Thursday, August 29, 2019

Copyright enforcement - Digital Piracy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Copyright enforcement - Digital Piracy - Essay Example Thus, policymakers necessitate assessing and calibrating their copyright policies in order to ensure that these strategies can effectively reduce the number of digital piracy events and provide creators with ample incentives to generate new things. The paper deals with understanding different issues regarding piracy in the digital environment. The major objective is to understand the attempts made through enforcement of law and also to provide certain solutions in order to avoid the detrimental occurrences of digital copyright piracy (Litman, 2006). Overview of Digital Piracy In present days, digital products have much demand in the market particularly for young consumers. The easy reproduction and sharing of digital products makes it very attractive to transmit the pirated contents with less effort and time. Those who are related with digital breach of copyrighted products also take the benefit of this market, where young consumers frequently prefer convenience rather than quality, particularly when expediency is a vital aspect (for instance, movie or live program of a major sporting event) (OECD, 2009). Unlike other markets, the products of digital market have a large number of suppliers whose major objective is to achieve more acknowledgements and appreciations within a peer group, rather than making profit. Hence, these suppliers provide free access to users for enjoying the digital content. This activity is continued because the cost of imitation and distribution of digital products is negligible. Unlike other industries, where copyright possessors need to struggle with pirates, who provide the similar products at a much lower cost, in the digital products market, the copyright possessors also require competing with pirates who are ready to provide the similar digital products at almost zero cost. In these circumstances, the non-price aspects such as authority, accessibility and quality have become particularly vital in permitting digital product suppliers to sustain in the market. The basis for survival of illegal digital piracy, where pirated products are traded against certain price, seems counterintuitive due to high competition from genuine product providers and introduction of several open access websites. When digital pirates function in the market they probably can enjoy remarkably high amount of revenue by taking advantage of low cost activities, particularly if they are capable of misrepresenting them in front of the users as genuine creators of digital products and can charge price accordingly (OECD, 2009). The pirates of digital products function in different nations which come under different jurisdictions, thus having different regulations. These differences obstruct the efficiency of legal enforcement for preventing digital piracy activities, further making it more challenging and expensive. Nations that have strong copyright protection have low rate of piracy events. However, without effective enforcement of laws, cop yright protection cannot be succeeded. Moreover, the flexibility of digital piracy provides pirates an opportunity to change their functions effortlessly to those markets where legal commands are poor (OECD, 2009). Influencers of Digital Piracy The major influencer of digital piracy is computer. The features of computer along with internet simplify the collection and distribut

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