Monday, March 25, 2019

Herbal Phen-fen :: Pills Phen-fen Health Weight Loss Essays

Herbal Phen- fenlandLose All the Weight You Want, construe Sexy and Feel Great, Use the Safer Alternative, claim advertisements promoting the recitation of a recently-created dietary supplement known as herbal phen fen (CompuGraph International ) Created after the original phen fen (phentermine fenfluramine) drug was recalled from the market as a result of serious military position effects, including severe heart problems which prove fatal for some consumers, the new herbal phen fen was praised by creators for be all natural and lacking whatever slanderous side effects. 1 who relies strictly on internet advertisements for information concerning herbal phen fen, however, may be seriously misinformed and misled about the true nature of this herbal cure-all for system of leans problems. Articles from various journals and periodicals reveal a darker side of herbal phen fen, illustrating the possible harmful side effects of the pill and explaining the dangers of individual ingre dients composing herbal phen fen. Claims of legion(predicate) advertisements for herbal phen fen drectly contradict medical research and scientific studies, lift questions about the in force(p)ness and safety of the new pill. Popular culture teaches pile to search for immediate gratification and quick fix-all methods for every problem, thus fast-working pills call forth to those who dont want to spend months trying to lose weight by drill and eating healthfully. Advertisers capitalize on this quality of public consumers by benevolent to public demands for fast results. Phen-Nominal Results Fast states one ad on the internet, suitably titled Herbal Phen Fast, which boasts the pills ability to suppress the formation of fats. The ad, which was produced by the company HealthMatrix, Inc., portrays herbal phen fen as a quick, safe, easy and effective way to control hunger, reduce cravings and ultimately lose weight, yet avoids explaining the side effects of the pill by dismissing symptoms as few and well-tolerated. The ad name calling and defines the two primary ingredients of herbal phen fen, St. Johns Wort and Mahuang, explaining that the combination of these ingredients leads to weight loss. The ad is intentional to appear scientific with the claim that the main ingredient of herbal phen fen, St. Johns Wort, prolongs the reuptake of serotonin in the brain, leading to feelings of personal satisfaction (HealthMatrix, Inc.) The ad provides no evidence, research or case studies for this claim or any other claims. Three quotations by consumers of the pill are included in the ad, but interestingly enough, though the consumers claim feeling more tireless and satisfied by smaller portions, none of the quotations actually mention weight loss.

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