Saturday, September 7, 2019

Personal career goal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Personal career goal - Essay Example I sought mentorship from a family friend who is a nurse as well as my uncle who is a medical doctor. They have both encouraged me and provided insight on what the role of a nurse is and what is required of me. The other aspect that has made me a better individual in the profession is the love for books. Since my high school days, I have interacted with a lot of literature in nursing, which includes the current affairs that affect the nursing profession such as the errors in practice, debate on salaries and the staffing issues. In addition, I have done a lot of research over the in internet and found out some of the practice of nursing in other countries. The knowledge that I have acquired gives me more thirst to acquire more, hence the need to pursue a masters in nursing and later on, a PhD. I have also received a lot of support and motivation from friends and family. They have constantly applauded my efforts while encouraging me to do more. I would endeavor to be a distinguished nurse that offers quality services to the patients at all times. For this to be realized, I need to be more knowledgeable. So far, I have acquired only a degree in nursing. To me this is not adequate for me to be the best I can be; I always believe it is a foundation that will help me advance to highly professional levels. While undertaking my degree, I went out of my way to do more practice than the institution provided, especially when I had some spare time. This made me to be more experienced than most of my colleagues. Since moving out of college, I have practiced nursing as a surgical technologist and at the same time providing nursing care for two years in a private facility. This experience has sharpened my practical skills and aroused the desire in me to achieve more especially in terms of knowledge acquisition and practice. I am convinced that pursuing a masters degree will give me a better platform to have a better status as a nurse. I would also endeavor

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