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Is Justified True Belief Knowledge? Edmund L. Gettier From Analysis 23 ( 1963): 121-123. Transcribed into hypertext by Andrew Chrucky, Sept. 13, 1997. Various attempts have been made in recent years to state prerequisite and sufficient particularises for aroundones have sex a given suggest. The attempts have often been such that they pot be stated in a form like to the following:1 a. S knows that P| IFF| i. P is certain, ii. S believes that P, and iii. S is warrant in believe that P. | For example, Chisholm has held that the following gives the inevitable and sufficient conditions for knowledge:2 b. S knows that P | IFF| i. S accepts P, ii. S has nice evidence for P, and iii. P is true. | Ayer has stated the prerequisite and sufficient conditions for knowledge as follows:3 c. S knows that P | IFF| i. P is true, ii. S is positive(predicate) that P is true, and iii. S has the correctly to be sure that P is true. | I shall argue that (a) is inconclusive in that the conditions stated therein do not position up a sufficient condition for the truth of the proposition that S knows that P.
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The same argument will show that (b) and (c) survive if has adequate evidence for or has the right to be sure that is substituted for is confirm in believe that throughout. I shall begin by noting devil points. First, in that sense of confirm in which Ss being justified in believing P is a necessary condition of Ss intentional that P, it is possible for a someone to be justified in believing a proposition that is in oc currence ludicrous Secondly, for any propos! ition P, if S is justified in believing P, and P entails Q, and S deduces Q from P and accepts Q as a declaration of this deduction, then S is justified in believing Q. holding these cardinal points in mind, I shall now drink two cases in which the conditions stated in (a) are true for some proposition, though it is at the same time false that the person in question knows that proposition. Case I| Suppose...If you deprivation to take away a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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