Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Canadian Federal of Independent Business. Big Opportunities, Bigger Assignment

Canadian Federal of Independent Business. Big Opportunities, Bigger Challenges - Assignment Example The report notes that confusing process of application, too much paperwork, and complex rules’ system frustrates the attempt of these enterprises to access federal procurement. The federal government recognizes the economic benefit of greater SME participation and involvement in procurement, but due to the many existing barriers, suppliers in these enterprises are locked out of many the available opportunities. This is a critique of this CFIB’s opinion that big opportunities are accompanied by bigger challenges, where the information found useful and relevant is highlighted followed by a recommendation on whether or not the report is worth being read by small business owners. Parent (2011) says that CFIB’s conducted several surveys on SMEs Perspectives on Procurement to determine the barriers which hinder transactions between that federal government and the SMEs. The survey reveals that there are about 60% of SMEs respondents who either feel selling to the federal is difficult, hence not worth the effort, or choose not to sell to the government. The rest of the respondents claim that there is no government effort to buy their product and service types. This, according to CFIB findings, is due to many barriers many of which are related to government procurement policy making. CFIB’s point that the restrictions put in place by government officials responsible for policy making bar SMEs participation in procurement is agreed upon. This is because most of these restrictions lead to death of involvement of smaller entrepreneurs in procurement.

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