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Quantitative Research Paper Essay Example for Free

Quantitative Research Paper EssayQuantitative research includes classification of certain features, calculations and social organisation of statistical models that brush aside describe these features. In contrast, qualitative research is much foc apply on explanation of features excluding statistical descriptions. In quantitative research, entropy atomic number 18 summarized in the form of verbal descriptions or lifelike representations. On the contrary, in qualitative research they appear in statistical tables, graphs, or charts.The researcher is more than likely to use qualitative research in the earlier phases of the research project when whiz is expression for ideas to be later explored in depth within a quantitative framework. The processing of data in quantitative research is more likely to include a subjective component than in the former(a) compositors case. As a result, the results of quantitative research can often mix the context of the study un slight pr ovide enough material to tax a certain hypothesis.A literary productions review should be compiled in order to answer a particularised question or gather data to evaluate a hypothesis. The researcher should define the type of literature one wants to use as well as the scope of information to be used in the research. The sources used should be appropriate for the thing. Depending on the type of research, the sources should be predominantly or only peer-reviewed academic publications relevant to the explored question or field of study. The publications used in literature review should be critically evaluated by the reviewer.It is also important to organize the literature review in a coherent manner so that it is divided into down the stairsstandable units. An explanation of how this or that topic fits into the research framework should be provided. The synthesis of material should provide adequate background for the topic under research. conceptualisation and operationalization f orm two pillars of science as these two methods reserve researchers to use concepts that are the foundation of human exploration of the universe. By grouping objects into categories called concepts and developing practical ways of measuring these concepts through and through operationalization, researchers can explore a variety of objects, phenomena and emplacements.Theories need to be formulated with the help of specific concepts. here conceptualization plays a crucial role, permitting scholars to define classes that will be described by this or that concept. Conceptualization creates a concept that can be defined in all complexity of relationships and serve as common ground for exploration of an object or phenomenon by different researchers.Operationalization allows practical application of concepts, permitting their bill through concrete observations. Each science seeks to define its conceptual weapon through specific observations. As a result of this quest, to operationally define basic concepts has now become central to all sciences (Wikipedia, 2006).The oblige Money, money, money an exploratory study on the financial literacy of sable college students by Angela J. Murphy that appeared in the family line 2005 issue of College Student Journal investigates the influence of race, gender, age, major and parental educational level on the financial knowledge of undergraduate students attending a predominantly Black institution. The researcher has identified a strikingly low level of financial literacy among such students. Age and major were found to have less influence, while parental education and major had more impact. One research question can be formulated as Does age have an influence on financial literacy of Black college students?. Another one is Does major have an influence on financial literacy of Black college students?.In babelike variables included race, gender, parental education, and age. The dependent variable was the financial literacy in certain areas including the topics of income taxes, credit consigning, short term savings, investing for retirement, social security, future tense college costs and home ownership (Murphy, 2005).The research used opinions. The method is justified because it permitted researchers to have structured, generalizable results that could be analysed with statistical methods. The survey also allowed people to ask a encompassing range of students attending various institutions. position survey and person-to-person interview are similar in the first place because they test ain attitudes of people toward a subject or phenomenon. Both involve respondents with their individual differences, cultural background, demographic situation that influence the research. The difference lies first of all in the procedure personal interview involves face-to-face bear upon whereas a mail survey envisages written communication. Consequently, an interview is more personal, while a mail survey presuppos es less personal interaction between the researcher and the respondent.In organizational behavior investigation, a personal interview is more subjective because the participant will be influenced by personal perception of the researcher, thinkable positive or negative associations, etc. A mail survey, on the contrary, will be relax from these limitations. The downside, however, is the frequently low rate of response that is often accountable for bias in answers. A more personal interaction can create more opportunities for the researcher to probe the topic with open-ended questions and fix out the opinion of the interviewee with more detail. In addition, if the interviewee finds certain questions ambiguous, he or she can clarify details with the scientist, while this opportunity is absent in the case of a mail survey.To investigate the question of trust, a personal interview is preferable. First, it is considered the most reliable method of data collection, especially when attit udinal behavior is of concern (Pennsylvania part of Health, 2001). Especially when executives are targeted, the time consumed in filling out a mail survey may become a factor that will discourage most of the targeted public from answering. The choice can be constrained by the budget, as personal interviews are traditionally considered the most expensive research method.In an prove, the researcher is trying to answer a question performing certain actions that will test the rigor of a hypothesis. In a tension group, the researcher is typically trying to explore a broad range of issues. As such, a focus group is called upon to conduct a discussion using wide-awake question rather than answer a specific question. Besides, the results from a focus group will be less rigidly defined and will require more scholarly interpretation whereas the experiment should wear a more specific answer to the question.The advantage of focus groups is the open-ended nature of the research that opens possibilities for participants to tonal pattern their views on many important subjects and share opinions. Besides, it is more personal and allows for greater consideration of individual differences, as interaction also enables participants to ask questions of each other, as well as to re-evaluate and reconsider their own understandings of their specific experiences (Gibbs, 1997). However, a focus group can be practically difficult to organize, involves participants coming from different cultures that can contribute to bias. Besides, these groups offer less predictable results as researcher, or moderator, for example, has less control over the data produced than in other methods (Gibbs, 1997).An experiment, on the other hand, provides for a greater degree of control, especially in controlled experiments, which makes the data more adapted to generalization. However, there is a possibility that participants will behave in controlled environments differently than they would under typ ically circumstances.An example of research question that can be tested through a focus group is What qualities of Dove soap brand make it appealing to consumers? A focus group would allow participants to share views on the subject with a relatively large degree of freedom so that new, unexpected answers can come up. A question to be tested with an experiment can be Do people buy Mercedes cars for quality or prestige? This question can be answered in an experiment since here one can identify dependent and independent variables and develop a statistical apparatus to answer the question.ReferencesGibbs, A. (1997, Winter). Focus Groups. Social Research Update. Retrieved July 2, 2006, from http// A.J. (2005, September). Money, money, money an exploratory study on the financial literacy of Black college students. College Student Journal. 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