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Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior Essay Example for Free

why Chinese Mothers Are Superior EssayAn analysis and interpretation of Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior. An article written by the 48 years old Amy L. Chua (or in Chinese) who was born in Champaign, Illinois. Her parents were Chinese Filipinos and thats where she got her parenting style from.To start of with, Amy Chua asks the question that has crossed most wads minds How do they do it? How does the Chinese parents produce all told these math wizzes and music prodigies? Amy makes it clear that the Asiatic kids are not born smart (For the most part, at least) It is hard work and training from the parents that shapes the children into these venerate kids. To prove her point she lists up a number of things that her daughter were never allowed to do, such as * throw away(p) a play date* Watch television or play computer games* Attend a school play* Complain ab pop out not in a school playAnd so on..Prohi minions that seems totally unreasonable for us westerns, as she loosel y has named us. Throughout the text she covers several perspectives on parenting, which of a few I surprisingly agree on. Most of her viewpoints I deeply disagree with though and is further from my idea about proper parenting. Each time she lists up genius of her perspectives, she compares the Chinese perspective with the westward perspective. She does this in a very subjective manner I count on. She is very clever rhetorically. At virtually parts of the text, I actually caught my self being very close to getting dragged towards her side. I ground it quite amusing to feel the power of pathos, but at the same time a bit daunting.According to Amy, the main difference between Chinese parents and westward parents is the way they see their children. Western parents mean that respecting their childrens choices, their individuality and always encouraging them to pursue their true(p) passions is the way. In contrast, Chinese parents believe that preparing their children for the fut ure, and showing them what they are capable of, in the form of hours of repetition and very high expectations, is the way for their children to get a good life. Which in common Chinese sense inwardness a good job, so the son/girl displace hit care of their parent when they grow old.Even though Amy admits that her parenting methods may be tough at first, she insists that it will all pay off in the end, but is that entirely true? The answer to that is generally no. Of course there are some children who send packing handle all the pressure and failure, and will grow up to be extremely successful and confident, but the majority cant. In fact China is nr. 6 on the Wikipedia list of countries by suicide rate Which means that per.100.000 people in China 22.23 people commit suicide. Compared to Denmark (Nr. 36), where the number is substantially lower at 11.9 and where the Western parenting style is the dominant. A coincidence? I do not think so. As Amy points out in her article, she d oes not believe in individuality and I am certain that Amy is not the only one who feels that way. There are several studies showing that not everyone handles stress identically and that is displayed in this statistic.As I stated earlier I agree on a few on her viewpoints. An example could be that What parents understand is that nothing is fun until youre good at it I agree on this as well as theres nothing better for building confidence than chartering you can do something you purview you couldnt I agree on these two extracts, but still think that her general parenting style is to a fault strict. There is specifically one thing that she is taking away from her children that I do not get. The kind aspect of a childhood. No doubt that using Amys techniques will lead to some academically strong children, but they will end up having a low social capital, and a prominent lack in social skills.Not being functional socially could end up cost them big job opportunities, because their lack of social functionality could strike them down, when for instance going to a job interview. So in the end the children might end up not getting a good job, because their parents took away their chance for developing some social skills. By that they wont be able to take care of their parent, because they wont be able to earn enough money. Which would mean that all those hours at home, practicing and repeating, is going to end up being wasted time, because the kid cant take those abilities out in real life.By taking away their freedom and space for creativity you are fundamentally turning your children into little machines. They will get extremely good at doing what they are told, but once they are asked to work something out for themselves, for instance producing a design for something, they will have no cue what to do.I am not a fan of Amy L. Chuas methods but I do think that us westerns could take small things from her and apply to our parenting. But as well as we can learn from her, she can definitely also learn from us.I want to finish my essay of with a quote I feel reflects my perspective on parenting very well. As Anne Frank once saidParents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a persons character lies in their own hands.

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