Sunday, August 18, 2019

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Myofascial Release (MFR) is defined as a hands-on soft tissue stretching technique that involves manipulating the muscles and the fascial covering.1 MFR is performed by a trained professional who applies a gentle yet progressive stretch where-by the amount of time for which the technique is applied, the direction in which the stretch is applied, and the force with which it is applied are all dependent upon the patient’s physical response to the treatment.2,3 Ultimately, it is what the therapist feels, the end-feel, that guides the treatment through a series of stretches and manipulations attempting to reach maximum relaxation of tight tissues.2 Due to muscles and fascia being interconnected throughout the entire body, MFR is thought to be a whole body treatment.2 This theory explains why, often times, a therapist might treat an unaffected area and provide relief in the area of the patient’s complaint.2 Furthermore, this also explains why a treatment session to one area may cause symptoms to surface in an unrelated area.2 For these reasons, it is very important for therapists to set appropriate expectations regarding the treatment and the effects thereof.2 Patient response is very individualized.2 Thus, â€Å"MFR is performed with a patient, not to a patient.†2 Myofascial release requires active participation of the patient; however, not by actively contracting muscles nor by performing certain movements.2 The active participation is defined, more appropriately, as the patient being the leader by focusing on the sensations from his/her body while lying still on the table and allowing his/her body to lead the therapist’s therapy session.2 The patient must not inhibit movement, allowing his/her body to move freely.2 Only the... on this topic, three of the four members of the group had a very open-minded approach to therapy believing that holistic care has a definite place in patient care. One member of the group; however, had very little experience and very little exposure to holistic treatments. After completing the research on this topic, the group shared a common belief that myofascial release and it underlying techniques make sense clinically and; therefore, the four members of this group will have no problem â€Å"selling† MFR and its benefits to a potential patient. Because of this research and learning experience, all four members gained a stronger understanding of the mind-body connection and; thus, feel even more confidence in finding a place for holistic treatments, such as myofascial release to treat the overall well being of the patient including the mind, body and spirit.

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