Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Close reading of the Poem Casey at the Bat :: essays research papers

1) Poetics: a. & b. Rhyme/ Rhythm A/14 A/14 B/14 B/14 C/14 C/14 D/14 D/14 E/14 E/14 D/14 D/14 F/14 F/14 G/14 G/14 H/14 H/14 D/14 D/14 I/14 I/14 D/14 D/14 J/14 J/14 K/14 K/14 L/14 L/14 M/14 M/14 N/14 N/14 O/14 O/14 P/14 P/14 Q/14 Q/14 R/14 R/14 S/14 S/14 T/14 T/14 U/14 U/14 V/14 V/14 W/14 W/14 c. No Real Meter d. Title: The title is linked to the figurative meaning because it shows the hope the team has of Casey. e. 4 lines per stanza f. 13 Stanzas with 4 lines each g. No italics h. No Bold i. There are quotes on lines 32, 35, 40, and 41 that just explain what people are saying literally j. The tone is reminiscing 2. Literal Meaning The Mudville team was predicted to lose They were losing without much time left Two players named Cooney and Barrows are out at first The crowed went quiet A few people in the crowed leave The rest stay with hope for the losing team The crowed thinks Casey is the last hope The team is gaining hope and confidence in Casey But before Casey was Flynn and jimmy Blake After casey came Lulu and the next player wasn?t very good There was a loosing feeling about There was no hope that Casey would ever get to bat Flynn hits a single every one is shocked Even though Blake wasn?t liked he hit the ball hard After the dust lifted the other team saw what happened Jimmy was on second and Flynn on third The crowed went wild The roar was so loud it was heard from far It Rang off the mountain and in the flat lands Because Casey was now at bat Casey seemed calm as he stepped up to bat He was very proud and showed a smile He tipped his hat as a response to the cheers Every one knew that is was Casey at bat The whole crowds eyes were on Casey as he rubbed his hands in the dirt They crowed watched as he wiped his hands on his shirt The pitcher rubbed the ball against his hip Casey sneered at the pitcher The ball was pitched Casey stood proudly watching the ball The ball sped past Casey Casey said ?that ain?t my style? and the umpire said ?strike one? The crowed roarded Like the roar of the ocean A person from the crowed exclaims Kill the umpire And the might have if Casey didn?t raise his hand Casey?s face showed a Christian like smile He quieted the crowed and let the game go on He signaled to the pitcher and the ball was thrown But Casey didn?t swing taking a second strike The crowed is unhappy with the call Casey looked at the crowed sternly and they were silenced His face grew stern and cold and his muscles tight Casey would swing at the next pitch Casey sneered and clinched his teeth He hit his bat against the plate The pitcher held the ball and let go

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