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Nursing Therory Analysis Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Nursing Therory Analysis - Research Paper Example Later on, it was revised so as to be brought into the modern taxonomic fabrication for comfort that often explains comfort to be a nature for accomplishing needs for ease, relief plus transcendence in one’s sociocultural, physical, environmental plus psycho-spiritual settings. In describing deduction, here comfort is described as having associations to some nursing theories so as to help make up a hypothesis. According to the author called Murray in his book published in 1938, he contributed towards providing a sensible structure that helped Kolcaba’s notions sustaining. In addition, Relief became distinguished by an author named Orlando in the year 1961, same to transcendence by Zderad and Paterson in 1976, and ease became distinguished by an author named Henderson in the year 1966. In the year 1975, the idea on behaviors of seeking health was utilized by a person named Schlotfeldt. In regard to retroductive step implementation, Kolcaba ensured that she in culminated the idea of having institutional sincerity incorporated in her comfort theory. In addition, the theory often depicts various personalized patient centered care, plus the given benefits accrued from comfort plus engagement of the habits involved to seek health. Basically, some of the notions found in this given philosophy encompass: Intervening variables, comfort needs, institutional integrity, comfort procedures, comfort including health seeking attitudes or behaviors. According to Kolcaba, comfort is something which needs to originate from a care circumstances which cannot be offered at the same time by a given patient’s maintenance structure. In addition, it is through the set of standards set in nursing that are supposed to assemble the given needs hence captivating patients aspects like maturity, emotional situation, defiance, given support structure, past experience among others which are

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