Friday, August 23, 2019

Total Quality Management and Its Aspects Assignment

Total Quality Management and Its Aspects - Assignment Example The paper tells that TQM is the name of a planned approach that is intended to implant necessity of quality in all organizational processes from the core management systems that are focused on achieving various goals and objectives in addition to ensuring customers’ satisfaction to the supplier relationships and motivation needed to maintain rapport between the members of an organization. The bedrock of TQM is based on reducing different errors happening during the production process that is capable of tarnishing consumer’s satisfaction. Basically, it illuminates the way to make the idea of customer-defined quality possible, so that the other competitors in the market cannot take advantage of the poor quality. Introducing the concept of quality is not the effort of just one person but, its concept began to form when the competition in the business world became quite fierce and each organization made quality its top priority, and that also gave quality a strategic meanin g, with the result that presently TQM is the concept that is broadly used to define quality. The process of TQM can work practically with effective results, only if everybody involved in maintaining the highest quality knows how TQM actually operates. The basic structural plan of TQM is organized by senior management generally and implemented by those who have to cope with the strategies involved in the production area like supervisors and employees. So, almost everybody in an organization at every level is involved in this process. Ensuring that everything is operating well is the core strategy involved in operating TQM intelligently. According to Chryanthou, TQM works well when everything is made to focus on customers’ needs and the type of quality preferred by them is tried to be achieved. Quality errors should be reduced so that the businesses make customers the center of attention. Agreeing on different plans, all of which focus on customers, is the main way TQM operates successfully. That is because the concept of quality, itself, is centered on truly meeting the expectations of customers. Considering this, it can be said that TQM is broadly a customer-focused concept that should be manipulated to handle the competition in the market.

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