Thursday, March 28, 2019

Goethes Faust - A Tragedy :: Faust Essays

Faust A calamity Websters Dictionary says that a tragedy is a lamentable, dreadful, or fatal event or affair, or a disaster. This word and the study Faust, by Goethe, go together very well due to the number of calamities within the tale. For this reason the subtitle "A Tragedy" is appropriate. It is befitting because of Fausts conglutination with the dumbfound, his actions along with the take to task and the fate of two of the main characters at the remove of the story. Faust A Tragedy is very deserving of the subtitle "A Tragedy". It was definitely a tragedy that Faust allied himself with Mephisto. Whenever a person strays from the positively charged path of the Lord to the side of the Devil it is definitely something very negative. For ages mountain have been using the phrase, "he sold his soul to the Devil", with no positive connotation. Of course when this phrase was used it was just to say that that person was evil, not that they actual ly let Satan purchase their soul. That would be ridiculous, pass up? Well that is exactly what happened in Fausts case. Due to his own flaw of not universe satisfied with life itself, he strayed from the Lord and traded his soul for a higher form of entertainment. "Thinkings done with, for ever so long instruction and knowledge have sickened me....Bring on your miracles..." It is tragic when someone feels that they understand so much, or try to ignore so much to the point where they regard that they should give their soul away with no fear of eternal damnation. Faust believes or tries to believe that there is no after life and that he potful just trade away his life to the most evil be in existence with no repercussions. Falling from God and making the Devil his partner is something that deserves the title "a tragedy". While working with the Devil Faust did a number of evil things, some being quite tragic. It was already bad enough that Faust decided to play games with Mephistopheles, but it was worse when he decided he wanted to draw someone else into his sick deal. Faust, being overwhelmed with lust, felt that he needed to seduce and corrupt a youngish girl. "Get me that, do you hear, you must" This is even worse when you consider that it was requisite that he would succeed with the aid of Satan.

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