Thursday, September 12, 2019

Personal Application Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Personal Application Assignment - Essay Example I had very confusing experience in the sense that I felt that my colleagues at other departments were actually creating issues which were hindering in achievement of my objectives. I tried hard to meet my targets on time and worked closely with my customers to understand their actual requirements and as to how my organization can actually support them. However, whenever I used to forward my recommendations to other departments basically responsible for ensuring that the customers receive what they want started to create problems for me. I was specially a target because of my ability to achieve my targets and compete aggressively with my colleagues in order to develop a better career for myself and ensure a quick progression on the organizational ladder. I however, felt that my colleagues did not liked the way I started to progress in our organization. Looking back at this experience, I often feel that I should not have been involved in the overall organizational politics as it hindered my progress on a career which I liked much. I was under the impression that the individuals within an organization often support their fellow workers in order to help them to achieve the organizational objectives and in the process also allow individuals to fulfill their own objectives. However, I believe I was wrong because I failed to recognize the importance of informal networks and how they can actually affect an individual’s performance and career progression. I also believe that other departments were also struggling to meet their own targets and fulfill their own part of the responsibility. However, due to the lack of organizational attention and negligence by higher management have probably resulted into the culmination of an attitude which de-motivated them and they were hardly contributing positively towards the achievement of

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