Friday, May 10, 2019

Concepts of Caring Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Concepts of Caring - strain ExampleThe staff must look at the use of their body language as well. harmonize to (Justice, 2006) the staff must watch how they use body language and more importantly the way the vocalism is used. These are known as linguistic, non-linguistic and paralinguistic communication skills. The staff must watch their tone, pitch, and loudness. The staff must as well watch their body posture, proximity and facial expressions. All of these features are very necessary to make incontestable that the staff comprehends what is going on in the case. The staff must show that you know what you are doing mighty from the start or you pull up stakes non make any progress with the patient. In your immediate contemplation of the patient the staff will notice that she is highly anxious. The other subjective signs could be that she could be holding the abdominal area. Emma could also be crying or yelling out. The staff has to build a rapport and accumulate trust with the patient in order to gain the basic information you need to gain a diagnosis. The staff will need to feel confident in their decisions, for example if you would decide to withdraw her parents about her location and her problem.The staff will have to decide about the issue of confidentiality and informed consent. find In the medical profession or any profession Do No Harm. Emma will need to be handled with care body, mind and soul. She needs to be told what to do to bring understanding of her bodily and emotional health even if she doesnt want to hear it.5. Self-Actualization- The nurses can try to teach and recognize her that it is not her fault that her parents separated, if that has happened. The nurse can also try to teach her that running away is not the answer to any problem. The nurse must try to talk to her about the abdominal pain she is view could mean. When she starts to calm down

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