of changes in terms of the industrial environment and employment laws due to the changes in terms of the global economic environment. It is the responsibility of the company to ensure that all human resources are managed and work in sync with the labor laws and employment laws. Here this plan includes detailed explanation of the changes in the laws and this will prove to be beneficial for the human resources team to deal with the various employment laws across the various locations. The next sections will deal with the changes in the employment and labor law. Changes in Employment and Labor Law: There have been a number changes and amendments in the employment labor laws. The subsections below detail these changes. a) Equal Employment Opportunity and Health and Safety Act: The government has implemented laws like EEOQ and OSHA in order to control issues like age and gender discrimination. All the states where the company operates including the two locations i n India follow the federal labor department regulation (The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). Here it has been set down by law that the countries cannot discriminate among employees based on the age, gender, nationality, race, color, or disability. Also, it is mandatory for the firms to provide the employees with sufficient health and safety benefits. Here it has been altered to ages of 18 to 55 (United States Department of Labour). b) Human Trafficking: One of the most recent changes in the employment law was the human trafficking. The issue of human trafficking has been intense and here people are forced to move out of their home or country and are forced to work for low or no pay at all (Students & Artists Fighting to End Human Slavery). This law has been revised and the law now states that people below the age of 18 if exploited for profits through different means like prostitution will be severely punished under the first degree punishments. Locations like India, I ndiana, Kansas and Florida do not allow people to be pressurized or manhandled to work without pay. India has taken a number of steps to help reduce the issue of human trafficking and the country has strengthened its human trafficking law to a great extent (Students & Artists Fighting to End Human Slavery). The state of Kansas has also included a strict penalty for human trafficking. It is crucial for the firms to be clear about the law and to pay the employees correctly based on the regulations set down by the employment law. c) Minimum Wages: The minimum wage has also been increased as of 1st January 2011 and now companies are expected to pay a minimum of $7.35 per hour (United States Department of Labour). However in terms of other locations like India and Tennessee there are no set minimum wages. d) Prevailing Wages: There have not been major changes in terms of the prevailing wages. The companies are expected to pay the fringe benefits and also the bonus activities as per the l ocal going rate (Employee Issues). The main change occurred in this employment law is related to the equal pay and fringe benefits for the private sector employees as the government sector employees are gaining. It is crucial for the company to provide the employees with the minimum wages and the prevalent benefits as per the different locations like Hawaii, Indiana, India and

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